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В Днепре появились субтропические рыбы и медузыIn the Dnieper river wound up subtropical fish: from 56 native species that live in the main river of Ukraine, 18 - "parapluie”, and among the newcomers is the utter exotics - piranhas, jellyfish, snakeheads, wrote in Saturday "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”.

According to the observer on the processes in the river of ichthyologist with the Department of the Dnipropetrovsk national University Ogundare Novel Novitsky, in the last few years in the river appeared 18 species of fish and 2 species of crabs, which here in sight were not found.

” Some were brought, other seized new territory independently. If 4-5 years ago the sun perch (live in subtropical waters), imported from North America and somehow got into the Dnieper, was for us a great rarity, but today it can be found everywhere, " says P. Novitsky. - Samara (the left tributary of the Dnieper) he has mastered over the last two years 70 km from the mouth upstream. And now he is present in 22 rivers of the region.”

This fish, according to experts, is a serious food competitor for the Dnieper aboriginal: carp, bream, carp. Because not hesitate neither animal nor vegetable food. This in and of themselves "aliens” are not commercial species.

According to experts, exotic fish, most likely, was in the Dnieper river from aquariums. However, these predators is a very heat-loving, so that the Ukrainian winter can not survive. And in August in the area of the Monastery of the island in Dnepropetrovsk you can find and jellyfish.

"The biggest problem of alien species is that we can't predict how they behave in the future. Small freshwater fish of chebacco Amur first found us in 1992. Now 10 square meters of the coastal waters of the Dnipro river you can catch 4-5 kg of this newcomer. And he eats away (literally!) all around him. Already there is talk that somewhere, perhaps in the canal Dnieper - Donbass - caught Asian zmeegolov. It is large and eats everything, and thus, may eventually supplant other big fish” - said P. Novitsky.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine
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