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ЗАЩИТА ОТ МАГНИТНЫХ БУРЬBefore the revolution, he served in the Moscow fire brigade someone Stepan. His duty was on duty at the fire-tower and see: you can't see any fire. And if you notice the fire - raise on the watch-tower, signal balls and beat the bell, raising the alarm on the fire brigade.

Was Stepan man strong. But suffered from a strange illness. Other days, it suddenly came to him weakness, dizziness. Arms, legs began to tremble, his heart ached. And would be good, if the attacks happened at home. Yet there were times while on duty. His disease Stepan concealed from comrades, since he was afraid of losing their jobs.

Then one day while on duty happened attack, he said that in one place the pad on the watchtower of the disease gradually weakens and there comes relief. And did he move from that place and it all starts again.

Being observant, Stepan drew attention to the fact that the attacks weaken, if he stands in exactly for the alarm bell that hung just above the head.

So what was that mysterious illness and what does the bell?

It is well known that some people are sensitive to weather changes and especially in the days of high solar activity, when there are so-called "magnetic storms". Such persons are referred to as meteomarine or weather-sensitive. In the days of magnetic storms they happen weak spells, dizzy, sick, suffering from headaches and heartaches. Some sweating increases, there trembling and cooling of the extremities, moves blood pressure, change of heart pulse.

In those days, among weather-sensitive people increases the number of heart attacks and strokes.

In folk medicine it is known that weaken the above symptoms can put on the head of a copper pot or copper hoops. And other metals - iron, aluminum - help much less.

The bell is 80% of copper. Because Stepan and experienced investment, standing under it.

What is the matter?

In the days of sharp changes of weather and especially in the days when the sun is observed emissions of the solar matter, in the ionosphere of the Earth occur unstable electromagnetic field. This is the "magnetic storm". All life on Earth, and people including reacts to these changes.

The famous inventor and physicist A.L. Chizhevsky called this phenomenon "the terrestrial echo of solar storms".

Psychologists know that some human organs, with increased conductivity, is especially sensitive to changes of electromagnetic fields and the most sensitive of the brain. On the second place - blood. The brain is the most sensitive area is the hypothalamus, which together with pituitary form one of the hypothalamic-pituitary system. This section of the brain, hormones, through the blood system and the nervous system that controls the activity of the endocrine glands. So biologists called him "chief conductor of the" the endocrine system and body.

Biophysics experimentally found that the guidance on the hypothalamus and pituitary additional electromagnetic field leads to the disorders in the heart sosudistoi, digestive, urinary and respiratory systems. Particularly affected are the heart, liver, stomach, pancreas and thyroid gland. There are phenomena diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Suffers sexual sphere is waning sexual attraction. Weather-sensitive person more at risk of developing osteoporosis. In persons with mental illness increases the likelihood of attacks.

But the electromagnetic field can be reduced. It has a wave nature. And if on the path of an electromagnetic wave to put a metallic object with the linear dimensions of the appropriate wavelength, this item will work as an antenna, will take over part of the energy fields and scatter it is the energy of the surrounding space. The brain hypothalamus not suffer from magnetic storm, if on the head to put a metal Hoop.

I assume that the reader already realized why Stepan helped hanging over the head of bronze bell. It is established that the structure of the brain most affected by electromagnetic field UHF with a wavelength of about 10-20 cm (1500-3000 MHz). This is roughly the diameter of the skull. Therefore, a metallic object, put on the head, dampens the energy field.

But why is it better operates copper, and no iron or aluminum? The copper higher conductivity, so it is better to accept and better scatters electromagnetic radiation. In fact copper is not the best elektroprovodnost. Even better - silver. If Hoop be made of silver, copper or a wrap to cover with a layer of silver, the effectiveness of such devices for protection against magnetic storms will become even higher. However, their properties silver Hoop will not differ from is made entirely of silver. But it will be much cheaper.

According to this principle are protective suits for persons whose professional activity is connected with work in the area of electromagnetic fields, which power is significantly higher than the capacity of the natural background. These costumes are completely stitched copper thread with a silver coating. In some countries, such as France, for the population even made casual clothing with copper thread.

The number of sources of electromagnetic radiation in the ecosphere person is constantly increasing. First of all it - computers, not to mention microwave ovens, mobile phones, etc. Are available scientific findings, saying that these devices increase the risk of development of malignant tumors of the brain (often in the hypothalamus). Statistics show that the number of such pathologies is steadily growing.

For people who are constantly working with the computer, will not be superfluous to wear during operation of silver (or silver plated) Hoop for protection against magnetic storms. In this case, as they say, better safe than sorry. And for those who are particularly weather-sensitive Hoop generally better to wear constantly. To this end it can cover up to a hat - hat, beret cap. Or to put on top of head scarf. These simple steps will help to free from prying eyes and unwanted questions.

Even better, if you perform a protective device on a round piece of cloth, which then can be sewed, as the lining, in any headdress. To do this, except fabric, you must have copper or silver thread, which is used in the work of satoshii. The fabric is cut the size of the diameter of the head, and then circumference, stitched with metal thread. If such firmware to make not one, but several - two, three and to have concentric rings, and the diameter of each ring is twice less than the previous. Then, in addition to ease of use, the device will suppress not only the basic frequency of harmful electromagnetic radiation, but also its unwanted harmonics. I must say that similar textile articles, stitched with metal thread has long been used in the military to protect the soldiers, carrying on duty on a powerful radio and radar stations. However, they are not used as linings in headscarves, but as the curtains of the stations, because the glass does not detain harmful electromagnetic waves of frequencies.

Endocrine system, unlike the nervous system, rather inert. Once in the blood, hormones act until then, until their recycling or collapse. Some hormones period of disintegration rather long. Therefore, Hoop, worn on the head, will have effects not immediately. Relief from the effects of electromagnetic fields usually occurs no earlier than in one-two hours.

The protective device is better to wear in advance, given the offensive days magnetic storms, or getting started activities in the zone of high electromagnetic fields (computer, mobile phones, wireless devices, etc).
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