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Внутренний мир Земли — АгартаLet's start with the Buddhists in their theology fervently believe in his existence. They believe that this is a world super men and women, who sometimes come to the surface to monitor the development of the human race. They also think that this underground world contains millions of people and many cities, and the capital of Shambhala. It is believed that the Master in this world gave the Dalai Lama of Tibet and it was his earthly representative. His messages were transmitted through certain secret portals linking this inner world with Tibet.

Residents Hagarty always ask permission when working with Nature, they ask plants permission before using them or circumcision, they ask mother Earth before building it, and how to build on the terrain that best fits their environment, the practice is similar to the American Indians, they strive to maintain harmonious condition at any time, wanting to be alone with nature in all times, they are more spiritually developed than the surface dwellers and have great respect for Mother Earth. The atmosphere is transparent, as a rule, there are clouds, but nothing like the rain clouds. The constant temperature of 22 degrees. Residents say directly with the animals, and the animals speak directly to the people. There is no need savings, all for free, no need to create in abundance, and all so richly. The process of barter is more common. Basically it is utopian culture without depression and violence. No parties seeking to war and the growing dominance of one over another. There is neither rich nor poor.

There aviation court, you call on the surface of their flying saucers, a part of himself and his personality is the development of air-ships through the process of thinking, it connects us in a very strong mind. It makes aerial vehicles made in the design and method of travel. Only a few people on the surface have these similar capabilities to create, it is connected with the pressure on these abilities in childhood, religion, education, family and fears. The disease is not in the body, it is not allowed. Once on the surface of Mankind will come in the near future in the 4th dimension, the people of the interior of the Earth will come forward, and the more deeply will work on the surface. People on the surface of the currently connected with the feeling of "I", they can't live together harmoniously. People's surface to achieve inner Earth through meditation, will receive it. Children who are born now become more able to use the integrity of their brain, which is in common practice. One of the first things they showed us, it was their ability interplanetary travel and time travel. In the basis of time travel is the bending of space, which comes through the power of meditation and the adoption of an unlimited being. If You train your mind on a subconscious level, you unlimited being and everything is possible.

At the beginning of the 21st century were written and published three books Aurelia Louise Jones - "Telos"that (finally!) For the FIRST time clearly explains what is actually agarta, as a GLOBAL NETWORK of Cities and realms of Light encircling the WHOLE Earth, and represents a SINGLE SYSTEM. And also, in part, explains how it originated and how does who inhabit it and what kind of life there is, and how it is connected with the ground humanity now, and what about this (already in the near future) will be a UNION of this "underground" of mankind 5-th and 6-th dimension with our terrestrial humanity 4th dimension (3D + time) in the Planetary ascension process, i.e. the Transition of the whole Earth, along with all of us, in those higher the frequency of vibration of matter, "octave being"where are these our ancient Enlightened Ancestors.

Agarta this world is the same as yours. Inner Earth has a thriving ecosystem, which can be found beings no longer exist on the surface. This exotic menagerie carefully monitored. Next to various cities of the Interior of the Earth there is a special area where the residents are taken care of and, if necessary, treated many creatures of this diverse environment. People living in the network of the crystal cities that have spread throughout the Inner Earth. The population range from about 10,000 to 1.000.000 inhabitants, although most from 100,000 to 200,000 residents. These cities are more like mini-settlements, which together form the society as a whole. The basic unit of society is "approaching". The approach is certain groups who live together and form "clans". Clans are the basic building blocks of the Galactic society.

With time, in full consciousness of people will develop a format for a harmonious life, which is called the Galactic society, Agharta is a Prime example. In its structure laid system of 12 clans, as the basis of this society, they are organized in accordance with its task, such as: administration, engineering, science healing, etc. Each clan divided into approaching, which contain more than 64 persons Approaching from one clan may associate freely with the rest of the other 11 clans. These large groups form a mini-community, each has the resources for creative solutions to any problem that arises. These mini-community, in turn, form the districts of the city. Thus, every city is a beehive of people who come together to share and to contribute to their community, in their city, and their world.

The ruling Council Hagarty consists of chapters 12 clans, who was elected to this post for his past services to the clan and society. From this Council are selected by the individual, which is considered the most wise and the most worthy of the title of honour of the King or Queen Agharti. This person is responsible for a huge army of emissaries and links that are sent to the surface of the world to the respective Councils of the galactic Federation. Their responsibility is to keep track of your transformation back into physical Angels, in accordance with the divine plan. Their work on your behalf has helped us to refocus the mission of the first contact, and indirectly as a result of operation "Spirit". Moreover, the King and his Council have put on the agenda of an extraordinary time to keep track of the actual mass by landing in your world.

Advanced technology, which allows each person to create his daily food and clothing, makes each crystal city-sufficient. Agriculture, construction and manufacturing of surface peace be obsolete before the technology of Light. For example, every person can change the appearance and design of the interior of the residence at its whim. This technology also takes one from one point to another almost instantly. This means that the world becomes available to you, as in your immediate vicinity. Thus, thinking of residents is not limited to extreme conditions that have their neighbours on the surface. The freedom afforded by this technology of Light, released wonderful creative talents fully used their society. Fortunately, agarta currently use these skills to be reunited with his brothers on the surface.

In addition to the wonderful people who inhabit the Interior of the Earth agarta, there are multidimensional beings on mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. These beings are not actually "live" in these three-dimensional worlds, and are on the seventh or eighth dimension of these worlds. The majority of these beings are part of the great Galactic Council beings who have abandoned their physical bodies to be essential. This special galactic Council is a different part of the ascended Masters, brotherhoods and sisterhoods in this Galaxy. Their role is to physical and conscious management of "creatures", assigned to them by the Heavens. This simple intention to make them fully known to you as soon as the first contact will be realized. Lifted up Tips Masters of your Solar system are very numerous and are working hard to prepare this Solar system, for your return to full consciousness.

They all share a deep desire to help you in your task of restoration of this Solar system in former Greatness. This sacred mission was given to you when your ancestors came from their former worlds in Lemuria, about 900,000 years ago. Lemuria was ultimately divided into the surface of the world where you live, and the underworld, which you pretty much don't know. The fact that life is not only physical but also the etheric form. Most of the creatures in this terrestrial world is hidden communicates with the lower, denser physical reality. Rather, they only work with the highest aspect of reality. Here is more conscious exchange between the Planets, Stars and Galaxies than you can do in reality this third dimension. In fact, ethereal beings guiding your other planets unique. Each Council expresses a desire to guide you in creating the real Star of the Nation, in your Solar system. It promised cooperation is another indication of how truly exceptional your reality!

Your geological science has long argued that Mother Earth is a solid spheroid, consisting solely of dense middle part called "mantle" and electromagnethese Central core. You live on the external surface of the Earth, "crust" that surrounds the mantle. We came to tell you that the configuration of Mother Earth is quite different. She like all celestial objects such as Planets or Stars and is "hollow". This fact is suppressed by those who secretly ruled by you because the truth has a ripple effect that can dispel other major misconceptions that are used to control you. Inner Earth consists of two primary polar regions, each has a large entrance or hole like Apple, bark wrapped down around the mantle. External and Internal "peel" have very similar topography: they include oceans, continents, mountain ranges, lakes and rivers. The inner core is lit and surrounded by cloud cover. Light stands out more diffuse than the light of the Sun, so that the natural light in the Inner Earth softer and softer than on the External surface of the Earth.
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