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Боги-звери - эксперимент инопланетянImages of the gods with the heads of animals and human bodies are found in different Nations. It is possible that these beings are the fruit genetic experiments aliens.

Australian sensation

Joint Australian-American expedition studying the cave drawings of primitive people, in Australia and South Africa have recently been discovered more than five thousand images of the stone age, among which there are sketches of half human-half animal: with the body of a horse and a human head or with a bull's head and a human torso. Drawings of these strange creatures made not less than 32 thousand years ago.

Anthropologist from Cambridge Christopher Chippendale and historian from Sydney Paul Tacon studying ancient petroglyphs, came to the firm conclusion that primitive artists painted mysterious creatures "from nature"that is depicted what he saw with his own eyes. It is noteworthy that prehistoric Australians and Africans living on different continents, adorned their cave drawings of the same creatures. Especially, however, it is surprising that in Australia scientists have found the image of the centaurs. It is known that the horse on this isolated continent was never found. How did the Australian aborigines to draw a horse with a human torso, unknown.

One could assume that in ancient times on our planet hybrids of humans and animals really existed. And is not excluded, ufologists believe that these mysterious creatures is the result of genetic experiments aliens.


Created in the "test tube" hybrids or at least many of them were reasonable. For example, God is The one who was depicted with the head of an IBIS or baboon, was considered by the Egyptians outstanding scientists: "He knows heaven able to count the stars, to list all that is on the earth, and measured the Earth". The son of God Krona and Hiliry centaur Chiron, trained Apollo and Artemis hunting, healing, music and pronitsatelnomu, was a teacher of the heroes of Greek mythology - Achilles, Asclepius, castor, Pollux collectively, Jason. Legends tell that people horses came to Greece from the mountains, but included excessive craving for alcohol were expelled from Greece people.

Hybrid human-animal or animals, endowed with reason, could be a kind of service personnel and to perform some business functions. In Egypt near the village of Deir El-Medina was opened camp Theban necropolis. Among them were the scribes and artists, painted the walls of tombs. The excavations revealed about 5 thousand drawings depicting scenes from the life of the Egyptians. Many of them put scientists in a deadlock.

For example, the Egyptian papyrus, kept in the British Museum, depicts jackals that stud kids. Both "shepherd" go on back paws, are behind the basket. The procession closes Jackal, playing the flute. Ahead of the entire group stands on its hind legs cat and whipping the stick geese. The picture is even depicted "chess tournament between the lion and the Gazelle: they sit in chairs before the Board; the lion grinned, as if something says, making a move, Gazelle threw up his hands" and released figure. Francois Chameleon, who was the first decoded and read Egyptian hieroglyphs, believed that the paintings - a kind of political satire. But there are no data about the existence of this literary genre ancient Egyptians.

Anubis, in the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians original God of death, the patron of the dead, as well as cemeteries, funeral rites and embalming, was usually depicted in the form of a man with the head of a Jackal. People with a dog or Jackal heads as real beings wrote Pliny, Paul Deacon, Marco Polo, Adam of Bremen. People with a dog's head there on the old Orthodox icons, in particular depicted St. Christopher.

"Mass graves"

In the beginning of 1960-ies, during the construction of roads in Crimea bulldozer pulled to the surface of the earth stone "box". The workers opened the lid of the sarcophagus: it was a human skeleton with RAM heads, and the skeleton was solid, head were a single entity with a skeleton. Road master has caused archaeologists, expedition, which worked nearby. Those, looking at bones, decided that the road was make fun of them, and immediately left. Making sure that the find is not any historical value, the workers have leveled the sarcophagus with the earth.

Archaeologists sometimes find ancient burial sites in which mixed skeletons animal and person, often in the grave there is no human head, and set the bones of the animal is not full. It is thought to be the remains of sacrificial gifts. But it is possible that this is actually hybrids, created by aliens.
Aliens apparently conducted experiments on hybridization of different animals. Doctor of biological Sciences P. Marikovskii, studying cave paintings of the stone age in the Western spurs of the Jungar Alatau on the territory of Mesopotamia, was found images of explicit mutants: mountain goats with two heads; Kozlov with long tails, like wolves; unknown animals with straight as a stick, horns; horses with humps, like a camel; horses with long horns; camels with horns; centaurs. In 1850 the famous French archaeologist Auguste, Marryat found in the area of the pyramid Sak-Kara huge arched vaults (the so-called crypt)which have kept hundreds of sarcophagus, carved from solid blocks of granite. Their size has surprised scientists: length - 3,85 m, width - 2.25 meters, height - 2.5 meters, wall thickness is 0.42 m, the thickness of the cover 0,43 m. The total weight "coffin" and the cover was about 1 ton!

Inside the sarcophagus was crushed remains of animals, mixed with viscous fluid that is similar to the tar. Having studied the fragments of bodies, Marryat came to the conclusion that the hybrids are a wide variety of animals. The ancient Egyptians believed in life after death and were convinced that a living being can be reborn only if his body is embalmed and will keep its appearance. They were afraid created by the gods creatures and to prevent the resurrection of the monsters in the new life, dismembered their bodies into small pieces, placed in coffins, poured with resin, and the top was closed with the large caps.

Mysterious cuckold

During excavations in the Gobi desert, a Belgian scientist Friedrich Meisner found a human skull with horns at First, he assumed that the horns somehow embedded in the skull, that is held their implantation. However, research pathologists revealed that this is a natural education: they were formed and grew during the life of this creature.

Several human skulls with horns, like this, were found in the burial mound in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in 1880-ies. Except bony outgrowths located approximately two inches above the eyebrows, people Who skeletons belonged, were anatomically normal, although there were seven feet tall. The bodies were buried around 1200 A.D. the Bones were sent to the Museum studies of Americans in Philadelphia.

Similar skulls were found Israeli archaeological expedition under the leadership of Professor Chaim Ramona during excavations of ruins of Subata. At the bottom of cultural layers belonging to the bronze age, archaeologists found human skeletons, skulls which crowned horns. They kept turtles so firmly that the experts could not come to a definite conclusion, grew horns naturally or were somehow "implanted". Image and reliefs people with horns are found in other regions of the world, for example, in Peru.

The experiments continue?

Perhaps the aliens are carried out genetic experiments to create humanoid, and various hybrids of humans and animals in the Middle ages. In the annals of the Mongols remained curious evidence of unusual children:

"Hagana named Sarva youngest of five sons born with hair turquoise, hands and his feet were flat; his eyes were closed "from the bottom up..."; "as Duva Sohor had one eye in the middle of the forehead, then he could see in the distance three dispersal". About the birth of different freaks reported medieval scientists: Ambroise Pare, Hugo Aldrovandi, Likopen. There is information on the birth of children with head cats, dogs, as well as with the body of a reptile.

In our days the media has provided many details about the birth of the children-freaks with gills, with cat, vertically located pupils, Cyclops with one eye in the forehead, with webbed fingers and toes, with green or blue skin. In March 2000 it was reported that in India, in one of the hospitals of the city of Pollachi (Tamil Nadu), was born "mermaid" girl with a fish tail instead of legs. She has lived a very short time, her body was transferred to one of the medical institutions for the study.

In March 2001 news Agency "Ananov" reported that in India, near the town of Propanamide, ordinary sheep was born strange calf. The unusual lamb on the body was not wool, and nose, eyes, mouth, tongue and teeth were like human, and his whole muzzle in General resembled the face of a bald man in dark sunglasses. Mutant (or hybrid?) lived only a few hours after birth.

Perhaps all these freaks - echoes held by aliens in the distant past of experiments on people. But there is another option - genetic experiments on our planet continues...

Author: V. Smirnov
Source: "Ininteresting newspaper. Incredible" №12
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