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Американцев атаковали на Луне?Scientists have long considered the moon as a storehouse of mineral resources of the earth civilization and the future Outpost for Solar system exploration. However, there are evidences of the fact that our cosmic neighbor owners already have.

After the hype around the us lunar program "Apollo" in the 90s about the moon was almost forgotten. And here sensation poured as from a horn of plenty! In particular, because of the "Clementines" - little that a satellite was sent into space mainly to photograph some of the asteroid. However 2.5 months "Clementine" managed to produce 2.5 million unique images of the lunar surface. Astronomers from around the world unveiled a lot of messages and illustrations.

It turned out that on the moon had long noticed many strange. And very curious happened picture and castles in the air, and bridges, domes and ancient cities with rectangular rows of buildings, resembling a honeycomb and a giant crosses, and some sort of antennas. Found was a 50-metre drive UFO dome add-in at the top. Next to him on the photos clearly distinguishable round hole in the ground, resembling the entrance to the underground caponier. It was something to wonder!

But why, then, in due time interest to the moon suddenly cooled down? Is all about the moon is already known and had nothing to do there?
Peepers were given to understand that space flights are expensive. Yes and no on the moon anything interesting.
In fact, NASA's never about the moon was not forgotten. In the 80's. even created a special Committee, which was to deal with the Moon as a stepping stone to Mars.

The people, however, was not appeased. There has been speculation that again "hang noodles on the ears", and the entire program "Apollo" is a smokescreen for complex and costly military project. It was said that under the lunar surface created a secret base, and to the moon delivered completely unthinkable the expensive equipment and digs there are all sorts of revetments, tunnels, underground (or podlinnye?) the premises. Not today said: who shall possess the Moon (Russia or the USA)will hold the Ground.

The most suspicious seems that both powers completely lost interest in the moon around the same time. More precisely, after the flight there "Apollo-17". And he left the moon 7 December 1972, Less than 7 months after "Apollo-17" ordered to live long and Soviet program "Lunokhod-2", the link to which was then lost.
What happened there? Do humans have received a warning that the moon perceive them as invaders and it were better for them on foreign ownership did not encroach?

In the 70's. Newspapers and magazines were a lot of rumors that the astronauts faced on the moon with alien ships and saw a lot of buildings. Published excerpts from negotiations between the participants of the moon mission and the mission control center. Astronauts allegedly repeatedly made it clear that they see some objects over my head or on the surface of the moon. And the historic landing of one of the "Apollo" in the sea of Tranquility took place to the accompaniment of a strange Serenade from a variety of sounds, like the whistle of a steam locomotive. The mission control center in Houston was surprised there even asked the astronauts, they have for the company. And the unfortunate crew "Apollo-13" barely survived after the service module was directed beam of UFOs.

It is also believed that in astronauts "Apollo-16" "fired" some object similar to a shell. He ran past, almost once in David Scott and James Irwin. Both were discouraged powerful light beam that broke out in the black sky. Astronauts Cernan and Schmitt were affected even more when exploded antenna lunar mobile module. Still classified complete record of the conversation then between the astronauts on the lunar surface and command module, which was in orbit. Astronaut to the moon said, "Yes, it exploded. Something flew over it just before that... it still..." And at this point the other replies: "o Lord! I thought we hit this... this... you just look at this thing!"

According to Dr. Farouk, geologist NASA, amazing objects should be treated as UFOs, because neither the United States nor the Soviet Union were not then spacecraft, capable of developing such a huge speed.
However, in December 1969 nuclear physicist Glenn Seaborg said that "Apollo-11" found suspicious prints on the far side of the moon, which could leave except that kind of a tracked vehicle. Many of this statement is not very surprised, especially astronauts as they have repeatedly noticed the appearance and disappearance of all sorts of strange objects and phenomena on the surface of the moon.

Could either all written and told about the moon earlier to announce a lie, or to admit that its "tenants" there have been developing a flurry of activity. But who are they?

Chief of the Department of communications NASA suggested that the U.S. and the Soviet flight was controlled by the UFO. British astronomer George Leonard in his publication "On the moon - there is someone else” analyzed thousands of photos of the lunar surface, and stated that the Moon is inhabited by a race of creatures whose signal lights we have long and clearly visible. In pictures visible enormous (up to 5 miles in diameter) earth-moving machines aliens, and other mechanical equipment. Dr. Faruk in one interview also said that the moon seen numerous objects, including any large (several miles high) "spires"looming.

It is doubtful that the flights of Americans to the moon suddenly stopped by reason of discontent of taxpayers. There are other expensive programs, but nobody covers. Interestingly, launched much later "Clementine" is the brainchild not NASA, and the program "star wars”. Does this mean that the Americans have decided to wait, while they were preparing for the upcoming protection of their spacecraft from "enemy"occupied the moon?

Flight "Clementines" was successful, she even sent photos of the lunar poles, which no one had never seen before. However, by the end of the program when "Clementine had to go on near-sun orbit, communication with it ceased abruptly. What is the reason? Why has broken the link with "Lunokhod-G and contact was lost with Mars "Observer"? What forces against Terrans there, on other planets? Who hinder our attempts to go beyond the Earth?

Argentine channel Ramon Barras told journalists that the aliens have repeatedly taken him in, and "a plate" he flew to the moon. Moreover, 74-year-old pensioner says that the moon has a long tunnel, which UFOs out in space voyages. He allegedly flew through the tunnel and saw approaching him UFO decrease in size. One part of the earth tunnel passes through the visible to the us side of the moon, the other - on the dark, backward. The aliens are like us, but devoid of hair, and partly differ anatomy.

Recently, with the reference to high-ranking representatives of NASA, it was reported about the seizure of the alien American moon base! The base is supposedly was built in the framework of the top-secret project "Prometheus". What for? To test the new thermonuclear weapons that Americans did several months before the capture. If you believe this informal communications, engineering control service NASA's first spotted an attack on a lunar base on may 17, 2003 at 5 am. "About two dozen aliens, like a swarm of bees, has made a massive RAID on our space colony, " said the man from NASA. - We failed to detect them coming, and then it was too late". In a word, the mysteries on the moon visible-invisible. And perhaps the earth people will learn the truth still not very soon. If ever learn...

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Special" №8
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