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Связь с инопланетянамиSex with aliens. The very phrase sounds ridiculous and strange, but over time many scientists and law enforcement officials around the world are beginning to doubt the delirium of such statements. Why read on.

Recently statements women that they had sex with aliens, was ridiculed or started to doubt the mental health of the fairer half of mankind who allowed himself to talk about this publicly. But in light of recent incidents and stories about something similar from the wives of senior officials of the government of different countries, have secretaries not a joke.

Judge for yourself. Women caught in such a situation, don't know what to do. When to seek medical care after sexual contact with an unearthly creature, then you can be on the mental accounting. If in the Church, they are such people are called servants of Satan and disown them. The science simply does not want to see such cases. Or rather did not want to a certain point, until the number of such statements is not exceeded hundreds of thousands.

The first who dared to publicly declare the case of sex with aliens, was Dorothy stout. The woman turned into one of the best clinics in Denver (USA), that would help her to get pregnant. After examination of the patient gynecologists concluded that reproductive organs of a young woman worn out. It seemed as if the woman is already not once gave birth. Dorothy was shocked. As it can be. After some time in the memory of the woman came the strange picture and to understand what it is, she decided at a session of deep hypnosis. In a state of the deepest sleep Dorothy remembered one year 1993, when forcibly taken aboard UFOs, where she spent 36 weeks. For all this time on it was carried out the mass of the medical experiments, and according to her she gave birth to six children. "Aliens hate us! People only as genetic material to create hybrids that they continue to colonise our planet!.." - screamed hysterically under hypnosis Dorothy.

Some time later, the information about the incident spread throughout America, where soon appeared 8 messages of this nature from the USA and Canada. Immediately become aware of two incidents in Brazil and one in Japan and France. On the account went on tens and then hundreds of thousands.

The question asked a number of scientists were the first of which began Chinese researcher Chen Yanchun and Russian full member of the European Academy of natural Sciences Sergei Speransky. According to the results of their research could bring sensational figure. According to scientists in the life of every 5 women of the Earth, there was an event - sex with aliens!

- Hypnotized women reported that they had sexual contacts with aliens, " says doctor of biological Sciences Sergei Speransky. - They claimed to be surrogate mothers for other alien beings. And from these stories became scared not only Chinese Professor, but me.

In Russia Speransky also found evidence of such sexual contacts.

Two cases were recorded in the Irkutsk hospital. After young mothers brought their children home, they mysteriously disappeared. Neither the police nor the mother could not find the kids, but after some time these women saw children as if through a telepathic contact. Children told them about another planet, where they now live. They looked like people with the exception of the head is slightly different in size from a human. The case is remarkable for the fact that these two women were not familiar, but told identical about experiences.

No less interesting incident happened resident of the Smolensk region of the city Safronov, which told the Chairman of the Association of ufologists of the Central Federal district Vladimir Toktaulova.

According to him in the summer of 2000, a young girl born in 1979 returned home. Approximately at 23:30 Valentina saw a bright beam of fast approaching her. The girl was in stupor, which gave way to a pleasant relaxation. After some time the beam blinked, and Valentine fell to the ground.

Recovered girl in about an hour and immediately went to the police. Law enforcement officers listened to her and advised me to go home to prosyatsya or send in a psychiatric hospital. Three months later, the girl turned to the gynecologist, as she disappeared menstruation. What a surprise it was a doctor, when it turned out that Valentine's pregnant, and hymen remained absolutely intact. The young woman refused to give birth to something and decided to go for an abortion. Operation with the permission of the patient filmed, but at the moment of removal of the fruit he could not be found. It seemed like it took a day before the surgery!

Another loud case occurred in St. Petersburg. In July 2009 in one of regional hospitals received girl with multiple lacerations, bruises and contusions. Thirty-two year old Maria Century was in critical condition. According to the police, the girl found on the Vyborg highway completely Nude, and, deciding that she was a victim of gang rape, was taken to hospital. The only thing that bothered custodians of law and order: the lower part of the woman's body was covered with some strange substance or slime, like frogs ' eggs, but the desire to find out what is in the police, the victim was taken to hospital.

Come to Mary under cross-examination told a story that investigators had unwittingly opened mouths. The doctors immediately questioned sravasti her mind, but after a series of tests, recognized absolutely sane.

Here's what he told the girl. She and her friends decided to go to the country under the Vyborg. After a few days the youth ran out of food, and they decided to go to the nearest village to buy food. Maria to take part in the trip refused, and while there are no friends, went to ride on the boat. Starting the car, she decided to swim on long been attracted to her island was visible near the shore of the Gulf of Finland. After arrival to the place of Mary left the boat and set off in a dilapidated building on the island. Inside the ruins she found the courage colored balls as she realized later it was Finnish, glass factory, abandoned back in 1939. Maria walked around the ruins of the building several times, held in the hands of sun-heated glass, and wanted, it was already to go back, when suddenly...

The girl saw under the feet of the giant shadow slowly covering more and more space. Lifting her head up, she could not believe their eyes. Right above her head hung a huge plate. What happened next, she remembers. Woke up it only after some time from the cold. Opening her eyes, she realized that rests on a metal burning " ice table and leaned over her disgusting kind of creature. It was alien, what girl doesn't doubt for a second, and eurovideo type. Looking around, she realized that lies completely naked and not what is not bound, however, to move, she could not. Around flickered different devices, and after a while it close leaned over something. He had no eyes, the skin was dark gray, and his height was more than two meters. After a while they begin to feel chest and genitals girls. From disgust Mary wanted to scream, but his throat choked terrible spasm. In the end, she had sex with alien. Moreover, he leaned her that a woman immediately lost consciousness.

After all that happened, the girl remember only how woke up in the hospital. As it was two hundred kilometers away from the location of the villas she cannot explain, assuming that it did everything I wanted and threw. The police examined the testimony of Mary and indeed found a boat moored to an island, on which there were the ruins of an old glass factory. The guards decided to write off all on gang rape (that girl was repeatedly raped, has established expertise and scared, so she came up with an incredible history, but in the overall picture not linked strange goo collected with the girls in the hospital. Its composition has not been identified and attributed to anything earthly, and by the nature of damage vagina was impossible to say that the woman was raped male sexual organ.

Such cases are still very much both in Russia and in the CIS countries. Many researchers have noticed that often the women who had sex with aliens, become infertile. Their reproductive system looks completely worn out, although the patient did not do abortions and many do not even damaged hymen.

Many world researchers of this problem (including Sergei Speransky and Chen Yangchun) believe that the aliens (which recently became known as the Zetas, or Gray, and Dark) disrupted the process of reproduction. That is, their women are not able to conceive. So the aliens use our females as incubators. Terms of carrying a hybrid-humanoid considerably smaller, they will extract the data at the level of the embryo and dormivit. There is an opinion that the nursery for growing located on the back side of the moon. Though this is why there see so often scurrying to and fro, UFO. Technically, this is possible - even in the times of the USSR the Institute of obstetrics and gynecology named Ott received a patent on an artificial womb.

In the light of such events, sex with aliens does not seem fiction: recently even Mrs. Miyuki, wife of the future Prime Minister of Japan Yukio Hatoyama admitted that she was taken to another planet, and she had sex with aliens.

Yes, and that such cases have arisen recently, we cannot say. Viewing the ancient sources, you can see that such contacts were in those days. In medieval Europe the aliens gave names "Incubus" and "popular print", and considered them fallen angels are male, seductive in a dream women. Even in old Russian fairy tales, there is mention of a fiery serpent, he that cometh to females who longed for the dead or were in a long separation husbands and loved.

Historical data show that in the time of war the number of cases with "Inkubus" increased significantly. Killed thousands of men, women were obvious lack of male attention and sexual relations. Women are increasingly told each other their erotic dreams, in which they saw strange creatures, and when the revival was difficult to distinguish this dream from reality. The war can be called a mass erotic frenzy. Officially recorded many psychotherapists that time.

In the U.S. Congress began to receive the first applications for the oral hearing, at which they have to solve the problem of violence earthly women by aliens. On the background of these statements sex with aliens already become not so unrealistic.
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