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Когда Антарктида открыла лицо?Some of these cards Sixth continent shows a partially free of ice, and on the other - completely free. This game creators claim that during their preparation was guided by the even more ancient samples. To define the contours of hidden beneath the ice of the coastline and the surface of Antarctica was only in the mid-twentieth century with the help of special equipment. And what? Similarly portrayed the outlines of the continent and its relief medieval cartographers! According to scientists, partially ice-free Antarctica was about 6,000 years ago, and completely free - nearly 15,000 years ago.

Who was engaged in geodesy and cartography in those days, when on Earth, according to modern views, there was no civilized society?

Hypothesis Italian Admiral

In 1974 in Italy published a book "Civilization under the ice" retired Admiral Flavio Barbieri. On the basis of the analysis of archaeological finds of ancient documents, stories, myths, traditions of ancient peoples, as well as their scientific and technical knowledge, the author came to the paradoxical conclusions.
He believes that all agricultural civilizations emerged almost simultaneously in different parts of the globe: in Central and South America, in Mesopotamia, Central Africa, East China, South-East Asia. And this despite the fact that no contact between the regions in those days was not. The conclusion is that in the distant past there existed a certain supercivilization, which was the source of all subsequent civilizations on Earth.

Where and when such supercivilization could occur?

The Earth's climate during the Pleistocene

It is known that in the period from 50 to 12 thousand years ago the ice with the thickness of up to three kilometers covered the North-East of North America until the middle of the Great plains in the West and to the latitude of new York city in the South. And in Northern Europe solid ice cover reached the latitude of London and Berlin. When the sea level was lower than at present more than 100 meters.

It is believed that such a distribution of ice masses was the result of a General cooling on Earth. In Geology, this period is called the Pleistocene. Then the whole territory of Siberia, up to the coast of the Arctic ocean and Alaska, was free of ice, and many lived a variety of animals - mammoths, reindeer, woolly rhinoceroses, cave bears, and many others. Therefore, climate of Siberia was quite mild.

In the same period in the southern hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand were piled up glaciers, but in large parts of Antarctica, adjacent to the Atlantic coast, the ice is absent, and the climate in this part of the continent was moderate. To explain the above, it can only that in this case the Earth's axis was tilted less than now, and the geographical North pole took a different position.

The first inhabitants of South America

When such a "dislocation" sustainable air flow - trade winds is blowing in the southern hemisphere in the direction of South America. With this would occur ocean currents, which from the South-Eastern coast of Asia went through the Indian ocean, washed South Africa, reached South America, came to the Drake passage between Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic and went farther along its Western coast, lost in the Pacific ocean. During rushed to the side of Antarctica. Was a sin not to use it. The peoples of the Paleolithic period which inhabited the Indonesian region, already 50 thousand years ago could make at least a primitive boats. In the same era occurred settlement nearby Australia. Research of the ancient human skulls age of not less than 12 thousand years old, found in South America, showed that the first inhabitants of this region belonged to the same ethnic group as the Australian aborigines.
These findings refute the classical concept of colonization of the American continent through Beringia - the area of land that periodically arose in ancient times on the Bering Strait between Chukotka and Alaska.

Buried under the ice, carried out in the sea

During those 40 thousand years that have passed since the construction of the first Paleolithic tools of navigation and before the end of the Pleistocene, groups of people from Asian and South American coasts, and from South India and South Africa, could appear near the shores of Antarctica. This happened if they fall in the already mentioned Equatorial current.

Once in rather favorable climate, they started growing crops, seeds which had brought with him. Following this, have created new tools and new types of dwellings were made first steps on the way of technical civilization. And when the people of Antarctica learned to build large seagoing vessels, capable to resist to the ocean, began a voyage to the shores of other lands. It is very likely that the result of such trips was the creation of coastal colonies, at least in South America. From these settlements could be retained some traces, but the thing is that the sea level was lower than at present about 130 meters, so look for these signs need at a great depth. As for the settlements and cities that existed at the Antarctic continent, all of them buried under ice cover and carried away into the sea, because since the late Pleistocene glaciation gradually covered the whole of Antarctica. The reason was a global catastrophe.

The asteroid has deployed the Earth

About 12,500 years ago, fell on the Earth large asteroid or comet), which changed the position of the geographic poles of the planet. This is confirmed, in particular, the findings in the North of Siberia corpses frozen mammoths, in the stomachs of which have survived undigested food. So they died almost instantly due to a sudden and sharp cooling. Well, permafrost came to the earth gradually over thousands of years.

According to Alexander Tolman from the University of Vienna and the Victor the Club from Oxford University, cataclysm happened between 10 000 and 9600 years BC, when the Earth was hit by shrapnel huge comet.
In Antarctica, occupying a Central position in the earth's oceanic mass, the sea level had to increase so that all the city was under water. If any of the residents remained alive, he was killed during a snowfall, which lasted for several months in a row.

This is Atlantis?

Be saved, only those who were at that time in the sea. Some of the explorers reached the coasts of South America, Africa and Asia. Here they mingled with the survivors after the Holocaust local residents, having begun the formation of various Nations, nationalities and tribes. They taught local residents agriculture, what are cultivated for their lost homeland.

So a global catastrophe and it called "the flood" contributed to the spread of the civilization, which was originally developed at the Sixth continent. At the same time laid the Foundation for further progress of mankind in different parts of the globe.

Pundits still can't distinctly explain why the step pyramid of the Egyptian Pharaoh Djoser, who ruled in the XXVIII century BC, was like a stepped pyramid (ziggurats), built by the Sumerians around in the same period in Ancient Mesopotamia. And why the pyramid of the Aztecs and the Incas - the creators of the first civilizations in the history of the American continent are stylized copies of the above-mentioned structures?

Apparently, this fact, together with the mysterious ancient maps of Antarctica, myths and legends of the great flood, gods-mentors of mankind, can serve as a powerful argument in favor of the hypothesis Flavio Barbieri. Its legitimacy is confirmed by the fact that almost 20 years after Barbieri, in 1995, very similar ideas were expressed by the American researcher Graham Hancock in the book "signs of the gods" and a couple of canadian scientists - Rand and rose Flem-ATC - in the book "the End of Atlantis".
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