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ЛЮДИ ПРЕДОТВРАТЯТ АПОКАЛИПСИСPeople asked the representative of the creatures (they want to become and call themselves "race", but we are here and we will call them NAUDU)living on the Earth along with the races of people. The reason was the fact that a part of MANKIND, he is not satisfied with what is happening on the planet due to the activities of another part of the MONSTERS.

Today's activities "compatriots" applied violated the balance on the planet. They went towards the absolute subordination of people to MONSTERS.

Changed planetary rhythms associated with physical and spiritual activity of the people. Today's events on the planet leading to a planetary disaster that will destroy all life, and sensible forces to restore the balance of relations, to restore the natural order of things.

To do this, the people must know who their real enemy is seeking total subordination of the human species, and of humanity as a society, to the destruction of most of the people, with full dehumanization and transformation in the food supply smaller part.

NELJUDI, we represent the people, not native to the planet. Being a stranger on Earth, it is not classified today's biological science, there is no "official" scientific doctrines, although presented in a sensitive part of the science and folklore. Representatives of the MONSTERS live about 1000 earthly years, comparable with people sizes and have some commonality in the Constitution, in comparison with People they lowered body temperature, vision shifted in the infrared region of the spectrum, "twilight" type pupil, more people are sensitive to radiation. They have the ability to mental control, limited telepathic abilities, do not have immortal essence of people and destroyed forever. Able to eat the flesh of any warm-blooded animals of the Earth, but most preferred for regeneration and assimilation of the blood of the people.

The social structure is unique among the higher forms of life of the Earth has not. In natural conditions NELJUDI inhabits evenly distributed among individuals plots-"nests", independent and with adequate resources, on the principle of a hundred, with a single center-uterus with reproductive and coordinating function. The last such a centre, which was opened access hybrid organisms and managed people, located on the island of Malta, but now this centre no.

To date, NELJUDI were divided into groups with different attitudes and methods of survival.

Some people live among the ethnic groups of the human races, practitioners of sacrifice, on a voluntary agreement with the ethnic groups, or meets the requirements of life in the environment asocial elements, dropped out of the public interest human life due to degeneration. This is their natural that meets the laws of the universe, the purpose of our foreign to them, the planet.

The other part is situated on the protected Islands, in closed and inaccessible objects, is seeking a full restructuring of the co-existence of intelligent life forms on Earth, influencing social processes of people. The programme is implemented through artificially created beings, which is a product of multi-stage mixed-blood people and MANKIND (hereinafter - BEASTS in human understanding); via individual communities and groups of people subjected hybridization; through communities and individuals, managed psycho-somatic methods.

The influence is carried out in the key structures of most countries outside - and supranational institutions of the exercise of power, spiritual, informational, scientific, financial and other centers. The direct management of the representatives of the PEOPLE shall exercise in respect of very limited "inner circle", as a rule, from among mutated with real influence on the state, out - and supra-state structures of management. Fully controlled, although not part of the "inner circle", the top executives of the leading out - and supranational financial institutions, all significant pharmaceutical, investment, media, mining companies, of all companies, built in the form of transnational networks. Members of the ruling elites of States, individual figures of culture, science - in industries that have to SUBHUMANS priority, held jointly with the representative of this SUBHUMANS "-initiation initiation" in the form of complicity in the killing and the bleeding victims, and acquiring the psychological and physiological dependence on non-humans. Representatives SUBHUMANS patronize number occult communities, traditional shamanic, African, East Asian, and other cults, practitioners kill people. In Russia, it is the "black smoke and mirrors of the South Siberia.

The SUBHUMANS no representation in the UN, continental interstate unions, military units, but important decisions are consistent.

For point force applied special services, are not subject to any of the States, and "private armies" resource-based companies.

This activity began as a programme for survival because of the impossibility of reproduction in human understanding of this word in the Earth. To date, the program goals are not achieved. Representatives of the non-humans, with a long life cycle, hardly able to play in the quantity ensuring the dominant position in the food chain of the planet. To achieve natural reproduction by creating a full-fledged breeding in terms of soil organism that possesses a fundamental functions SUBHUMANS and resources of people, failed. Hybrid creatures, in the beginning of the program gave birth in the result of long-term technological impacts and required the participation of several generations of the human race, are affected by degradation. Further offspring during the reproductive cycle needs constant medical support and donations.

Currently, the group is engaged in methods of survival through the restructuring of social structures of people taking action for the complete transformation of the system of relations existing on the Earth, the destruction of most of the people by the people, biological and technical resources, the concentration of all forms of intelligent life and activities in several compact territories-"nests" of groups "nests" infrastructure for hybrid and managed organisms with the most suitable for SUBHUMANS natural conditions. In Russia such "nests" of the three. Outside of the "nesting" plans to establish for the remaining people of the regime of slavery with complete suppression of intelligence, will, individual characteristics, national self-identification and elimination of the institution of family.

The process of redistribution of land that began a quarter-century ago by the world Bank and other major financial institutions of the world, today completed.

Running and close to implement several programmes for the destruction, suppress and perestroika. They all people known, although controlled MONSTERS informational, spiritual resources camouflage uniform picture.

At the same time and the Earth has entered a mode of self-purification, the final of which, if nothing changes, can be described by many of the Apocalypse. The MONSTERS had no time for salvation.

That's all you can say.

Last battle

The essence and the message, and all the latest events, technogenic, natural and social disasters, and events that are now suppressed, and those that will be simple. On the planet has been turned over natural order of things, and the Earth begin to self-clean.

"Yorusoi" these creatures, of course, are not and cannot be, by definition. To races, though "Ino", though not "Ino", they are not. It's just the parasites that are closest biological relatives which are fungi, exhaust the body, which settled. When the body dies, they either find next or die with him, if the following is not found. On earth they were infected mankind, our kind of stuck, like fungus, Generic tree each of us, and now it's time to clean it. Let them play in the humus, below the roots, if ever, want to exist, that is their place.

The real threat now is a transition of this SUBHUMANS, owners of " all "the Bilderberg club, to the direct form of government. When will openly declared, that to whom and where it belongs, to whom it is necessary to obey. So they have conceived. As the main enemy for bad PEOPLE, naturally, people, first of all Russians, not forgotten about his Family. Smart, rebellious, freedom-loving, capable of self-organization and active resistance of the people. People can unite and lead other Nations. The people - winner, the worst enemy of MANKIND and their slaves - CREATURES.

That's why darkness confessions, concepts, doctrines, currents, works on the destruction of Birth, the elimination of Ancestral memory. Tribal organization, which was held in memory of the Russian people that are holding the Russian nation from the spiritual subordination MONSTERS again begins to emerge. While unconscious, but people replay mode based on the values of the Family-the family of the Motherland, distinguished people of their Besrodio. This brings an end to the management of MONSTERS and CREATURES.

Now I will explain the things that cause issues.

Who are the wicked ones

First of all this lower beings, which function on Earth and in the universe - utilization of negative results highly organized immortal beings, including PEOPLE. Simply put, the waste of human society, all kinds of virodene, perverts, maniacs, which got people.

Instead, they changed the course of life on earth, taking not peculiar they have a place in human society, introduced the destructive nature of technology, polluted planet technogenic wastes, replaced the highest spiritual values of the lower. Instead of us to adjust to the existing on a planet of life, taking the natural utilizatorul, in other words - "garbage" niche, they decided to adapt themselves, making the "garbage", the entire planet. Planet reacted. This is the essence of what is happening today terrible man-caused and natural processes. Everything is interconnected. Everything has its cause.

"Hidden neighbors" is well-known people and folklore, and literature under the name of "undead", "vampire", "vampires", "vurdalaki".

The main nesting sites, the MONSTERS are located in remote and isolated from the mainland Islands, the existence of which many people do not know. The most significant "nest" is guarded by special services of powerful States and the so-called, international organizations (UN), without even knowing THAT they guard. Traditional patrimony SUBHUMANS - private objects of the so-called "healthcare"closed for public access to the territory under the control of various semi-legal and nielegalnych paramilitary structures, "insurgents", "nakarmi", a traditional community, practicing cannibalism.

They have many helpers among the people, control of which shall hybrids MONSTERS and PEOPLE - BEASTS, living mainly in large cities, where it's easy to hide the traces of their presence.

As SUBHUMANS rule the world

Because all attempts of PEOPLE to create their own immortal offspring ended on Earth failure, they have developed methods of mental control and hybrids of BEASTS, and his servants - people who have forgotten Race who have lost touch with the people and nature, which, guided created by programs that have reached the point of no return. The control is performed by means of grafting - mental and emotional substitution own thoughts CREATED-oriented, large-scale use of coding systems and Soberania - in psychology, which began large-scale initiations, probename to cannibalism - in physiology.

Humanity is affected disperses PEOPLE of very deeply, but for each person retains his individual choice.

Building parasitic nutrient chains, SUBHUMAN slaves provide control over all variety of social, political and technological activity of PEOPLE.

The system of managing people is a closed structure of the CREATED beings in key "control points" on the livelihoods of people, security agencies, "spiritual", "scientific" centres, information networks.

The system does not match "state", "the political" , legal" structures, it out - and supra-state, although patterns are kept under control. It also does not coincide with the associations of the so-called "elite" like the notorious "Bilderberg club", world clans, real and phantom structures like the Masonic orders, "societies hierophants", predictors", "the Illuminati" and so on. The bodies and persons engaged in the eyes of the people's power, in fact, either totally dependent on a real system of management of the person performing the artistic features, either as a creature. Members of the management system act out "legal field" (it is left only for MEN). The closest view of the real relations of humans and non-HUMANS giving an image from the movie "the Matrix".

Primary goal of the activities of non-humans - introduction of a new world order. The Board is not mediated, in the form of parasitic communities and clans that control the life-support system of people, and directly, through the governors of the highest circle - CREATURES. How to call this form? In the "classic"left us luisteren such forms are not described. The scenario of a new world order foresees a change of one "matrix image" - relatively speaking, "Western" to another, say, "Eurasian", which are formed in the last decade "spiritual", informational, "political" and other resources.

At the same time it is planned to drastically reduce the population; it launched a complex of measures - pandemic immunization, poisoning food and water, humanitarian disasters, local wars and disturbances," mass extermination of people initiated by paramilitary structures under the information the cover of "wars" and disasters, "cannibalising" and the final dehumanization of pharmaceutics and healthcare. The other part of the events comprehensively spiritual, mental, biochemical zatarivanie people for "unpacking" the part of the genes, which was injected to almost everyone living in centuries of assimilation, mixing, destruction, scattering of the peoples. For those who master the fundamentals of biochemistry: zatarivanie is a replacement of the normal human metabolic cycle, in which prevails cleavage reaction of glycogen to glucose and glucose-6-phosphate cycle with increased share of pentose-phosphate pathway. "Configure" physiological cycle scavenging, if we talk everyday words.

There are external signs of zatarivanie (blue and polarisavenue skin, keratinization, and so on), but the main one is doing in the field of mental and nervous systems, behavioral reactions, changing toward Tarasti behavior and higher nervous activity; psychology of individual leadership, parasitism, self-centeredness, of herding and stanesti, breeding similar etc. etc. leads roots here. On the mass cultivation of these qualities (and not only in biochemistry, as you know) and based plans ' new world order". In places real or virtual "riots", wars, murders, nurtured and corresponding "guard" of suitable persons with antisocial tendencies. Examples here, here, here, you can easily continue examples of initiation - "strange" mass killings, little or no relevant official version and explanations.

On a massive scale treatment of people held through vaccination, additives in food and water poisoning of the soil and air (widespread in our day "chemtrail" is organic, the vast majority of glucose-6-phosphate cycle).

The same zatarivanie, i.e. the activation pentose-phosphate cycle, are notorious "Herbalife" and dozens of similar dietary supplements, specific "teas" from China, many supplements index "E", etc.

Among the substances-activators "metabolism of scavenger", the most widely used in the food industry, will name two 3-Methylindole, skatole (Skatole; 3-Methyl-4,5-benzopyrrole; Beta-Methylindole, etc.) and Indole (Benzopyrrole; 1-benzazole; 1-Benzazole; 1-BenzoPyrrole; 2,3-Benzopyrrole and others). Extracted from faeces. Are the products of protein breakdown in the intestine. In the "natural" concentration smell known as, to a lesser have a creamy-milk flavor, less - flower, vanilla, Jasmine. The first of substances in addition to use as a flavoring in confectionery products, strawberry", "vanilla" and other frozen, pseudoliving "treats", yogurt and other painted children's sweets, "malikah" and spreads, coffee drinks, various kinds of food essences, etc. used in the manufacture of cigarettes, "floral" fresheners, deodorants and perfumes. The second substance, besides perfumery and food industry, used in pharmaceutical industry (indomethacin and dozens its analogues-"doubles" different brands). In addition, natural indole itself gives a unique smell Jasmine and Jasmine oil. This is actually a cult product in the teaching-treatments-practices "Ayurveda" with the world center of its distribution in the Indian Kerala and commercial networks, perfume lines, aromatherapy centers around the world.

One of the strongest factor activation "metabolism of scavenger", i.e. biochemical "zatarivanie" is a common E. coli. In the times, attributable lustrini in "the era of Genghis Khan", soldier "Satarial" drug of scorzonera with balls faeces. Today, these activities are conducted on a large scale, but not in the mythical "the ziggurats of vrencev with the Illuminati", and in the food industry and catering. Since initiated "dedicated" conscious actions of this kind , ending with the massive lack of sanitation, small trade, " institutions, canteens military units, orphanages, etc, etc. about the mass poisoning of children, soldiers, clients of various institutions with public nutrition, regular, permanent and widespread all know; this is it, the revival of pentose-phosphate cycle.

Remember the scarabs - "sacred" beetles of the Egyptian priests, who allegedly "do" it ' nation". Their balls and "do" - Satarial in "oedema"-temples.

The main method of production "raw" for large-scale zatarivanie from additives in food and water to agro-technical introduction into the soil and applications in the form "chemtrails" - was and is getting "EDINOGO biomaterial" in the "human reservoir". He practiced in all "oedema", in particular related to the Russian history "starogardzka" and "luganskom", and has not changed to this day. Kick in a certain place left in the stomach though alive, though just a deceased person, leads to the rupture of the spleen, aorta. All the blood flows into the abdominal cavity, three days fermentation produces gluten-kallikrein mixture, "ademy material". The kick is not strong enough to kill, also leads to disturbances in blood circulation and zatarivanie on the physical and energy level. In a video allegedly killed in the bombing of Libyan children allegedly killed in the earthquake getName in a clean, too late-motes clothes, and also in our morgues very often you will see a lot strangely pale (the blow was on the exhale) and pokharichauri (inhaling) phone

Well, again, the conversation turned to a deficit of glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase, call and natural antidotes metabolic shift. This is a familiar nicotinic acid, she vitamin PP, vitamin B3, Niacin, etc. Greatest quantity is contained in buckwheat, tobacco (famous mistrovska a piece of propaganda is silent about the fact that "kills the horse" is not the nicotine, and paper, combustion products pulp resins contained in it), somewhat less in eggplant, tomatoes... You can easily find in any book on nutrition and foods. Conversely, the "summariveista" garden crops - scorzonera to promote "metabolism of scavenger", especially coupled with animal fats with a high melting point - of lamb, beef, Yak and horse, in a word, everything except pork. This explains the prohibition of pork in the famous "religions" and religious books.

From birth in the human body has a physiological protection realignment towards "metabolism of scavenger", indicators, databases" samples "sommariva sticks"system "rapid response" and "clean-up". The system is in the Appendix, the tonsils, thyroid and pancreatic glands. Nothing surprising that in the Canon of medicine, formed by non-humans, ordered to remove the Appendix and tonsils in the preventive purposes and to affect the thyroid and pancreas powerful hormonal method.

With the restructuring of the metabolism is due, and another phenomenon of homosexuality. Widely practiced, by the way, and in a separate sects, and denominations (remember even undamped the scandal of the Catholic ranks-pedophiles). It is considered (and rightly so!), that sexual abuse of boys, sodomy, propaganda "bi-sexuality", the current widespread cult "middle floor" in the sphere of culture lead to the deformation of the psyche, blur-distorted morality, the destruction of spirituality. But really zatarivanie is at the level of biochemistry - impact on bioenergy active points of the rectum involves the body the same processes of substitution of glucose-6-phosphate cycle "cycle scavenging". Hence the clear meaning and sodomistic initiation of neophytes different kind of closed communities, and is widely practiced "traditions" and "rituals" humiliation, subjugation, suppression in prison, the military, the same anti-social environments.

In other words, now the planet is that in the beginning was done in places"", or "oedema". The idea of them gives the material is "On prevedumax", we give here a small quote:

What else can I add about "oedema". Each of them has "markers". They are well known, are open and available. In particular, Israeli genetics long traced the origins of heavy "unexplained medical science" hereditary pathologies, with whom they have to deal. Here is a quote from "Jewish medical encyclopedia":

"Hereditary diseases that would be characteristic of the Jews in General, but there are diseases common among certain ethnic groups of more Jews than among other such groups or among non-Jews. Centuries of isolation relatively small Jewish communities with consequent relatively frequent cases of closely related marriages contributed to the increase in the prevalence of some hereditary diseases among certain Jewish groups. Thus, among Ashkenazi immigrants from Eastern Europe, more than in any other ethnic group in the world, there are six congenital disorders of metabolism: 1) disease, Tay-Sachs (childish idiocy with amaurosis), associated with the accumulation in the nerve cells of gangliosides; the disease meets in the USA, in one case, six thousand births among Jews and five hundred thousand births among non-Jews; 2) disease, Niemann-pick, the deposition of sphingomyelin in nerve cells, leading to delayed development; 3) Gaucher disease, the deposition of cerebrosides in reticuloendothelial cells, manifested in defeat skin, spleen, bones and nervous system; the prevalence among Ashkenazi Jews 1:2500; 4) family dysautonomia (impaired coordination of movements, insensitivity to pain, diminished sense of taste and other symptoms); prevalence among Ashkenazi Jews 1:10000-20000; 5) pentosuria, harmless violation, manifested in the urine celulyzy; prevalence among Ashkenazi Jews 1: 2500-5000 , which is more than ten times higher than among non-Jews USA; 6) bloom's syndrome (increased sensitivity to sunlight, low growth, often the development of leukemia - half of all observed in the world of cases was among Ashkenazi Jews). The origin of the first four of these violations were traced back to their starting point, a small district in Poland, near Bialystok".

"The starting point is a small district in Poland, near Bialystok" - this is an indication "Eden" and the "Creator". The place is also considered "Eastern Versailles" (castles - traditional abode "creators"), is the birthplace of the international language "Esperanto", as well as the area where more often than anywhere else in the area marked "murder of Christian children"traditionally ascribed to the rites of bleeding famous confessions.

The dates of these events, which you can easily find on the mass Patriotic resources - a direct reference to the term "Creator" "Eden".

In the same "Encyclopedia" you can easily find city and country - "the original items" other "unexplained hereditary diseases" other "oedema".

There is also a common marker for all "oedema", reporting the thousands of resources in all countries of the world, using the Internet - metabolic shift in the body, leading to a deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase. Again'll use a quote from an Israeli source :

"Unlike other genetic diseases Sephardim, deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase, rasprostranennoe among the people, the disease caused by a deficiency of the enzyme, which worldwide suffer from some 500 million people, passed from mother to son. Currently there is no test to determine the media".

In other words, this genotype does not coincide with the Jewish people, which has only very high stakes, has a 500 million speakers are represented almost in all anthropological groups, Nations, races.

These "oedema" make senseless attempts to explain the presence of persons with a very recognizable traits among all existing races and peoples "migrations" from one particular "homeland"as is done in the framework of the "official" history.

Well, again, the conversation turned to a deficit of glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase, call and natural antidotes metabolic shift. This is a familiar nicotinic acid, she vitamin PP, vitamin B3, Niacin, etc. Greatest quantity is contained in buckwheat, tobacco (famous mistrovska a piece of propaganda is silent about the fact that "kills the horse" is not the nicotine, and paper, combustion products pulp resins contained in it), somewhat less in eggplant, tomatoes... You can easily find in any book on nutrition and foods.

There is an active construction of "nests" non-humans. "The Central agglomeration nests" - Altai, related "Astana-Eurasian" nesting. NAUDU promised "devoted to" the place to yourself and comfort. Familiarizing-"dedication" is through the blood and complicity. This complicity today bred and "mega-elite"and their most influential servants from among the "public people" - that is, the heads of the States, the owners of financial empires. Not everything goes according to plan members of this variegated "community". Resist and people - albeit unconsciously, and planet. In most communities there are contradictions are multiplying mental and physical pathology, and many of intermingled no longer hope for a "nest", invested in yachts and comfortable refuge outside "nesting" with Autonomous life support for many years. That is unlikely to save them - simply because it is too large a burden of their guilt before the people. From it you can't hide and will not be washed away. No one has to substitute its own way the laws of the universe.

Traces of the activity of non-humans

In addition to hidden, there is direct evidence of the extraordinary activity of non-humans, and increased frequency of rituals-"Priobsky".

These certificates are cases of mass occurrence bloodless, dismembered bodies, to which the actions of maniacs and disaster. The investigation of such cases, as a rule, is accompanied by numerous oddities, by default, the direct patronage of the investigators, destroying unwanted testimony and evidence, by their top management.

We will continue to inform about the manifestations of the activity of non-humans.

When People throw from the eyes of the created daze, they will be amazed at how much around evidence activities SUBHUMANS. And then there remains only to lose their power and build a life in human basics outlined here.

He may abide with us the power of Russian Labor!

It will be.
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