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Пришельцы хотят нас уничтожить?Anyone who thinks that the first stranger, officially came into contact with representatives of the human race, will be friendly creature like I-Tee, will be disappointed. NASA scientists say that "ecologycally" inhabitants of other galaxies can destroy our planet is to make us reduce emissions of greenhouse gases they have despaired.

If you look at our planet from the side, changes in the Earth's atmosphere characterize us as a civilization, out of control. Not surprisingly, this neighborhood intelligent aliens considered dangerous, the researchers note. So one day they can carry out pre-emptive strike, to make us think.

This is only one of the proposed scenarios. Researchers do not exclude, that the aliens might consider Earthmen a suitable work force or a gourmet dish. Maybe they want to improve their technological infrastructure and will ruin our.

Lead researcher Sean Donegal-Goldman and his team have compiled a list of hypothetical situations to help us to decide on the tactics of behavior towards guests from space. The report aims to mentally prepare the Earthmen for a confrontation with representatives of other civilizations.

At best, according to scientists, the aliens will provide us with the necessary information, so that mankind can be overcome hunger, poverty and disease. Alternative provides for the victory of the Earthmen over the invaders and their use of technology for their own purposes. In fantasy NASA scientists will not refuse: one of them developed scenarios and does could form the basis of a Hollywood disaster movie in the spirit of "independence Day".

"In these scenarios the benefit of mankind lies not only in the sense of moral satisfaction from the win over a strong opponent, but in the ability to obtain technology for extraterrestrial intelligence", " the authors write in their report, adding that, in the end, it may be that one will be simply indifferent to the presence on Earth of some two-meter green caterpillars, so no communication and speech does not go.

As for the warning strike, say Donegal-Goldman and his colleagues, it is most likely in the early stages of the expansion of our civilization, so as to destroy her with every passing day it becomes more and more complicated due to the constant growth.

"Humanity is only now entering a period when the expansion of civilization can be seen alien beings, as with the expansion of the changing composition of the Earth's atmosphere due to the greenhouse gases. These scripts allow us to limit our growth and to reduce emissions", - concluded scientists.

By the way, to see the truth of the above scenarios or plenty to laugh at them will, according to scientists, in the next twenty years. Director of the Institute of applied astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Finkelstein, speaking at the end of June at the international forum dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life, said: "the Origin of life as surely as the formation of atoms...

Our Solar system is not unique place and the execution of similar conditions elsewhere must receive a life. Now you can with absolute certainty that life, mind - ordinary phenomenon in the Universe, and in the coming decades, scientists will discover the places in our Galaxy, where this life is. And it is strikingly similar to the one we present here".

As for the appearance of the guests from space, that, according to Finkelstein, it will be similar to human: aliens have, most likely, also has one head and two arms and legs. Skin color they may differ from ours, but the Earth is inhabited by different races with different skin color.

The aliens seem to have overheard thoughts Finkelstein: on the same day, when he made his statement on YouTube there is a video called UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London, captured a few days earlier. Now this video portal gone, but at desire it can be found on other sites.

UFO noticed bystanders, was strolling in the day about the London office of air force on its roof and appeared "plates". To thoroughly review them, alas, will not work: on the film they look like little white dots. On the record shows how these three points, having formed a triangle, fly over the building at high speed, followed by two more points. Last in the procession is the largest and brightest object moving in a more relaxed. He circles around the building, and then carried away into the unknown.

Video't like fake, recognize that even skeptics. However, the most militant critics still remind, that in London there are a lot of visual effects studios, so the whole "March" could be nothing more than a cunning trick.
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