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Почему инопланетяне не вступают в контактThe possibility of contact with alien civilizations care about humanity for centuries. Modern space telescope Kepler (Kepler)allowed scientists to look into the far corners of the Universe. He helped to establish that only within our Galaxy conditions for the emergence of various forms of life have more than 500 million planets.

Judging from these figures, it turns out that only on the milky Way (our Galaxy) can be several thousands of developed civilizations. However, there are skeptics who argue that in the foreseeable space and time around us no other extraterrestrial civilizations exist.

The Fermi Paradox

While skeptics substantiate his objections, referring to the famous Fermi paradox. Enrico Fermi's famous physicist and Nobel laureate. In 1950 he listened to debate their colleagues, who argued that in the Universe there must be a huge amount of highly developed civilizations. Fermi asked colleagues: "but where are they then?" On this hot issue in dispute physics answer could not.

This contradiction is truly disconcerting - around us a boundless universe, and no contact with other inhabitants of the Universe for all time of existence of mankind. This is the contradiction and was called the Fermi paradox. Why we still don't got no brothers on reason? The researchers suggest several answers to this question.

Why is there no contact with aliens

Winetime civilization exist inside of black holes

Professor, doctor of Sciences Vyacheslav Dokuchaev proposed the hypothesis that the inside black holes exist planet that can be inhabited by intelligent beings. These planets can get energy, light and heat from the Central areas of singularity is in this area of space and time are infinite.

Just recently the American astronomers have found in the center of the galaxy M unprecedented in size black hole. Its mass is greater than the mass of our Sun 7 billion times. Inside this black hole can fit the entire Solar system. If it will be a planet with other civilizations, they are unable to know anything about us as we are about them.

2.number of extraterrestrial civilizations minimally

Spanish astrophysics and mathematics was a mathematical model of the Universe in order to understand how there can be other civilizations and how they can reach our planet. Their estimates were disappointing findings: the possibility of existence in space, another mind is at best units, not hundreds, and especially not thousands.

Moznost contact frightening aliens

Scientists suggest that in space there is a constant struggle for the possession of useful resources are limited. This struggle can sometimes lead to the destruction of planets and people. And surviving in this cruel struggle become extremely cautious and by all means try to hide their existence.

Scientists warn that our attempts to find the mind on other planets may bring to humanity disastrous consequences. We may encounter a space pirates or to meet the alien colonists. Highly developed aggressors will not be difficult to suppress the resistance of mankind, and to destroy all life on Earth.

Wenezenki mind as weak as we

For several thousand years of man's existence, we have not been able to visit another planet in our Solar system. The man was only on the moon and then only once. While we do not have neither forces, nor the opportunity, and there is no urgent need to develop remote space. Similarly, according to scientists, and other developed civilization. All are at home and does not aspire to. This variant of solution of the Fermi paradox.

5. we are very far from each other

Researchers from the U.S. (Institute Bush Franklin) give the answer to the riddle of the Fermi paradox, namely, that in the space density of the presence of intelligent life is incredibly low. Under such immense open spaces the probability of encounters between different civilizations is practically zero.

Taking the usual "active life" advanced civilization, that is the time when civilization signals into space, the scientists calculated the density of these signals in space. Taking into account that the strength of the signal diminishes with distance and time.

And the result is that when the period of 1000 years (and the population of the Earth sends signals still only about 100 years) in our Galaxy can be more than 200 advanced civilizations that do not even suspect about the existence of other worlds.
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