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To learn more about the planet Nibiru

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И опять Нибиру. За и противToday, more and more talk about the mysterious planet Nibiru (Nibiru). What is this planet that cannot be seen?

The fact that the discovery of new space objects often obliged to mathematical calculations, which take into account the gravity weight surrounding objects, their speed, etc. for Example Neptune was discovered by the calculations of anomalies in the trajectory of the motion of Uranus. About the same mathematical calculations revealed that there is some object that affect the movement of Neptune. This object was Pluto.

Today on circumstantial evidence scientists detect planets in other star systems.

In our solar system still remained unclear issues for astronomers. For example unexplained deviation orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and such enormous planets like Jupiter and Saturn. After spending mathematical calculations, the astronomers conclude that there is not yet discovered the planet. This hypothetical planet even gave a name - planet X.

As always in such cases, there were passionate supporters and opponents of the theory of Planet X.

The pros."

After the discovery of Pluto in 1930, the astronomers were in firm conviction that this is Pluto has a disturbing effect on the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. This confusion lasted until 1978, when it was opened a satellite of Pluto and Charon, on what basis were able to determine the true size of Pluto.

What is the true size of Pluto? Here's how this question is encyclopedic website " Cosmology and cosmogony": "In August 2006 at the world conference of the International astronomical Union in Prague, it was decided to exclude Pluto Solar system. The decision, in principle, correct. Studying the parameters of modern Pluto and its orbit, scientists came to the conclusion that this planet is more suitable for the characteristics of a giant comet. And they practically were not mistaken.

Indeed, today's Pluto is a secondary planet (or a comet-giant), formed as a result of the collapse of the planet's giant. Pluto is too far for it to effectively study of terrestrial means. Even the size of the planet has long remained a mystery. Before actually opening it was believed that the mass of Pluto is about ten times greater than the mass of the Earth. And only after 1978, when was opened Charon, the satellite of Pluto, it became possible to determine its masso characteristic Charon orbits found that the mass of Pluto is just 0,0022 from the mass of the Earth (and the diameter of one and a half times less than the moon). Would this lead to the conclusion that such mass is too small and cannot cause deviations of the orbits of Uranus and Neptune."

So, in 1978, after you determine the true size of Pluto, the official science has given a clear and definite answer: Pluto can't have a disturbing effect on the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. More than that. In 2006, Pluto was demoted and deprived of the status of the planets and the Solar system were only 8 planets (Sedna, open 14 November 2003 and widely proclaimed by the media as the Tenth planet, the planet is not, as its diameter is only three quarters of Pluto).
The question remains open: what a heavenly body causes the same perturbations of the orbits of Neptune and Uranus? In the same 1978 year in search of this mysterious celestial bodies (then it was called the Tenth planet or planet X) rushed American astronomer Robert Harrington, partner open Charon. And this is what came of it.

Vadim Ilyin wrote in the article "Sinister mystery tenth planet" (UFO,52,2001): "In 1978, Robert Harrington and Tom van Flandern, American specialists in the field of celestial mechanics from the Observatory of the U.S. Navy in Washington DC, has received compelling evidence that the orbits of Uranus and Neptune are undergoing distortions caused, probably, by the gravitational influence of an unknown celestial body. Further studies and calculations showed that mysterious celestial body must have mass, three to four times the mass of Earth. It was called planet X or the Tenth planet.

Complex computer simulations performed by Harrington and van Flandern allowed to assume that the planet X because of its gravitational effects in the past shifted to the orbits of Pluto and its satellite Charon, which before were satellites of Neptune. It is also possible that planet X is "invading the planet", which was captured by the Sun and placed in a very extended and highly inclined orbit around it with a very long period of circulation."

In 1982, NASA officially confirmed presence in the Solar system some mysterious object, far beyond the most distant planets, and suggested that it may have a mysterious Tenth planet.

A year later, in orbit around the Earth was launched infrared astronomical satellite (IRAS), which was discovered in the depths of space, a huge unknown object. The newspaper "Washington Post" in a room of 30 December 1983 placed an interview with one of the project participants US, scientists from the California-based jet propulsion Laboratory. In it, in particular, said:"a celestial body that has, perhaps as big as the planet giant Jupiter, and, perhaps, being so close to Earth that it should belong to our Solar system, was discovered in the direction of the constellation Orion by using the orbiting telescope...".

And the project Manager IRAS, Dr. Geri Neugebauer, in response to the questions of the correspondents said, "We can tell you only what we don't know what it is." In the next few years new information about the Tenth planet did a little. Scientists, however, continued to carry out mathematical modeling of its characteristics. The simulation results have confirmed that the size of the planet in 3-4 times the size of Earth, and that its orbit is tilted to the plane of the Ecliptic, i.e. the great circle of the celestial sphere, which is the apparent annual path of the Sun, by as much as 30'. It also found that the planet X must be three times farther from the Sun than is the most remote from it, the planet Pluto.

1987, NASA has made a new statement about the possibility of the existence of Planet X. In this regard, the Newsweek July 13, 1987, reported: "At a press conference convened by NASA last week in her California research center in Ames, sounded strange statement that hypothetical Tenth planet can be owned or may not belong to the Solar system. Keynote speaker John Anderson, research scientist at NASA, gave to understand that the Tenth planet probably exists only is it very far from the other nine".

The newsletter "news of science" of April 7, 2001 opens with the article "the Comet has a strange orbit. Possibly because of the existence of an unknown planet." It is reported on the suggestion of the international group of astronomers led by Professor Brett Gladman of the French Observatory in nice who study opened a year ago, a new comet 2000 CR/105. She moves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit with a period of 3300 years and with the greatest distance from the brightness of 4.5 billion kilometers.

The most rapprochement with the Sun, the comet appears in the vicinity of the planet Neptune. According to scientists, "such elongated orbit of a heavenly body usually indicates that it has the gravitational influence of another heavenly body with a large mass. Calculations show that the source of such impact is unlikely to Neptune. One could assume that the orbit of the comet formed under the influence of so far not found a planet with a mass greater than that of Mars, and remote from the Sun at a distance of about 30 billion kilometers".

Few people know the fact that in 1992 held a historic meeting between Harrington and Sitchin in the office Harrington. This meeting took place after Harrington had read the works of Sitchin and realized that the Tenth planet (planet X) his quest and the planet Nibiru ancient Sumerians is one and the same planet. Meeting with Russian Siccine only reinforced this conviction. All the puzzle pieces came together.

Harrington became clear and the so-called "Pioneer anomaly", which is briefly described in the following way: "Why ships pioneer deviate from the course? Apparatus "pioneer-10" (started in March 1972) and "pioneer-11" (started in April 1973) is the most famous predecessors. They were the first to reach the third space speed and had pioneered deep space. In both cases, scientists have noted a strange fact: ships reason was off course. The decline was small on an astronomical scale (about 386 thousand km after traveling 10 million km). And first, and the second time it was the same. Scientists find it difficult to give an explanation." Harrington became clear that the causes of abnormal deviations "Pioneers" (and later discovered deviations probe "Cassini", "Rosetta", "Galileo") the very same that causes perturbations of the orbits of Neptune and Uranus: the influence of very massive celestial body, which is the planet Nibiru.

After discussions with Siccine more intuitive probable trajectory of the planet Nibiru (Nibiru): it should be sought in the skies of the southern hemisphere below the Ecliptic plane.

The Sumerians 5,000 years ago, has called her "Flying disk" and argued that the appearance of Nibiru in the sky promises nothing but trouble.

Here are some horror stories sites: some estimates 21.12.2012, Nibiru will fly past Earth and Shine in our bright sky red star, like a second sun. Coincidence or not, but it 21.12.2012, ends the era of the Mayan calendar.

Worst thing, but come on 14 February 2013, the Earth will pass between Nibiru and the Sun. Pole move, the tilt of the planet will be changed.
Great changes in the world, a strong earthquake and a powerful tsunami will take over the world! After July 1, 2014 Nibiru no longer terrorize our world and move away from our part of the galaxy. NASA knows about Nibiru, but not to cause panic to hide the truth from the people!

Knowledgeable people from NASA, DoD - national military intelligence, SETI, and the CIA admits that 2/3 of the world population will die during the pole shift from the passage of Nibiru.

Another 2/3 of those who survive the beginning waiting famine and death within 6 months!

Here, in particular, says that "the Outer limits of the Solar system still contains a great many small, yet to discover. Planet X Nibiru is not?! Here is an excerpt of one of the articles:
"In the new theoretical modeling of two researchers have deduced that the most remote reaches of the Solar system may contain some undiscovered planet. Patrick Licata and Tadashi the flour lake from Kobe University published a paper in the Astrophysical Journal, detailing the small planet, currently located within the zone Cooper."

The arguments "AGAINST"

Here are a few statements.
Nibiru planet X, which will destroy the world in 2012 - a myth!

Russian academician N. Levashov is harshly critical of the hypothesis about Nibiru: "I wanted to be limited to one article is about the fictional planet Nibiru, but failed. A huge amount of information on this subject, sweeping the Internet lately, just incredible. In this article I will try to answer some of the arguments of the supporters of the existence of planet X. so, let's begin."

"NASA hides from us the existence of Nibiru, not to sow panic among people ahead of time! "

In addition to NASA, there is also ESA, JAXA and, oddly enough, Roscosmos, not to mention the national space agencies of China, India and other countries. They also hide?

" Nibiru, one of the most mysterious objects in space, the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere of the Earth can be observed in the form of a red dot for 15 may 2009. But by may 2011 will see her and in the North, it will grow in size. December 21, 2012 Nibiru will appear as the second on the size of the Sun. But red, the color of blood... "

Interesting, why not 14, 16 may not? On what basis is made such a precise calculation? If 15 may planet can be seen with the naked eye, then perhaps we can already see it in some of the worst of the telescope? Why, then, the silence of the national space Agency of Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and other countries in the southern hemisphere? Why the silence Amateur astronomers? Maybe they all are in the world conspiracy? Maybe bribed them all? If so, choosing a profession astronomer, can be a good idea to cash in our time of crisis.

" The American scholar and writer Alan Alford asserts that there are 300 thousand years on the planet Nibiru there is a highly developed civilization. "

Alan Alford never was a scholar. If you look up his name in the search engines, you will find only a delusional paranoid books of his authorship. Where he could learn about advanced civilization on the planet Nibiru?

" Astronaut Edgar Mitchell walked on the moon, too, says: "Aliens exist".
- I believe that outside of our planet there is a life, and I ask the government to declassify all collected in connection with this information, " he said in an interview with the journalist of "Life ".

Edgar Mitchell can say anything he wants - he is not a scholar, no one will blame you. But here Nibiru?

"Scientists suggest that the influence of " planet of the devil " will be unkind: 14 February 2013, when the Earth will be held between Nibiru and the Sun, possible global cataclysm. Magnetic poles move, and the tilt of the planet will be changed. A strong earthquake and a powerful tsunami will bring trouble many continents, and especially America. "

First, don't see no scholar, and therefore, they are not. Second, wondering again why global cataclysm will take place on 14 February 2013 - is 13th among Nibiru will not affect the Earth? Thirdly, why would suddenly started to happen global cataclysms? The moon is at the distance of 300,000 km from the Earth, but all of its gravitational influence is limited by the tides. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system - 318 times the mass of the Earth, but its gravitational influence, even at the maximum approach to the Earth more than 100 times slabie influence of the moon. So what weight should have Nibiru to significantly affect the Earth? It is also interesting why more all goes again America?

" Planet Nibiru powerful telescopes recorded for the first time in 1983. "

However, about this "fixing" there are no notes in scientific journals. If it was the discovery of a new planet, about this immediately has introduced a variety of publications, articles, many scholars have written dissertations, as it was with the opening sanatornij planetoid. But none of that.

Officially published on the website NASA:
Question Is there a planet Nibiru that will pretty much destroy earth in 2012? I watched a video about it last night and I freaked out so bad i was shaking and crying. Is our world coming to an end in 2012? If so... why cant we just blow the thing up and call it a day?
I am really sorry that these crazy Nibiru claims have upset you. I don't want to keep answering these questions about Nibiru, but let me say once more as clearly as I can, for you and the other questioners: Nibiru does not exist. NASA has never discovered or detected Nibiru or anything remotely like it. The handful of dwarf planets that astronomers have discovered beyond Neptune are on stable orbits that will never come into the inner solar system, let alone threaten Earth. Nothing will happen in 2012. Nibiru is simply a fake, a hoax, the result of a small religious cult that is unfortunately scaring lots of people with totally false stories. David Morrison
NAI Senior Scientist
January 31, 2008

Literal translation:
Is there a planet Nibiru, which will destroy the Earth in 2012? I watched the video about it last night and I was scared so much that he began to shake and cry. Will there be an end in 2012? If so... why don't we just blow up the planet and not to stop it?

I really wish that such a crazy fears upset You. I don't want to continue to answer questions about Nibiru, but let me answer this directly as I can be for you and for others asking questions: Nibiru does not exist. NASA never opened and did not Nibiru or something even remotely like it. A handful of dwarf planets that astronomers discovered the past Neptune, is in stable orbits, which will never enter the inner solar system, not to mention the threat of the Earth. Nothing will happen in 2012. Nibiru is only a fake, a fraud, the result of a small religious cult, which, unfortunately, frighten many people are completely false stories.
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