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Астрологические прогнозы - доход на наивности или правда о будущем?Astrology is a group of predictive practices, traditions and beliefs based on identifying the relationship between heavenly bodies and the fates of people. Using the location of the stars at the moment of birth of a person astrologers are trying to determine the traits of his character, behaviour and fate.

Attitude toward astrology today is different. To be considered as a science decide not many representatives of the academic world. In the press you can find a huge number of publications containing negative attitude toward astrology and convincingly demonstrate its absurdity. While there are undeniable facts reliable predictions of astrologers.

To understand the question, whether to trust the astrological forecasts or not, you need to do some comparative analysis of the reliability of various prophecies.

You can start with the events of bygone days and to use for this list of predictions come true, the first of which date from the middle of the sixteenth century. That's when the astrologer Gerolamo Cardano predicted Archbishop of St. Andrews death penalty by hanging. Five centuries have passed since then, these forecasts there are not more than ten. While skeptical citizens, not very trusting of astrology can see that from the list of astrological predictions come true 50% may be a figment of descendants, comparing the facts of the biography with interest to the predictions of one or another historical personality.

Many Russians remember that in our country the interest in astrology woke up in the early nineties of the last century. In Newspapers and magazines appeared astrological forecasts, and in kiosks horoscopes for all comers. People know that they are the Aquarius and Capricorn and began to compare their actions with the position of the stars in the sky. The best-known predictors of that time were Paul and Tamara Globa. Astrologers made forecasts from television screens, wrote articles in magazines and Newspapers. For example, the popular magazine "Worker" led a rubric about astrology.

In order to prove that those predictions have not come true, it is enough to go to any local library and ask the binder old magazines. You will be able to personally make sure that none of the forecasts, which can be interpreted precisely and unambiguously, did not come true. For example, in 1993 he spoke about the flourishing of economic well-being in our country by 2001.

Of course, we can say that astrologers had predicted at the beginning of this Millennium sharp economic growth of the DPRK. But the same prediction, like many others, can make any person who is able to observe and analyze.

As a rule, the world will know about the brilliant predictions after a particular event will occur. No matter are you talking about earthquakes, tsunamis or floods. A new prophet begins to shout loudly about what he was saying, he warned, had predicted. Confused citizens and wonder just in case anything you don't mind.

But do not think that all the predictions of the deception, and the astrologers, can make them, does not exist. In fact, there are real professionals, who are able to predict events with a high degree of probability, but they are very few.

For example, modern astrologer Vasilisa Volodina with success is individual horoscopes and those who use them, they say a lot of things come to pass.

The conclusion is one: do not blindly believe horoscopes. It makes much more sense to build their lives independently, driving it and believing in the future. And horoscope you can read at your leisure and proud to note that the representatives of your sign of the zodiac have unique perseverance or like to do housework. If you believe that, respectively, show the persistence or with passion, do household chores.
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