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Почему нет Нибиру?What interests me most: "Why?" Why so hard vpaivaetsja mankind the idea about the existence of Nibiru, also known as "planet X"and "the planet of the devil"? Why do people are made to believe about the inevitable and the impending disaster? On the one side are real, not mythical "British" scientists declare firmly that nothing of the kind in outer space is not seen, and with another TV and Internet nonstop predict mass destruction. Arrival horrible world dedicated blockbusters.

Why would anyone need people to believe not science, and sales journalists? Maybe someone decided that put up with the thought of the impending death, the ordinary people will not keep their money in the accounts, and spend it to live "last year" under no denying? And thus will contribute to the struggle with a series of global financial crises? Nonsense, I guess...
Or it is done for another reason: for example because such a crowd manageable and easier without thinking goes for anyone, who promised her salvation from real or imaginary danger?

After all, those who are older still remember as in the West is blowing mass hysteria about "red menace", while the USSR respectively over the imperialist machinations "warmongers". Which, as we clearly explained in the Newspapers, not feed bread, give to plunge the planet into the fire of a thermonuclear catastrophe. Citizens of the countries of our potential enemies also imagined sinister "Communists" in the darkest colors. Accordingly, the huge military budgets of both opposing sides were accepted without objection. Means: first, to intimidate the inhabitants to death, and then to offer... and I do not know that. Or just without problems edit intimidated, fooled the crowd, cattle, not thinking about the future, which "will not be".

No, guys and girls, it will not wriggle out, and I guarantee you this. And here is what it will be, depends on the people and not from the planet Nibiru, which is not at all.

Why not Nibiru?

Nibiru, malignant planet returning in the Solar System every 3600 years, was invented by the writer Zechariah Sitchin. He interpreted translations of Sumerian-Akkadian myths that tells about the battle of the gods so that they appeared before his readers Chronicles of occurrence of the planets of the Solar System. These de Sumerians had a vast amount of knowledge, undoubtedly, drawn at a higher civilization.

Just want to ask a question: Who is 4 500 000 000 years ago was a witness of all complex twists and turns, every planetary collisions, and so on, appearing in the retelling of the myth Siccine? Who is this all, sorry, documented for information ancient Sumerians? There is nobody all it was millions of years to observe, record, and then through billions of years to whisper Sumerian priests. In the emerging planetary system may not be life-and the more so, cannot be intelligent life.

However, this does not worry our storyteller. He goes further, describing the planet Nibiru, which is most of the time its existence is very, very far away from the Sun, as drawn around him on very elliptical orbit. So far, that it is not only water, but also the most part of atmospheric gases should be in the solid state. However, according to Sitchin, on this planet splashing oceans, forests and inhabited by intelligent beings. What a magical way all this happens is unknown.

And yet these very reasonable called Anonyme or neelmani had on Earth economic interests, extracted on it desperately need the gold and in General created the human race. This is also Sitchin who possess no ancient languages, once read in a long time studied the translation of the Sumerians.

I will add that of course, the ancient Sumerians were not describing anything: they actually believed the Earth is flat, the sky covering her a glass cover. Did not know that moving among the stars in the sky of the planet, this body is somewhat like the Earth. But even here Sitchin have shamefully rated. Not foreseeing the development of astronomy, he attributed the Sumerians knowledge of the nine planets of the Solar system. Last, most at the time, distant Pluto, the Sumerians also, naturally, "knew". But Pluto was not the last planet not a planet at all. It turned out that such Plotnikov quite a lot, and open up new ones. In short, "the unique knowledge of the Sumerians" was somehow completely sichinskiy by volume. Strictly at the time of writing his books.

But it will take a break now from magic sichinskiy tales. It has long ceased to believe even the most die-hard neurology. Even they can't imagine any way to imagine how freezing cold planet, at a temperature slightly different from absolute zero, got the life, and then it became reasonable. Therefore the initial sotchinskaya version of this tale is now rarely mentioned, and in use for another.

Options her a few, and I will give pokritikuyut the most common.
Our Sun, not just in itself, but supposedly, double star, like most stars in the Galaxy. Partner it is a kind of invisible "brown dwarf" Raja-the sun, which has its own planetary system. This dwarf periodically moving closer to our Sun and then one of its observed planets within our Solar System and creates here the different ugliness. This story brings a smile astronomers, because it became clear that tells versed in celestial mechanics as kindergarteners in the binomial theorem.

There are also more exotic versions. According to one of them, a terrible "planet X" is common to our Sun and other. And regularly visits both because its orbit "is an ellipse, in focuses of which lie these two suns".
At this point in the narrative any astronomer usually get crushed unbidden tears and loses consciousness with laughter, because it is absolutely clear that this orbit from the point of view of astronomy absolutely impossible. But modern liars don't care.

To them it is not necessary that what they wrote was true enough that it looked "pseudoscientific". To the reader who heard something in childhood about ellipses and their tricks, knowingly nod of the head.
Will say, in passing, that and no Raja sun also does not exist. This "brown dwarf", if and invisible, and that in itself is unlikely, would be a powerful source of infrared radiation, which is already quite long ago learned reliable record. Such stars invisible to the naked eye, and even in the telescope, find hundreds of light years away. Suppose if the above partner of the Sun existed, it would have found the first because it assumes many thousand times closer.

So, as usual, whatever miss anything from "witnesses Nibiru" no! But the planet itself? In the famous TV story told that it "already appeared on the horizon in the form of a reddish dots". Where is it? How would show? What declination and right ascension of the object? Immediately popped least to this point telescopes and binoculars hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Amateur astronomers around the world. But somehow stop "experts" and talkative unrecognized "scientists". Lose the gift of speech. Because they have nothing to present, since this body exists solely in their fevered imagination. Because, not to mention professionals, Amateur astronomers, who are armed with quite solid tools that periodically open visible on the verge permission of their vehicles comets in our System and supernovae in distant galaxies is no Nibiru't see it.

But I can't forget to mention about "Zeta". The plot of this unscientific fiction is as follows: an American woman named Nancy Leader said that the aliens have implanted in her brain a certain device. And it now supports them telepathic communication. These sassy inoplanetniy come from the vicinity of the star Zeta constellation Grid that is why they call them should "Xitami" or "Zeta". Of course, Nancy did not immediately come to such a life. She was engaged in self-education, including repeatedly watched the show "Star trek" and just before the pension "opened" to the broad public as a contactee. He writes books on motives told her Zeta stories, plays on TV, takes part in work of the site and still gushes predictions.

So, according to her "planet X" broke into the Solar System unseen side of the constellation Orion. In may 2003, she gets closer to Earth and ... However, this deadline has passed and nothing happened.

And as our Nancy broadcast! Then still had to be bright comet, so contactera said that all this crap and distraction by the authorities of the peoples of the Earth from the coming doom. Things calmly died. Up, up "themselves kill your Pets, so it doesn't suffer!" - offered to listeners Nancy. The nightmarish horror!
Non-existent Zeta, however, as if they did not understand that then in 2003 had happened, and where it ' planet X" he go? Why she is not destroyed and even the eye nobody seemed? More precisely, did not understand Nancy that his visions, obviously, takes for reality.

"What is it?" she decided - "has Not arrived in 2003, will arrive later!"
As if the planet was a train that may be late, And, for nine years. A new period of destruction of the Earth was appointed for December 2012, because at that time had "finish" of the Mayan calendar. But the years pass quickly, money earned little, so and the new term is already in doubt.

Allow you to enter in the course of the current status of Land under the version of the all-knowing Zeta. "Planet X" is a short distance from the Sun and every day is approaching the Earth, to accomplish their dirty work: to turn the Earth, and cause a shift in its geographical poles. The earth has been a long-drawn around the Sun, as has got in some kind of "magnetic trap" "Planety". And she twitches in this trap, constantly changing the tilt of its axis. That is why the Moon is visible all the time in unexpected places, and sometimes not visible at all!
I have raised questions to neirologa on the above points:

Question: "why "Planet X" are still not visible?"
A: ""planet X" reflects sunlight in the other direction, not towards the Earth, and therefore it is not visible".

What a magical way the planet can reflect the sun's rays "on the other side" me explain has refused. However, it appeared that the sought planet can be seen and even photographed. "But only at sunset!" - the Zetas explain. Where the planet knows that somewhere on the Earth sunset and in the country you can receive in the sky around the Sun, it's a mystery that will not open. Of course, pictures and video filled the Internet is not a planet, but just glare on the lenses of low-quality optics. Sfotkati in the dark lantern and also will see about it a little Nibiru. And besides, if it was a planet, it would have been observed in the sickle, how often seen Venus or other phases, like the Moon, for example. No, she always tidy and the same color and color as the sun. Crap, in General, in my educated opinion.
And another question I asked witnesses Nibiru.

Question: "If, as you say, the Earth since 2003, the year goes around the Sun, why the stars are still changing, as it always has been: in the winter in the South, are seen the winter constellations, and in summer the summer?
Answer: .......
No response was heard, instead of answering me removed from the site. Of course, what will you answer? Knowledge vicissitudes Star trek" is no substitute for knowledge of basic astronomy. So with the "stop the Earth" in its orbit Zeta obviously got excited.

Question: "If the Earth is changing the orientation of its axis, then why is perfectly visible at night, that North star is still on the North and on the same height as before?
Why, if the Moon "galloping", a narrow strip of observation predicted solar eclipses are still taking place precisely in the predicted areas?

Why stationary communication satellites through which go transmission of world television, are not always go in this case, from a narrow directional diagram receiving antennas on the Earth?
Why still works GPS system?
Why not raise the noise of hundreds of thousands of Amateur astronomers around the world?

Of course, none of liars, posing as aliens, do not answer these questions. I will answer:

"Because nothing is described Nancy Leader does not occur. She's just a liar or suffering from mental disorders".
But there is a perfectly normal people who do business on fooling you, girls and boys. Please understand that truth is never two. "Planet X" either has it or not. Choose who you are. Trusting cattle, proud to have joined "secret knowledge", or the person who gave them to understand the incomprehensible. Whenever you evasively say, "let's Wait and see!" you make a concession to the obscurantist who want your money and your soul.

Vladimir Podilsky.
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