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Космические корни человечестваIt is known that the way people live, their origin, traditions and customs are reflected in numerous legends that have been passed from generation to generation. There are not many Nations in the legend which says that they have arrived on planet Earth with the neighboring stars.

One of these Nations is the Dagon living on the African continent, Indian tribe OSEC living on the territory of the USA. It is the Dagon insist that the place of origin of their ancestors, is the star Sirius. In the blood of people from the tribe of OSEC were detected factors that are not in the blood of the other peoples living on the Earth.

The appearance of such legends, affirming the cosmic origin of the Nations, should not only be reduced to the fact that it's just crazy inventions savages. However, the development of savages little different from the level of development of the same animal, so savages can speak on topics related only to the surrounding reality, and not about any kind of space travel. Stories about space it is possible to hear from people who have actually had a connection with the cosmic space, and then, because of some circumstances, was lost. Therefore the origin of such legends, myths about space largely due to the fact that a long time ago was carried out regular flights between the Earth and the other planets.

On our planet regularly lived guests arriving from space, they tried to adopt the experience of the inhabitants of the earth and at the same time tried to share their experience, tried to gain knowledge that will be useful in the future, very often lived away from my friends, had a rest, spending free time on the tours. The end of the further dialogue came when he started a nuclear war, during which many guests from space have not managed to fly back, left to live on planet Earth and has felt the impact of the nuclear disaster. The same thing happened with people who were visiting the space of the inhabitants, they had to remain permanently on other planets because interrupted communication with the native land. South American Indian tribe araucana stars are perceived as people who have appeared in the sky.

This legend has survived to the present day, with only slight changes, and this legend could not appear among the peoples, which has just arisen. In the texts of the Avesta we can find places where they say that all Mankind has arrived on planet Earth with the other stars. According to these Avestan texts of people who belong to the white race, come stars of the Big dipper, the people belonging to the yellow race, the profit with constellations Cygnus and Lyra, the people of the red race came from the stars Cassiopeia, people of the black race - with the constellation of Orion. However, this record is questionable and are not rational, as listed race, mentioned in "Avesta", exist on Earth. Such statements say negligible role of all Mankind on Earth.

What cannot be denied is the fact that those who came from other stars, could create marital unions with people, to have many children from such relations. After all, there are laws of nature, according to which the more perfect, the more of this type of races, which can be mixed with each other. On the other hand, has just entered the race turns into separate species in the course of mutations that occur within species of organisms belonging to the lower classes. Thus, the additional point on the surface "ladybirds" is no different from other points on her chitin, but this type will not be able to merge with the parent form.

However, if a person is born with extra fingers on both upper and lower limbs, this will not prevent a new and major races to mix with each other. Man has the unique ability to mix with different space types, with the mind, because he is the heir of the Asuras, considered to be "masters of the Universe".

In the legends you can find a detailed description of six species of living organisms that are intended to assist humanity in difficult periods. In written sources, the figures that have been preserved to our days on Earth was inhabited by people of snake, people-birds, people with the heads of dogs and cats, and people like monkeys.

These beings helped a man to rise after a nuclear disaster, preventing the process of colonization of the planet Earth. Presumably, this time is the emergence of the cult of the cat, as almost everywhere on the planet can be found figures reminding people-cats. Perhaps that these creatures were closer to the people, still live with them, and later mingled with them.

Research in the field serology prove that it is the fourth group of blood was in the space of residents. Through a process called convergence, earthlings can interbreed with aliens from outer space. If an intelligent species belonging to the class of mammals, will get on our planet Earth, he'll have to converge much, the direction of the species having the mind of a man. The same applies to herbs which can be found on Sakhalin island. Here they grow to huge sizes (up to two meters). However, if these herbs again transported to the island, these plants will again become conventional.

Small inhabitants of Japan, coming to America to be high, as the Americans themselves. And aliens, which came to our Land, become an ordinary earthlings, and if not, then they die.
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