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Антарктическая "База-211" - Фабрика летающих тарелокIn late 1946 Admiral Richard Ebert, experienced polar Explorer, was tasked to lead a research expedition to Antarctica, codenamed "High jump".

The last expedition Richard Byrd.

The task of the American expedition were to study part of the ice continent, bearing the name of the Queen Maud Land, or a New Swabia. Equipped true, it was strange for peaceful expedition. To the shores of the ice continent went carrier, 13 ships of various types, 25 aircraft and helicopters. The expedition consisted of only 25 researchers, but he had 4100 Marines, soldiers and officers! Soon American Newspapers have reported that the real aim of the expedition was searching secret "Base-211"from the Nazis.

The creation of a database on the icy continent leaders of the Third Reich started back in 1938. First, to the shores of Antarctica was directed research ship. Were on it hydroplane photographed almost a quarter of the continent and thrown on the ice metal banners with swastikas. Germany declared himself the owner of the huge territory, called the New Swabia.

Then to the shores of Antarctica secretly went submarines with sea wolves Admiral Karl denitza. After the Second world war were found documents indicating that the researchers found in the New Swabia system of interconnected caves with warm air. Reporting on the results of the expedition, Doenitz said, "My divers have found a real Paradise on earth". And in 1943 from his lips sounded another unknown to many, the phrase: "the German submarine fleet prides itself on the other side of the world created for the Fuhrer impregnable fortress".

To the underground city in Antarctica could exist during the Second world war, the German Navy has undertaken unprecedented measures. Any ship that appeared in the area of ocean that bathes the Queen Maud Land, immediately go to the bottom.

From 1939 began a systematic exploration of New Swabia and the construction of the Nazi secret base under the code name "Base-211".

Every three months in Antarctica did flights research vessel Schwabenland. For several years in Antarctica was crossing of mining equipment and other equipment, including railway, trucks and huge cutters for tunneling. To supply the "Base-211" was used 35 largest submarine, which took the weapons and adapted for delivery. Besides, according to the American Colonel Wyndela Stevens, who worked at the end of the war in the intelligence, the Germans built eight large cargo submarines. All of them were launched and were only used for cargo delivery to the secret "Base-211".

By the end of the war the Germans had nine research enterprises that experienced the projects "flying disc". According to Colonel Vitaly Shelepova, attracting a large material about the history of the Germans of Antarctica, during the Second world war, at least one such company transported to Antarctica, and it was organized in aircraft production. Using submarines to the southern continent was forwarded to the quality of the labour force thousands of concentration camp prisoners, eminent scientists with families, and members of the Hitler youth - the future gene pool "pure" races.

Isolated from the world underground city Nazi scientists conducted research on creation of Superman, which was to dominate the world, and improvement of weapons that would conquer the Land. Such weapons were discrete. In some foreign Newspapers at the end of XX century the article that says that the German researchers Tibet have managed to find the repository of ancient knowledge. Findings were used to develop and create at the end of the Second world war principally new aircraft in the form of huge disallow capable of reaching a speed of 700 kilometers per hour and fly around the globe.

Now back to the expedition of Admiral Byrd. In the first month of work of American planes made about 49 thousand photos of the ice continent in the area of the Queen Maud Land. The question arose about his detailed study of the ground crews. And suddenly something inexplicable happened. on March 3, 1947 just begun investigation had collapsed, and the ships quickly headed home.

A year later, in may 1948, in European journal of Brisant" appeared a sensational article. It turns out that the expedition's work was interrupted due to the hard resistance of the enemy". During the clashes were lost one ship, four warplanes, killed dozens of people. Nine more planes had to leave as unusable. The article were published memoirs of the members of the crews of combat aircraft. The pilots told about the incredible things: about the coming up out of the water and attacking them "flying discs", about the strange atmospheric phenomena that caused mental disorders...

Printed an article about the collision of an American aircraft unknown "flying discs" was so incredible that most readers felt his regular newspaper canard. It took several decades, and with the ice continent began to receive reports that disc-shaped UFO appear here several times more often than in other areas.

The best known case occurred in 1976. Japanese researchers simultaneously spotted on radar 19 round objects from space "fell" on Antarctica and immediately disappeared from the screens.

In 2001 a solid American journal Weekly World News reported that Norwegian scientists have discovered in the depths of the Antarctic continent, at a distance of okolo kilometers from mount Mouth McClintock, a mysterious tower! The construction height of about 28 meters. Built the tower of hundreds of ice blocks and reminds that according to scientists, watch tower of a medieval castle. Given the predilection of the Nazis to the medieval symbolism, one is tempted by the idea that had dug the SS, who considered themselves the heirs of the German knightly orders.

Not so long ago, the hypothesis that the secret "Base-211" continues to function, has received another confirmation. In one of UFO newspaper published an article by Olga Boarini about the strange incident that happened in Antarctica in March 2004. Canadian pilots found on ice remains of some aircraft and photographed them. In pictures visible wide crater in the center of which was damaged diskret. For detailed study in the area of his fall sent a special expedition, but she never found discrete or its wreckage.

And now the most interesting. Two weeks to the editor Toronto Tribune, which published a photograph of the aircraft, came 85-year-old lance Bailey. He told reporters that he was Russian, and his real name is Leonid White. During the war he was a prisoner of concentration camp inmates, who worked on secret military aircraft factory in the settlement peenem?nde.
- I'm in shock, " said lance Bailey as amended. - For a photo in the newspaper one-to-one shows a device, which I saw with my own eyes 60 years ago... In September 1943, on the concrete site near one of the hangars four workers has rolled out a round object with a transparent cubicle in the centre. He was like an upside down bowl on small rubber wheels. This "man" has issued a hissing sound, broke away from a concrete platform and hung at the height of several meters.

If the message in the Canada Gazette no ordinary "fake", it turns out that in Antarctica still existed German secret "Base-211", and it did discrete. And the fact of failure of one of these aircraft and the clarity with which was held its evacuation literally from under the nose of Canadians, indicate that a secret underground base and continues to function successfully.
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