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Конец света и проклятие хрустального черепаLegends Maya says: to save the world from the Apocalypse, it is necessary to gather together 13 "skulls of the gods", carved someone in ancient times, rock crystal

But recently, one of them was broken. Are we wasted away?

Jaw broke

All, dear friends, horrible. Since the end of it, appointed by the Indians on December 21, 2012, seems inevitable. Because of careless people broke one of the crystal skulls, and with him is the last hope for the salvation of mankind. Skull size 17,h cm and weighing 12 kg belonged 1000 years ago ancient Indian tribe.

Bold cross on the future of our civilization has set had never seen in the attempts to destroy the world employee German laboratory in Glauchau. Photographing the artifact, he accidentally dropped. In the end, crystal skull lost a large chunk of the lower jaw.

The fact that the skull was just 13-th under the account the collection of Maya priests. According to their legends, that's the number of copies you want to collect in one place, to prevent the impending end of the world. Only a complete set possessed magical powers. But according to another legend, "Baker's dozen" of skulls gave unlimited power over the world. No wonder they were called skulls of the gods.

- In miracles associated with the crystal skulls, believed even Nazi bosses, - once said to me, candidate of technical Sciences, cybernetic and part-time specialist on anomalous phenomena Vitaly Pravdivtsev. In 1943 in Brazil after the attempted robbery of a Museum were detained by agents of the German secret organization "Ahnenerbe", created for studying the occult Sciences. During interrogations, the thieves showed that sailed to South America secretly on a yacht, to find and to "remove" the crystal skull.

And the current - crashed - instance in 1939 was taken by the Germans from Tibet. And assigned by the Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler. After the war rarity seized a British soldier, who was present at the arrest of Himmler. Now the skull - owned by German historian Thomas Ritter, who says he found the skull in 2011 accidentally in Bavaria in the attic of the former informant Himmler.

Find Ritter became the tenth artifact belonging to private collectors. Three skulls on display in Washington's National Museum of natural history Smithsonian institution, the Museum of primitive art and in the British Museum. They imitate a human skull in natural size and allegedly extracted in the jungles of Guatemala Antiques-by Eugene Boban - archaeological adviser to the Mexican Emperor Maximilian.

A ray of light in the sockets

13th skull in his time was pretty surprised scientists. That's the conclusion of a specialist for examination quartz engineer Lewis Bar: "We found out that the skull carved out of a single piece of crystal together with the lower jaw. Rhinestone has high hardness (second only to the Topaz, corundum, and diamond), its nothing, except diamond cutting is impossible. But the ancient somehow managed to handle it.

When such material hardness is more than mysterious, and here's why: when you click on the crystal head cutter, due to the tension of the crystal can split. Therefore, it cannot be cut, it'll break up. But someone made the skull of a single piece of crystal so gently, as if never touched him during the cutting process. We also found a kind of prism, carved in the back of the skull, so the beam of light entering the eye, is reflected in them."

And those light eyes, according to some eyewitnesses have strange destructive power. For example, from the light of the eye sockets can also be broken hard drives of your computer.

The skull is credited with still a strong influence on people who are nearby. Until their immersing in a hypnotic trance.

- I watched what effect does skull on sensitive people, " said one of the researchers artifacts, art historian and restorer Frank Dorland. - Some quickens the pulse, someone is thirsty, someone feels different smells. And some fell asleep, and dreamed them stories... of Indian life thousands of years ago.

It is a coincidence or another program laid down in the skull in the manufacture?

And yet, how dangerous can be considered a failure of the 13th of hrustalnoe skull? The owner of the damaged relics offers not believe in the legend. But from mystics not depart.

- Broken away jaw will not cause the wrath of the gods, and to fear the end of the world is not worth it - soothes Ritter.

However, the soul troubled. Too much bad matches appears as you approach the unfortunate end of the world...

But we won't escalate. The thing here is, I think, is that people just tend to write off whatever happens on the sign - natural, something bad. And then well, you know, somehow get bored!

The same, thirteenth, artifact: the photographer was, waved his hand, skull fell and broke...
The same, thirteenth, artifact: the photographer was, waved his hand, skull fell and broke...


Chairman of UFO Commission of the Russian geographical society Mikhail GERSTEIN: "the Crystal skull - not ancient relics!"

One of the skulls that are stored in the British Museum, was twice examined by scientists from the universities of Cardiff and Kingston. Artifact studied using electron microscopy and x-ray spectroscopy. The conclusion is disheartening: skull turned with a jeweler's tools of the late XIX century. And its surface was treated with rotating around with diamond and corundum crumbs. Therefore, the label under the skull now reads: "the End of the XIX century A.D.".

Another crystal skull from a Paris Quai Branly studied in 2007 the specialists of the Center for research and restoration of the museums of France. Scientists have proven that this surface rock crystal processed by no means the ancient instruments. If in a microscope, you can see that the skull had also turned in the XIX century.

In may 2008, the Journal of Archaeological Science published research results of the third cranial stored in the Smithsonian Institute (USA). He was sent in 1992 by an anonymous donor, who wrote: "Aztec skull from the collection of Porfirio Diaz was purchased in Mexico in 1960". Most likely it was. Only the skull did not Aztecs. The researchers found on the surface traces of carborundum - synthetic abrasive material, opened in 1892.


The skulls of these, even if "fake" - all the same things real. And scientists do not cease to be surprised. So, Professor Jan Preston who participated in the studies of artifacts, said: "This is a fantastic items, even if they have been made in the XIX century". And expert-mineralogist Sam Bowen of the Mineralogical society of the USA is puzzled: "This unimaginable things simply should not exist in the world!"

And since the age of crystal cannot be determined exactly, doubts about the authenticity of skulls will remain until the end of time.

That is, until 21 December.

P.S. Yes kidding, I'm kidding! No end of the world on December 21, of course, will not. On the yard - XXI century, modern educated person knows that the Apocalypse will occur in 2018. This is the term took us Nostradamus. Still serious scientist from Europe. Not that half-naked savages, what people ate - well, unless they can be trusted?!

P.P.S. If anything, it was a joke, friends!

Svetlana Kuzina
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