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Голем из ПрагиAbout busiest magical means clay figures there are many stories, but the most famous of them-the legend of Prague Golem. As the story of the ancient texts, in one of starless nights 1580 known in Prague Rabbi Yehuda lion Ben Bezalel fashioned from clay huge figure of a man. When Bezalel put in a clay mouth piece of parchment with written on it in the name of God, the Golem is alive again!

The creature was given the unique order to protect the Jewish community from aggressive poles. First clay man perfectly coped with this task because of its incredible power. But one day, when the evening vigil before the festive Shabbat was in full swing, the unexpected happened.

Every Friday the Rabbi Ben Bezalel took a piece of parchment from the mouth of the Golem, dipping him until Monday in a deep sleep. But that day Rabbi forgot about the parchment, and captured the spirit living inside a clay body, tried to regain freedom. After breaking the wall of his room, Golem got out into the streets of the Jewish ghetto. Raging clay man was crushing everything that came in his way, and the terrified people fled to the synagogue. The crowd broke into the Church, when Bezalel was reading 92-Psalm. Interrupted in the middle of reading the Rabbi listened to the confused story running people and hurried outside. He soon found a Golem, came up to him and pulled out of his mouth magic parchment. Golem froze, and Bezalel returned to the synagogue and reiterated unfinished 92-Psalm. That night he was moved obedienoe body clay man in the attic of the synagogue and hid it in a secret niche. Since then, and this is not a legend, the entrance to the attic is prohibited for all, and the stairs, once raised up to nadroparinum premises, destroyed and must never be restored.

Disputes about whether the legend of clay man's invention, or as it is based on real events that still continues to this day. In the early twentieth century in the library of the French city of Metz, the researchers stumbled on a manuscript about the Prague Golem, written adopted son Ben Bezalel. In the text mentioned the names, dates and names of places associated with this mysterious history. However, recently historian Ivan Magerl carefully checked the authenticity of the document and came to the conclusion that the manuscript from Metz contains not one word of truth. Moreover, Magerl found documentary evidence of absence during the period from 1584 to 1588 Ben Bezalel in Prague. And yet in a Prague synagogue still twice repeat 92-Psalm in memory of the suppression of the raging of the Golem. Therefore, concluded Magerl, there's some real cause of this tradition.

The answer was hidden in the word "Golem". In Hebrew it means "artificial person, created by magic", and the word "fool"! When Magerl learned about the second value is realized. What if famous Prague Golem was just insane a man of great strength and growth? Then due and unusual method of recovery of the Golem, when, according to legend, his mouth was stuffed with a piece of parchment. Magerl suggested that the Rabbi was just trying to treat the patient by giving him drugs, which are then in the legend was transformed into a magical piece of parchment".

Good luck accompanied Makalu. In the old archives, he was able to find mention of silent sick Jew by the name of Gossel. He worked at then the Rabbi of the synagogue that was doctoring him, regularly giving medications. Records Possile rather poor. We only know that he had a great power and was heard only the Rabbi. Probably assumed Magerl, on Friday the Rabbi forgot to give Goscilo medicine. The "Golem” was deteriorating illness, he fell into a rage and, once out on the street the Jewish ghetto, attacked its inhabitants. For help addressed to Rabbi...

The researcher suggested that Goscilo given a sedative, and then moved into one of the halls of the synagogue, where he soon died. To avoid any unwanted rumors, Rabbi buried the body of a madman in one of the hidden niches attic Prague synagogue. The entrance is banned without explanation, and in the Jewish ghetto of Prague was born the famous legend of the Golem.
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