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Sinister fighter goats for a long time the terror of Puerto Rican Cristiano it go to all sorts of rumors,horror stories,tales and legends.

The peasants of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico philosophically related to the periodic loss of livestock,because of disease,predators and weather from year to year regularly take your Danno in the 70-ies of the last century in the morning, the peasants began to find bloodless corpses of animals,neck which was clearly visible traces of two Zubovskaya that it Chupacabra-goat vampire,goes hunting of forest Jaroslav overshadowed the sign of the cross and firmly locked the door after sundown.

Victims of vampires became chickens,dogs,rabbits,but most still no luck goats.
What is happening interested in media,the more that this time someone was able to see the mysterious creature that attacked during the on scotuswiki the story first pages of Newspapers and soon the whole world learned about the animals-the vampires.
In the 1990-ies of the Chupacabra was seen first in Latin America,then in some areas of the United States,home to many Latin Americans,later in Russia and some Asian countries.

Descriptions of eyewitnesses quite protivorechivyj basically,we are talking about a dark gray or bluish of reptile zivotnata-Chupacabra resembles a kangaroo or a dog,running on the rear lapook a rule,this creature rising from 1 to 1.2 m,he's got big eyes and a huge clickincome managed to even consider the crest on the back with thorns.
Skeptics believe that the Chupacabra is a fantasy based on stories about vampires,imported from Europe, Spanish coloristika-it says it's an unknown species of predator resulting from climate izmeneniye some other theories Chupacabra-alien creature or the result of genetic experimentadores theory is fueled by the fact that in Puerto Rico hosted several private interest of the United States.

Had a chance to meet with the creature and the famous hunter Phyllis Canyoned in Texas,in the town of the quero,she saw on the side of the still body of an animal resembling Chupacabra studies revealed that it's only the dog mutant.
Scientific evidence of goat vampire not.
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