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Зачем любить врагов и подставлять другую щеку"You have heard that it was said, ' love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you" (Matthew 5:43-44).
Not only Jesus called us to love our enemies. Buddhists say that the best teachers of man is his enemies, and Lao Tzu taught that "there is no affliction worse than to hate the enemy".

Why to love our enemies?

Why there are enemies of man? Who is the enemy?
First, the people themselves are the reason that an enemy appeared. Each person in some degree responsible for evil exists in the world. It can be noticed both in history and in people's relationship. There are people who have a lot of enemies, there are people who, it seems, in principle, can not be enemies. Everyone from time to time becomes a party to the conflict, competition, then some other hostility on the part of others. But some conflicts successfully resolved, if the conflict is solved on the basis of reason, and enemies are no longer enemies. And some enemies - not for life enemies. No enemy does not appear "at the empty place", without proper reasons. It means that the person himself guilty, that he had an enemy. If so, then if the enemy to get rid of, there will be another. And it is wrong to say that "there is no man - no problem".
Berdyaev says that the cause of the war is in the people. "The war is not a source of evil, but only a reflex for evil, the sign of the existence of intrinsic evil and disease. Such is the nature of every material of violence - it is always secondary, not primary" (Berdyaev, "the Fate of Russia"). "The war only reveal the evil, she throws him out. External fact of physical abuse and physical murder cannot be regarded as independent evil, as the source of evil" (Berdyaev, ibid.).

Secondly, everything in nature is interconnected, and our hatred in response to someone's hatred only increase hatred. And evil for evil - only increases it. Evil is impossible to defeat evil. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and violence multiplies violence, multiplying the process of destruction. A very great mistake, because of which the world had a lot of evil, is that if you can do evil with impunity.
Hegel ' Philosophy of religion", said "the innocent suffering does not happen, the suffering there is always at fault.” And people that seem innocent victims, still feel his guilt, and behave accordingly. No one would be free from errors. Healers say that the man, who had been the victim of some crime, on the subtle plane is a robber. Because he is their negativity has attracted the criminal. Usually what we do in this life, then the following will do with him.

Third, why is it better to love our enemies?
To love one's enemies is not the same as to love; for example, children or parents. To love one's enemies is not to explain them in love and not feel hatred, realizing that they themselves are guilty in what they appeared. The reason for the negative attitude of other people toward us - negative in us, which is better to get rid of, to refuse, to this negativity is not caused new problems or diseases.
"The theme of evil - main theme of life. Ruthless and evil against evil and evil may lead to new evil, and often judged. Merciless destruction of evil and revenge evil gives birth to all new and new evil. A person gets into a tight circle. Linked to this is the Evangelical theme about the attitude of enemies, it is another expression of the attitude to the evil". Next Berdyaev writes that the Creator should not eliminate the evil act of force. The way to a better life is through the development, the main thing is the rejection of evil, selfishness, hatred.
Psychiatrists believe that hate is the cause of many of our diseases and negative conditions. More see healers who say they hate destroys our health, personality and destiny, and love, no hatred, anger, irritation, positively influences our health and condition, and what to learn to love is to learn to be healthy.
Humanity in circles on one level, where hatred gives birth to new hatred, war give rise to new wars, and this happens for many thousands of years. And be it to go smoothly until, until it turns to the mind. If hatred to respond with hatred, it is multiplied, and then the enemies will be more. And only the mind that comes from love, helps to smooth out conflicts, to reconcile enemies, to prevent war, to avoid other stubs, in which homosapiens drove himself. The lack of understanding, and love has led humanity to the impasse in which it is now.
When Jesus called "love your enemies", and Lao Tzu, when made the same call, and Buddhists have said that better all issues, referring to the mind, mutual respect, refusing hatred. Man has two natures - the lower, animal, and higher, spiritual. And hate just comes from his animal nature, and love, understanding, desire to settle the conflict comes from his spiritual nature. And to refrain from hate and to love means to rise above my lower nature, to go in the direction of implementation itself.
To love one's enemies is not to return evil for evil. Better for everyone to be in the mind and decide matters on the basis of reason. If everyone tried to do so, long story went the other way, and there would be none of the enemies.

And it is clear why it is better to turn the other cheek. "And I say unto you, resist not evil. But whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other" (Matthew 5:38-39). Do not answer evil for evil, not multiply evils in human society has always lacked.

Many cannot accept the Teaching of Jesus Christ from the fact that they do not realize it. What does it mean to turn the other cheek? Situations that occur to the person not only occur "why", and "what". If the chief causes "on the carpet", or of the house of the husband, or wife begin to read, then, first of all, there is something, and we, knowing that there's a reason not to indulge in feelings, not resenting and condemning, become the above situation, to reveal the mind, tolerance to people and to the situation and to find a reasonable way out.

There are different levels of development and, accordingly, the different levels of understanding. Berdyaev, "the destiny of man", says "to turn the other cheek the offender can only be in the order of grace, as a spiritual feat, and enlightenment, as finding greater power than that which is found in the physical violence against the offender, in the duel". Not to respond to the insult can coward, but at a higher level not respond insult for insult is a spiritual feat - as understanding that if a person is insulted, it's his own fault and correct, reasonable action has not recompense evil for evil, and evil is reduced, a reasonable solution to the conflict.

To stop the bastard, to stand up for themselves and others, to restore justice - was always considered the valour and heroism, and always inspired respect. This is a higher level than, for example, with cowardice or indifference. But even higher step is, as Jesus taught to love our enemies. The desire "not to mess" is not a higher level, because it is contempt. Enemies believe those people who bring trouble and problems. But the problems people appear as a sign of their imperfections, and the problem points to this departure. Love for the enemy is expressed at higher levels of human development.
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