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Легенды о происхождении человека из глиныIn the old Testament says that man was created by God out of the dust (Gen. 2:7). However, some theologians interpret "dust", as the clay. In the Qur'an (Sura 32, verses 6-7) also refers to the clay, and commonly occurs more often instead of a dust. Modern analyses, in turn, noted the presence in clay mass important for living things.

In many Nations there are legends about the creation of mankind from natural materials. The Macedonians gods manually fashioned people, trying to preserve the quality, so that people are not offended. Later, however, the gods decided to speed up the process and to use the form for sculpting. And that affected the quality of one person out of a curve, the second blind, the third had problems with character. According to the Macedonian mythology, good people were made with hands, and bad - in forms.

A similar tale was and the Sumerians. Only they have the gods of Ninmah and Enki began to drive marriage once was glad first people said and got drunk.

In General, the legend of gods-founders of the person having Potter inclined, there are many peoples from Ancient Egypt to the African Nations and the North American Indians. The most famous myth about the clay people, in turn, is Hebrew, described in the old Testament. Linguists even note that in the Hebrew language the word "earth" and "people" have a similar origin.

Interesting properties of simple clay

The great Russian scientist Century Vernadsky in the beginning of the last century, the study of clay found a number of interesting facts that can be interpreted in favor of ancient legends. As it turned out, clay contains all of the same micro - and macro-elements that are present in the human body. Moreover, their proportions are not so different from man's.

Recently, a group of scientists from the United States went further and found in clay a number of basic elements that make up living organisms. Most were found elements of cell membranes.
Geological science distinguishes between four dozen types of clay. They differ in chemical composition (it directly affects the healing properties), structure and color, which, for the most part, and gives the names of varieties: white, yellow, red, black, etc.

For medical purposes clay can be used thanks to its clearly expressed abilities to the ion exchange: clay can "put" in the cells of the necessary materials and to adsorb unnecessary. Thus clay can improve the mineral composition of the body and affect the metabolism.

Part of life

The curative properties of clay are used by people not the first century. Mention of the treatment of clay found Pliny the elder. Also famous recipe "Mask Cleopatra" instructs to mix white clay, honey and lemon juice in equal proportions. All cosmetic masks on the basis of clay used anti-inflammatory and stimulating regeneration properties of rocks.

Another important property of clay - absorption from the skin of the products of metabolism is caused by its unique crystalline structure. It also helps to "share" with skin with microelements.

Zoologists have noticed that many species of wild animals and birds eat the clay for the production of mineral substances or for treatment. People also eat the clay, but not as self-medication, and as a neutral filler used in tablets.

This is the "short list" of useful properties of ordinary clay. There is a hypothesis that the first appearance of organic molecules in the primeval soup" catalyze exactly clay. So maybe life on our planet came not only from the water, but out of clay.
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