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Отчего погибнет человечество?One of the major Internet forums was poll "do you expect the end of the world"? As usual, opinions are divided. Those who do not believe, was slightly less than those who believe that soon there will be some fatal event. Many explained their apocalyptic expectations that something depressing and scary literally felt in the air. As if something had happened already, even with time itself. This unshakable constant of our world has become different. The time is now rushing running, and people simply can not keep up with him.

This feeling of sudden acceleration time is caused not only by the mad rhythm and stress, in which modern man lives. Physics NASA say - our physical time is decreased by 9 nanoseconds. How people noticed that small difference, is not known. But that time has become considerably shorter, say the inhabitants of all continents.

But minor modification time is not enough to apocalyptic expectations turned out to be "spilled in the air." Since the end of the world await not only ignorant peasants or Housewives. Bunker buy bankers, politicians, stars of show business. And of course, they do not for the sake of advertising. They are spending millions of dollars on equipment of their underground shelters a worthwhile investment.

What with our planet is something incomprehensible, clear to everyone who is interested in the world around her.

Take for example the year 2010. This year was marked by a series of powerful earthquakes. Haiti, Japan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Italy. In such sequence blows underground elements with capacity from five to 10 points almost went round the globe during the month. Everywhere I developed severe damage and killed thousands of people. The only country where two powerful earthquakes force in eight points caused little or no harm was Kyrgyzstan. The reason is simple - the earthquake occurred in the uninhabited mountain areas, so there was nothing to collapse and there is no one to perish.

Of course, those hundreds of thousands died in Haiti could be avoided if the house is not built from scattered in the dust, cinder block. Therefore, seismologists periodically warn - do not save on construction. Neither the cinder block nor pescallo not suitable for premises. But how in the construction of ever saving in Japan? No, because the chip builders of the country of the rising sun - quality and earthquake-resistant buildings. But they could not withstand the impact of elements.

Following the earthquake in the same year 2010 has come a new trouble - fires. They are specifically touched Russia. In the fire died entire villages together with their inhabitants. Particularly strong fire went through Mordovia, Ryazan and Nizhny Novgorod regions, he set there for hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest.

The main feature of fires 2010 was that the fire did not cease by itself on high, as it was before. On the contrary, on the tops of the trees, he was inflamed with new force. The causes of this phenomenon and not clear. It was called "firestorm" is when the wind is fire from tree to tree, from vertex to vertex.

Then fires happen in 2012. This time the fire was burning of the Siberian taiga. And it almost could not extinguish. Large Siberian city of Yakutsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, suffocated by smoke.

Russia is not the only country to bear the brunt of the fire element. Fires regularly raging in Australia, Greece, Spain and other countries. The reason that fire causes such a powerful blow?

Very often the reason is the human factor. For example, dried peatlands in Russia were the main cause of fires 2010 was almost impossible to put out. Farm "clearing the territory from the forest is officially recognized causes of fires in Australia, Greece and Spain. The fire burning from banal human greed, results in the death of others.

People never can calculate all the consequences, with whom he intervenes in nature. This carelessness leads to catastrophic changes.

For example, in the same year 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico was the largest man-caused catastrophe. In the water because of failure on an oil platform, got not less than 210 million gallons of oil. It was not just oil, it was dissolved methane. Her temperature was about 400 degrees Celsius. And the temperature of water in the ocean depths, where it was increased oil was 350 degrees. There was water in the Gulf of Mexico began, which led to mass destruction of underwater marine life of the Bay.

Many scientists then calculated the possible consequences of this accident - death of the warm Gulf stream. First this was reported by Italian physicist from the laboratory of the Institute Frascati Gianluigi Sangari. His calculations showed huge oil slick on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico will be called first weakening, and then the disappearance of the Gulf stream. While the disappearance of the last will certainly lead to the emergence of a new ice age. Can humankind to survive?

Experts say that is unlikely. Even now, in a familiar and quite favorable climate, die of starvation every year more than thirty six million people. It is easy to imagine what will happen after the glacier falls almost to the equator, burying arable land, pastures and farms?

However, the idea of Mr. Sangare was soon criticized by his colleagues. They referred to the facts, and claimed the Gulf stream is not dead, just almost disappeared one of its branches, North Atlantic. It provided a relatively mild climate in winter in Northern Europe and the Northern part of Russia. And if the North Atlantic branch of the Gulf stream does disappear forever, it will bring not only severe and snowy winter in Madrid and Paris. This means that the Baltic sea will become impassable for navigation during the winter. And this is very big blow to the economy of the countries of Scandinavia and Russia.

If to take into clear space reasons of destruction of the Earth - asteroid or the planet Nibiru, the rest of the epidemic, technogenic catastrophes, war - depend on ourselves. But people seem not to see it. Is this planet Nibiru was forced to actually unleash a third world war in the middle East? Indeed, in the middle East the site is now active forces of many world powers.

Often the cause of the tragedy becomes simple negligence. For example, mass migration of people leads to rare and unusual diseases brought from other countries and from other continents. For example, following the earthquake in Haiti almost at once there was a cholera epidemic that claimed the lives of more than three hundred thousand people. Its reason was the peacekeepers from Pakistan is they brought in Haiti Vibrio cholerae. And not just brought, they simply do not comply with sanitary norms, merging own waste into the river, passing through Port-AU-Prince, capital of Haiti. From it the inhabitants of the city took water for drinking and household needs.

How many such cases when doctors are faced with a strange disease? Actually "medical secret" is familiar, and even the well-known tropical disease. But here in Russia or in England it almost never occurs. She is not recognized in time due to the fact that most doctors not only do not understand its characteristics, and even just don't know its name. And while everyone is established by the laboratory, the patient manages to infect hundreds of people.

Such tragedies are the consequences of globalization. Just as constant stress, from the frantic pace of modern life leads to a seemingly unmotivated outbursts. When one person suddenly kills dozens of people.

But whether or not they are acting on their own will? Or humanity came to a certain "point of no return, after which the forces of the Earth launched a program for its destruction? The program, which involves and natural disasters, and man himself? The program cannot overcome human consciousness?

Not about whether this program shows gained the force of the movement "childfree", people who refused to have children? As well as a huge number of representatives of sexual minorities? Their appearance, according to some scientists, indicates that many people simply ceases to operate the reproduction instinct. So is the natural regulation of human population. So considering all these factors are extremely hard to predict how many people will remain on the planet in a hundred or two hundred years.

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