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МАГИЯ В ДРЕВНЕМ ЕГИПТЕMany writers-classics believed Egypt origin magical knowledge. The antiquity of its civilization, an abundance of temples and pyramids, mysterious gods with the heads of animals and birds, mysterious hieroglyphics, rituals in honor of the deceased, the deification of the pharaohs has created an enchanting one and enchanting atmosphere, which for followers of the occult still has not disappeared in the darkness of oblivion.

In Ancient Egypt it was believed that magic allows you to establish contacts between people and gods, and between people living and the dead, it resorted to ensure comfortable conditions of their membership in the regions beyond, and to solve the important problems of the current earthly life.

Testimony of faith in the power of magic came to us from ancient times. One of them is the inscription on the granite stele found between the paws of the Sphinx, "Steregushchy" the pyramid of Khafre at El Giza. The inscription tells that once Pharaoh Thutmosis IV, who ruled from 1290 through 1224 BC, tired after hunting, fell asleep at the foot of the Sphinx. In his dream he was God Horemahet, who commanded the Pharaoh to clean the statue of the Sphinx from cover its sand. Having woken up, Thutmosis ordered to immediately proceed with the execution of the divine will.

Description of one of the sections of magic - engineering call the spirits of the dead, or necromancy, is set out in a series of instructions that are stored in the museums of London and Leiden or in the Louvre. There you can find detailed description of ways of establishing contacts not only with gods and spirits from the Kingdom of light, but also with demonic creatures and ruined, lost souls.

Necromancy is developed by people's desire to penetrate the mystery hidden, unknowable phenomena and events - both present past and future. It was considered that it gives the opportunity to receive messages, tips and instructions from the other world, and to make requests to the indwelling beings. Of course, all these actions were accompanied by certain, often highly complex rituals.

Knowledge of the ancient Egyptians about the existence, character and occupation demons were much bigger and richer than of the knowledge of European mages in the middle Ages and Renaissance. A large amount of information about underground demons contained in the texts of the ancient Egyptian book of the dead. Some of them were guarding the gates of the Kingdom of the afterlife from penetration of "wicked", others wandered through the underground realm of Osiris, and the food in this dark world they were the dead bodies, and their thirst they were satisfied with their blood.

With demons (evil spirits) Egyptian magician on its own initiative, in contacts, as a rule, did not enter, and if they were without invitation, then drove them away with the help of mirrors, various amulets and spells. When these tools do not help - scared off by the fire.

The main content of magical rituals were spells. With their help, caused beings from the other world, was subjected them to the will of the magician and transmitted back to the place of permanent residence. Style spell was always asking-demanding, they are spoken or read with special intonation, was accompanied by special gestures and posture, and all it was a very impressive show. Every magician had its own set of spells that he often kept in secret, for it was thought that if they learned colleague and, worse, tried to use them, they have lost their force.

Here is a sample of spells and its implementation, taken from the ancient text and described in the famous novel "Pharaoh" Boleslaw Prus (translation E. Design -......): "...Then the magician threw up his hands and said, "heavenly Father, meek and merciful, cleanse my soul... so I am relying on the help of God, I am foreseeing and fearless... I - mighty - calling you and implore... Go me, obedient, - in the name of the king, the Saraya... In the name of the Almighty and eternal God... Amoral, Taneja, Robur, Ladisten Implore you... and call... the Name of the star that is the Sun..." Suddenly all was quiet. Before the altar seemed phantom of the crown, with a staff in his hand, riding a lion.

- Beroes!.. Beroes!.. he said with the Ghost of a hollow voice. - Why did you call me?.."

A special kind of "applied" of witchcraft was the creation of the bodies of the successor, which were used exclusively for the purposes of black magic. The ancient Egyptians were convinced that if the magician sculpt from the wax figure of any person and will take over certain rituals, their results will affect the person, which served as the prototype of the figures. The prevalence of such manipulations with the dolls from wax evidence, in particular, the inscription on the sarcophagus of the Middle Kingdom (2050 - 1750 years BC), and ancient texts.

In the so-called "Papyrus Whether" there is a record: "Petibon, who was the Director of the estate, said to him: "Bring me a book that would give me the magic power and authority". And he brought him a book on magic from the library of Pharaoh Watermaal-Remera-Amun, the great God, his Lord, and he went to use the divine power against his people. His assistant El REM made from wax figures of people and made over them different charms and spells. And so both of them were let loose on the people of the disease, pestilence and other misfortunes".

And here is the text from "Papyrus Rollin": "I used magic to call and bring misfortune. I made several wax figures of gods and people, then to call these people the " dryness " and mortification members. I gave these figures, Rubecula, divine Rene appointed ruler of the house."

This papyrus is a story about the conspiracy of Ministers of the harem against Ramses III, the last of the outstanding New Kingdom Pharaoh who ruled from 1188 in 1157 BC In the conspiracy took part and some magicians who practiced black magic and turned his art against Pharaoh and his courtiers. But, as the next papyrus, the conspiracy was disclosed. The conspirators, the main of which were recognized as two of the sorcerer, was tried. One of them cruelly killed, another was forced to commit suicide.

However, the services of black magicians resorted not only the conspirators, but also the highest Egyptian aware of the pharaohs inclusive. After all, they too had to fight against their enemies literally a life and death. In these cases the benefits they probably served as "the Book of demon APOP[3]", which proposes, for example, this method of destroying enemies: "Make wax figures of all living and non-living, the Pharaoh, and write on them the names of these people with green paint. Put the figures into the box, spit on them and then Topchi unclean left leg (here it is the source of our expression "to stand with his left foot"?). After that iskali them with a knife, and cast it into the burning straw, which is then put out, Bay urine adult women.

One of the most powerful magical funds has long been regarded as an amulet. Its purpose is to protect the owner from various troubles. According to the ancient Greek writer and historian Pliny the Elder, in Ancient Egypt amulets are most widely spread in the period of the New Kingdom (1580 - 1085 years BC). Amulets made of precious and simple stones, metal, glass, wood. They could be pieces of papyrus or tissue with the texts of spells or drawings magic symbols. Sometimes amulets in the form of small items placed inside nodules on the surface of the woven belt.

Most closely magic in Ancient Egypt was connected with medicine and healing. The greatest of sages, sorcerers and healers in Egyptian tradition was considered Imhotep, the Supreme dignitary of king Djoser, who ruled for about the first half of the XXVIII century B.C. the Name and titles of Imhotep - Builder is the first pyramid, manual tombs of Djoser at Saqqara unchanged at the statue of the Pharaoh's mortuary temple at this pyramid. However, the glory of the healer outweighed all other merits of Imhotep, and later he was deified as the patron of healing, especially revered in Memphis. Since the middle of I Millennium BC, the Greeks began to equate it with Asclepius, the God of healing, possessing the ability even to raise the dead (in Roman mythology Asclepius corresponds to the doctor).

One of the major tasks of the sorcerers of Ancient Egypt was the protection of secrets and peace to their former owners and patrons after their transition to another world." And they are perfectly coped with this task during his life and after his death.

There is abundant evidence, as in ancient times, the fate cruelly punished robbers and uskoritelei tombs of noble Egyptians. But, it seems that the spells are to this day. How else to explain a series of mysterious deaths of many of those who took part in the opening and research tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

However, few people know about another no less mysterious and sinister story connected with the opening of the graves of priestesses of the God Amon-RA, which about 3,600 years ago there lived in the city Beset and was buried in the Valley of the Kings near Biban El Muluka. Her grave was robbed in the 60-ies of the XIX century, the mummy priestess has not survived, but the sarcophagus with the image of a female face demonic beauty remains intact. They say that everyone who had to deal with this sarcophagus, was overtaken premature and unexplained death. Including all successive holders. And the photographer who made the images of the sarcophagus, one of fingerprints allegedly saw that they live person beautiful Egyptian women with an evil grin on his lips. The last owner relics saved my life that gave her a gift to the British Museum.

But the spell was still there. When it became obvious that after the acquisition of the sarcophagus mortality among Museum workers has increased dramatically, it was decided to put him in the basement, and in the hall to set up.

Meanwhile sarcophagus interested Americans, and in 1912 was organized his secret shipping in the USA. The treasure was Packed in a simple box in the cargo lading[4] and in the customs Declaration it was recorded as "a box of books." April 10, 1912 it was loaded in Southampton on the most modern and most reliable ship Royal mail. This ship was "Titanic"sailed in its first operational flight. And in the night from 14 to 15 April he was faced with a huge iceberg and sank. From 2227 passengers were saved only 705. As it turned out, on the route of the "Titanic" fatal iceberg was only in a radius of several tens of miles.
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