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Долина обезглавленных людейValley of Nahanni Northwest territories of Canada is considered to be one of the last unexplored places on Earth. While North of the 60th parallel, it can be reached only by air, water, or long Hiking trip from the village Tungsten. As a result, a large part of this area remains unexplored, although it was declared a national Park in 1976, and the Area a world heritage site in 1978)

Local tribes tell stories about the unknown evil living in "the 200-mile gorge", and try to avoid that place. Local oral history also tells about who lived in the mountains of the tribe, known as Naha. Local people Den always been a fear of people Naha, because they often come down from the mountains and looted nearby villages. These stories ended with the sudden and mysterious disappearance of the tribe of Naha. No trace of this tribe was never found.

Macabre nickname, entrenched in "200-mile gorge" - "Valley beheaded people." This name owes its existence series of unexplained incidents that occurred in the Gorge during the Gold rush in the early 20th century. Two brothers, Willie and Frank Macleod checks went on a trip in 1906, in an attempt to get to the Klondike through the valley of Nahanni. Over the next two years they had heard nothing. Rumor had it that they found a huge mine of gold, but despite this, no one made any attempt to find them.

In 1908 another expedition prospectors discovered two bodies, later identified as brothers Macleod checks. Both were beheaded. This incident, most likely, would be marked as another terrible story from the North, if they were the only headless bodies found here. In 1917 the body Swiss miner Martin Jorgenson was found near his burned down the hut. Beheaded. In 1945, the body of a miner from Ontario, whose name seems lost to history, was found in his sleeping bag, without a head. Trapper John O Brian was found frozen to death near his fire with matches, still holding in his hand.

There are many theories as to what happened to these and other people (there are reports of more than forty people who " disappeared " in the area). Some attribute these attacks grizzly bears, some competing miners, other local tribes. Some claim that this is an area naturally heated hot springs, and is almost tropical Paradise - Shangri-La, if you will, with the bottom of the valley, dotted with gold nuggets. These theories often talk about the valley, as a Paradise for Sasquatches (canadian name for "snow man"; approx. mixstuff.ru Some even pronounce the valley of the entrance into "the Emptiness of the Earth." My personal view is somewhere in the middle between them all.

I believe that the local tribe Naha opened a secluded valley, and settled here. Theoretically, the food must have been missed if the valley really is such a natural Paradise, as it appears in some reports. These people subsequently, most likely, became extremely geographically to treat their land, and killed all the uninvited visitors. And decapitation is just an echo of ancient tribal traditions, designed to instill fear into their opponents.
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