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Тайна "объекта М."История до сих пор не закончилась...History knows cases of the image in various churches and on the walls of cult buildings of different strange objects - helicopters, airplanes, rockets, and even UFOs. All would be nothing, if these images were not a few thousand years. Basically, these images can be found in Egypt and South America.

However, to admire such anachronisms, it is not necessary to fly to distant lands, enough to go on... Estonia. If you can talk to local residents, are not inclined to communicate with "alien", you will bring in one of the "bear corners"where is half-ruined Church, one of the frescoes depicting a flying saucer. The age of the fresco - ten-eleven centuries. Estonians are not very inclined to do from this Church tourist site for the curious seekers green people. But here's the strange story of one village, where literally under legs buried that same plate, depicted on the mural, willingly share. Apparently because the plate was looking for officially - starting from the 60-ies, on the excavations came variety of scientists from Estonians to the Japanese. The place is considered to be bad, harmful to humans, and there is a terrible evidence. But about all under the order.

In Saaremaa, there lived a boy who had a dream strange dreams. But it is so clear that the boy in the morning were drawing everything he saw in his dream: aliens, unusual control panels spaceships, their appearance and their servicing of biorobots. Parents believed all of a child's imagination, until I saw quite earthly figure: rural house underneath it outlines some of the design, very much like a flying saucer. "We are here in Estonia, " explained the boy. At the bottom, under the house, interplanetary spacecraft". The boy was called Erwin Christian Klaasen, and he was at that time eleven years. All his drawings were recorded in 1992 on videotape Estonian journalists who filmed a documentary about UFO in Estonia.

The most surprising thing is that the place is found. They found, however, not due to the drawings of the child, and quite apart from the dreams of the boy. But it would be better not found... it just would be calmer...

The story began in the 60-s of the last century. In the village of N that under the Tallinn lived mechanic, Virgo MITT. In the house of Virgo for many years was all mysterious and incomprehensible things: by itself moved earthenware, in the basement was observed unexplained glow off the lights, heard the steps and incomprehensible knock. These strange things family were dumped on the antics of a house. Once the Virgo decided to dig a well. On a quite large already depth he stumbled on something metal, it was decided "something" dig, but quickly realized that it was something big, type of metal plates.

To cope with stove helped only a jackhammer. After fighting his way through a very solid plate thickness of about 3.5 cm, Virgo saw that further there is another layer, not so solid that is different from the previous texture and structure - "how carnations or icicles". The man did suitable for the well bore, picked up the whole bucket of splinters. When appeared the long-awaited water, Virgo threw the pieces into the well, leaving me to remember a couple of large, about ten inches in diameter. The water of weird the well proved to be extremely tasteless, causing nausea, and the well had later to fall asleep. But when and under what circumstances, you'll find out in the end.

As for fragments, one eventually lost to the second mechanic was treated more carefully: told about the discovery of a friend-the chemist. He became interested, carried a fragment to the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute. In 1969, was hit in the eye of the Deputy Director on science of the Institute of Geology of YASSR Herbert Abiding. There he could lie dormant for several years, until he accidentally touched one of the engineers. Touched - and he lost consciousness a fragment like hit him with a powerful electric discharge. Viding was shocked: he himself how much time you held it in your hands - and nothing. There was an interesting mystery that has forced scientists to do research. He proposed to hold this piece to their friends, colleagues and relatives, even psychics. The reaction was different: who felt the cold, who vibration, who electric discharge. Someone burned up bubbles. Splinter influence on health is improved or worsened the work of the heart. In total, Viding identified eight types of impact. From 1970 to 1982 splinter under the official code name "Object M" was examined in research institutes and various lab Moscow, Kiev and Leningrad. Results Lidingo no one reported as a scientist tried to learn something.

And in 1983, he came to Enna Kaliyevich Parva. Apurva - identity in Estonia mysterious, it was called "the secret man Estonia". What he just did and in what position - now nobody reliably cannot say. It is known only, that in 1938. Parva allegedly invented light weapons, have produced a prototype and offered it to the Ministry of defence of Estonia. Weapons that in 1943 was intensively interested in the Abwehr and the Gestapo. During the great Patriotic Apurva worked deep in the rear, enjoyed great prestige in Moscow, and in the postwar period was associated with the development of new technologies for space exploration.

"The mysterious man" imbued with history and promised help. Splinter, who dared not give such a big reputation, cut into several thin plates, breaking two diamond saw, and handed over to the independent examination in the laboratory of the Moscow engineering physics Institute, the all-Union Institute of mineral resources (VIMS), the scientific research Institute of rare-metal industry (Giredmet), in the Institute of aviation materials (VIAM) and other leading research institutes. Studies were conducted on the most advanced technique, and the results of the scientists flabbergasted: even in such small samples as thin plates, was discovered as many as thirty-eight elements of the periodic table! Many of them together never in nature are not met and could not coexist according earth chemical laws. Checked "object M" and for radioactivity. He was non-radioactive, but exuded a strong magnetic field. According to the conclusion of employees MISI academician Ivorontsova and Professor Aieline, sample "was a composite reinforced calcium-iron - silicon fiber material, which matrix is a metallic glass". According to academician Stechkina of VIAM "the Application of alloys of this type as a construction material in an aircraft is unknown. Alloy of this type should have high resistance to heat, to withstand in the boiling mixture of acids of any concentration". The surface imaging "object M"made in Giredmet methods of metallography and raster electronic microscopy, represented certain structure with "the Hermitage of the Holy cross and the pear-shaped inclusions", "Svetloborsky black and rectangular fields", "chain of small cross-shaped pits" etc. Practically all experts agreed that the material from which made "object M", was likely to be obtained by powder metallurgy at extremely high pressures, which get on the Ground at the modern level of development of science and technology is absolutely impossible. Because it is not a fragment of a meteorite or any other space of a natural object, spoke undoubtedly artificial its origin. Academician NAV, "the father of Russian biolocation", right suggested that the researchers chip UFO.

This whole story has aroused so much interest that in 1984 by order of the Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences academician Ahn it was decided to specify the location of the main object (which severed "object M") and get the other samples. Scientists arrived in N, pumped out water from the well and was prozedurale its walls was used. At a depth of 6.5 m "was recorded signal indicating the presence of a strong magnetic material". To extract additional samples, as well as something from which they can be chopped off, not steel. The official explanation: the strong inflow of water and begin frosts. Arrived in the summer of next year and at the depth suddenly found... "horizontal layer of pyrite". This "find" served as the official reason to stop working, they say, "magnetic anomaly creates this layer and further work impractical to conduct".

But suddenly appears in N a friend, let's call it X. (actually his name is known, but comrade this alive, the story is incomplete, and what the outcome is unknown.) The X with a strange lightness concludes the contract with the Institute of Geology of Academy of Sciences of the ESSR about "experimental verification of migration information impact on On-field". What is D-field such that the migration impact, and nobody had no idea. As well as on appointment of thirty-four devices, encrypted letters and numbers, which brought a mysterious friend. Managed only to find out that there were eight generators of this mysterious Dr. fields and some recording equipment. Who is X, where it came from, not knowing then nobody. Independent researchers and the Estonian ufologists say that X is a former employee of special military research Institute, up to 80's. one of the head the Ministry of defence on the subject of UFOs. This version of the talk and the fact that of the fourteen men who were at X in obedience, the main part were military and in village N repeatedly came Lieutenant-General, head of the above mentioned Institute. As says the mistress of the house Viivika Henrihovna MITT, researchers demanded a separate room where they put the equipment, and has organized round-the-clock for two people. Go into the room to the owners of the house were forbidden.

And what did the mysterious group? Independent researchers were able to detect the Protocol from 07.04.86 with the objectives of the experiment. The group studied the possibility of controlled remote measurement of the characteristics of non-living objects in this most notorious Dr. field, as well as the possibility of remote managed the changes bioelectrical characteristics of man. To put this in plain language, it was studied, as generators of Dr. fields will affect the underground object and how it will react people. It was not one, but two unidentified underground objects (NGOs), or abnormal metal objects (AMO). The form AMO identified as spheroid with size HH,5 m, Depth - from 3,5 to 12 m Incomprehensible D-field of this object is a powerful negative, the length of the object is uneven. Dimensions AMO HH,5 m depth is 4.5 m - object rests horizontally. D-box is the same as in the first case, but a little weaker.

Work has not begun on the site and beyond. On the East side of the house excavator Foundation pit was dug size h meters and a depth of 6 M. was also broken and abandoned well; on the other side of the house, under the garage, was made horizontal development. What results have been obtained during excavations, no one knew, because officially no metal objects were found. From excavation was extracted only a few tens of kilograms nodules pyrite. This pyrite X used for the manufacture of biogeneration.

The land spouses MITT lasted four months and, maybe, would have been longer, until one of the staff had not received a strong blow in the stomach from strange... "the green triangle", which is suddenly moved from a wall of the well. Poor lost consciousness, he was taken up, and there on his body found "four burnt diamond". X hastily turned operation and the group left. What mysterious X - not a private person, says the scale of works, and that after some time, he proposed to build on "object", more precisely, "object", special research centre. The scale of construction assumed as many as four underground floors. The same centre he proposed for further research to carry UFO, found in 1987, near Vyborg. This UFO was kept in the hangar one of the military units in North Karelia in the area of Monchegorsk. While considered these proposals, the above-mentioned research Institute of the defense Ministry for the study of UFOs, have concluded the contract on drilling of three wells around "object" and placing them in special equipment.

In the summer of 1988, Vizinga, still the Deputy Director of the Institute of Geology of Estonia, engaged, and he again comes to an object to specify the location of future drilling, but drilling has not begun. And in September 1988 Guiding unexpectedly dies. The official death certificate says about a sudden heart attack. Of course man is mortal, and, as said immortal Woland, suddenly death, this is not surprising. Surprisingly different: immediately after the death of Vidinha of his office mysteriously disappears... no, not a document, and a safe with all documents related to "the object of M". There is very little document that was in another place. And exactly one year later dies and Apurva. His death was also accompanied by theft, not only after death, and to: shortly before his departure from the life of Parva complained that in Parnu, where he read lectures, from his case mysteriously disappeared chunk of metal from "object M" - the bottom of a plastic container, where he was, it is not clear from what has collapsed. The case remained intact.

In the next three years, died seven of the fourteen mystery of study, Dr. fields, disappeared without a trace and all documents associated with this case, and samples of the metal.

The object in the village N studied and other groups and researchers. For example, in 1969 were measured - magnetic surveys, and they showed "the presence of a metal layer with the angle of bedding 20-30 degrees East". Geophysics using the magnetometer noted in this place at least magnetic field around 3000 nanotesla. Specialists VNIIG using vertical electrical sounding found that at a depth of 4-6 m is conducting the body. One can recall one more indirect evidence of that with the underground object not all "pure" - anomalous phenomena type of poltergeist in the house of Mitov. Ufologists believe that their cause may be NGOs. This "plate" could violate the spatial-temporal structure of this place and how would narrow "distance" between our world and the worlds more subtle. And nobody knows what is there at the crack of thin astral world could invade. Measurements NAV using biolocational research showed "availability under the earth ellipsoid object about 15 m in diameter. Approximately one third of the object is under residential house. According to the specific weight of the sample, the weight is only the shell object is about 200 t".

I wonder what says the official science? Oh, she does not keep silent! "In connection with violation of water horizon passed workings are swamping of land and watering of the Foundation of the home, leading to changes in the comfort of the home, the formation of man-made fibres and development poltergeist phenomena. Stripping and tunneling works on the site is impractical, because they may further disrupt the functioning of the unified prirodookhrannoy system with the destruction of microecological balance". Anything you understand, dear readers? "Officialsin" explained "anomalina".

Began to study the mysterious underground plate and Estonian journalists to shoot the film. Invited even bioenergy, for an experiment offering to determine the place. Which he happily did. And excavations were already covered is rarely what the hosts will put up on the site with such pits and hills. The scope of biolocatory in the hands of bioenergy pointed to strong anomaly in the form of two concentric circles: the inner (more powerful) was a diameter of about 4 meters, and the external radius around 8-9 PM, partly went under the house and over the fence to the neighbors. Everything was defined up to half a meter.

But then something strange happened: on all sides to the center of the occurrence of objects that are inside, began to gather... dozens of cats. Viivika MITT laughed: "Yes they are to us from all around come on this patch for hours lying, are you scared them at first". The operator started playing with the cat-herd cats dozens climbed almost to the lens. And here the journalists got it: this is geopathic zone! Otherwise, what is there to do cats that such places are flocking as Valerian smeared! We know also: let the right one in a new apartment cat, and where she lies, bed put in no event it is impossible. By the evening the operator with bio lay with a temperature of 38, and the Director, who in the epicenter has not gone, but he was there, began to lose hair literally packs for three days. Sharply deteriorated (and not recovered) seeing another one member of the crew. The other two days were inflamed frontal and maxillary sinus, shattered two teeth, and he spent two months in hospital. Almost all went to the doctors and doctors ' verdict coincided: "it Seems that you all came under some powerful irradiation". The state of unexplained and persistent weakness in the whole crew was not exactly a year. When journalists told about these consequences academician Own, he scolded everyone for negligence and remembered that in 1980 advised the Virgo MITT rearrange bed in the bedroom. The Virgo then refused: "No, I'm already here accustomed". By the way, he was already very sick almost completely failed feet. Whether his illness and the object on the land or not, is unknown. Many of his neighbors chronically ill, some relatively healthy, but it can be explained: the body some people adapt to the radiation and operates almost normal. But the well-known cases of physiologically normal living of individuals in the area of the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power station.

As for the Virgo, seven years after the Council to change for bed place he lay still and in 1987, died while still quite youngish. In vain he did not listen to local legends, which for many centuries called the place where he built himself a house, and broke the land, died. The legend says that this place should not be approached for half a kilometer, and especially - to build a house there. And if "plate", depicted on the mural, to bring out into the light of God, then disaster strikes.

To these legends, however, did not listen not only Virgo, do not listen to them and those in power, and people working in the defense industry. Many people have offered and continue to offer to demolish the house, to dig everything and pull the plate. On a reasonable question: why, the answer is very simple in their stupidity, naive, and maybe, just tricks: "why two hundred tons of metal extraterrestrial origin, metal unique, you never know what we would understand, digging up his. Plus priceless contents: equipment, engines. All this made the aliens, so imagine how they will move forward our science!" They did not think about the fact that science can not only move forward, but, on the contrary, "draw", then it will be too late! We can become like the savages, who, finding atomic the reactor, decide by means of a stone axe to cut through the shell to see what is this such a beautiful shiny thing here lies? Suddenly the farm will fit? After all, people even remotely can not imagine how this "brilliant thing", still lying under the ground, can respond to our invasion. And suddenly it doesn't crashed UFO and alien probe sent to Earth specifically covered and hidden? Maybe it plays in our lives something important role? Because no one knows how it got there. When there are only assumptions, if the object is a painting of the same age.

As for how the object turned out to be under the earth, there are several versions. To bring them all, we will not, we will limit ourselves to one. Ufologists, watching unidentified flying and unidentified bystrovozvodimye underwater objects note that dense environment - be it water or land is for them not a hindrance. The researchers suggest that, having completely different from the earth's structure, objects can make some time to neutralize the forces around him intranuclear interaction and thanks to pass through a dense environment quite smoothly. Some believe that specifically "object M" able to move and to dematerializations, in other words, it has properties to appear and disappear. One of the Russian ufologists argues that this alien probe also plays a role of the generator, the adjustment of the psi-field of the Earth. And such generators on the Ground a few. In the Baltics, Russia and CIS are two: "of Tallinn" and "Khabarovsk". These and similar, but not yet detected objects, hidden deep under the ground or water, are also called - in the case of, for example, nuclear war, to neutralize all the effects of a nuclear explosion.

Studied object in the village of N and Estonian psychic and healer Witold Ann, a resident of small island of Vormsi. He advised me to fall asleep unfortunate well. He even called two specific date when this should be done: start of 6 and finish on November 15, 1988, It has obeyed and fell asleep well it in two days. But without oddities not have done. At that moment, when the first bucket of sand fell on 6 November in a well, there was a deafening roar. One of the witnesses compared it with volumetric explosion of big capacity. The government's attempts to find a cause in what have not resulted: in the district there was no damage or abnormal manifestations. The military also merely shrugged their shoulders - there were neither exercises nor the elimination of old ammunition. on 15 November it went fine. But on November 16, a vote was held in the Supreme Council of Estonia. Oddity in this case was the fact that the economic independence of Estonia voted then not only Estonians, but the majority of the Russian deputies. And then they could not explain why so voted because they would vote against. Literally kept saying, "It was like a nightmare".

And in early may 1991 anomalous zone was trying to examine a group of Japanese scientists. Broke the territory of the square began to drill the holes, but they all instantly filled with some kind of dark water with a pungent smell. But all this would be nothing if it is not clear that the Japanese resolution of all was not "pure", i.e. permission to conduct survey work the Estonian government did not give them. A scandal erupted, the Estonian government has banned further work, and the Japanese were forced to get out into the country of the rising Sun. Film crews watched the video, which was conducted in may Estonian observers, and was amazed at the strange behaviour of the Japanese: they seemed to be completely upset by the fact that they offered to run away. Moreover, their faces were shining with pleasure result. The oddest thing about this Japanese" stories that ran this group, as it was found out subsequently, the Estonians, the personnel of the Japanese scout.

I wonder what it's all over?

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