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О теории семи рас Человечества, также о великанахThe doctrine laid down in the Secret Doctrine" by Helena Blavatsky, in the second volume of "Anthropogenesis". Subtitle: Twelve Stranz from the "book of Dzyan" with comments. Quoted on the Riga edition 1991.

First on this Earth once upon a SELF-EXISTENT. What it is or who it is, we are here we will not analyse. From them, and did the First race. "The ancestors exhaled first man" (page 110). "They threw their shadows, or the astral body" (page 110). This is the beginning of human evolution. It is difficult to understand. The first mankind revealed the highest divine Beings from their own Entity. "Adam, created from the dust of the earth, whom God breathed a living Soul, looks for many, of course, more understandable than the appearance of the first people on the globe". But tighten up, and you will understand the doctrine of the races.

The first race was a "Self-born". This astral beings, each of his color and type (page 123). "Shadows of our ancestors". They did not exist on the physical, material terms. They afrobrazilian, invisible or nearly invisible to the human eye, if he then was on Earth. Therefore they could not be corrupted by a single element - neither fire, nor cold, nor water (page 175). Perhaps they then began to get the jelly form (page 192). They bred as cells divide. It was a race of giants. The growth of the body - more than 50 meters.

The second Race "emalirovka" from the First Race. The first Race created a Second Race by budding (page 168). The second Race is also "boneless", i.e. without meat and bones. But her last subrace probably more dense. "This was the Second Humanity is composed of the most diverse, giant semi-monsters - the first attempts of material nature when building human bodies" (page 176). This race may have already been destroyed and was destroyed, having had time to establish the Third Race. Lived in Hyperboreya. Due to the displacement of great waters of the planet, oceans, rivers, have changed their beds, "when this first spasm of evolution" and solidification of the Planet during the period of human. Most of the Second Race died. Such great catastrophes were four. And we can expect a fifth of the great catastrophe (page 176). A large part of Hyperborea has fallen, and in its place appeared the Arctic ocean. It was also a race of giants. The growth of the body - more than 35 meters.

The Third Race. "The second race gave birth to the third". First offspring of early cobras Third Race was also asexual, even formless. "Science teaches us that all primitive form, although asexual, has maintained the strength to undergo the process of asexual reproduction; why then the person should be excluded from this law of Nature?" Hermaphrodites reproduction does not appear immediately, but at a certain stage of the Evolution of mankind. "It is an axiom in the Secret doctrine (page 171 - 172). The first two units multiplied by egg method, in all probability, the unknown modern natural history.

First, our ancestors were being asexual, multiplied even by budding. But the offspring of the subsequent podras Third Race was the "DOUBLE" - androgynous, bisexual, androgynous. "Man became a lonely hermaphrodite", androgynous creature (page 169). And finally, people were coming apart than it is now (P. 169). But for a long time our ancestors Third Race were hermaphrodites (page 168 - 169). Hermaphrodite was Adam. This Adam-Eve. People of the Third Race (the period of hermaphrodites) appeared 18 million years ago, a few million years later, there appeared podras of men and women. They were giants, but smaller than the people of the Second Race. Had they lived on the huge continent of Lemuria. Now the greater part of Lemuria - at the bottom of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The third race was also a race of giants. The growth of Lemuria - more than 18 meters.

The Fourth Race. On change to the giants of the Lemurians, after the death of their continent of Lemuria, came Fourth Race of the Atlanteans. This too was a race of giants, although the Atlanteans were smaller than the Lemurians. Growth of 6-8 meters. They created about 5 million years ago the first great human civilization. Their continent of Atlantis - was situated on the site of the Atlantic ocean. Prosperity Atlanteans continued for several million years. Theologians consider this race as damned". They call it a race of giants, "the Cainites", "sons of ham" (page 185). This race is recognized for the first time and secular Geology, and social anthropology. About 900 thousand years ago a large part of Atlantis sank into the ocean depths. Most of this race was drowned in the terrible world" - the Second Flood. "In the Mahabharata just said about the geological cataclysm, which killed almost the entire Fourth Race, to give place to the Fifth" (page 185). The last representatives of race Atlanteans were sunk about 12 thousand years ago (page 158).

Fifth (our) Race appeared 200 thousand years ago (page 184). The center of the earth civilization was Eurasia. The growth of the people of this race is less than two meters. The main task of contemporary humanity to spend spirituality through matter, that is, through the material culture of their civilization. It has to do with the Great Teachers. The greatest of these is Krishna, Buddha and Christ, the doctrine which, cleaned of incrustations and distortions, in the same way. With the help of the Secret Doctrine Theosophists should go spiritualizing humanity and matter around.

The sixth Race, which after millions of years, will replace the current one, will not be physical, "meat-and-bone", and will be like the Third Race - uplotnenie-astral. In the eyes of scientists of the Sixth Race, studying the remains of modern humans, they will look as fossil APE to our scientists.

Seventh Race is already, as the First Race, purely astral, but unlike the irrational and unconscious people First and Second races, Sixth and Seventh race will be highly reasonable and the superconscient. In a subsequent period, the spiritualization will gradually spread to the surrounding world. And the Land, which will replace the current one, is not the physical planet. And the sun is not the physical Sun. It will be a time half divine bodabodamen and Christlike of people living by the spiritual mind. The end of earthly evolution "the secret Doctrine" sees that the people who are purely spiritual beings, will turn into gods and will merge with the Cosmic Mind. "So anthropogenesis of mankind can be called the cosmic process."

Many scientists and consider themselves scientists have tried and are trying to ridicule the theory of the seven races of mankind. Many deny the ways of reproduction of the first and second races and the first podras Lemurians. Many deny the existence of the age of hermaphrodites. But most of all fuss and pounce on approval of "the Secret Doctrine"that the first race had no physical body ("as it did not have a physical body?!") and there were already hundreds of millions of years ago, and "meat-and-bone" the Lemurians had already existed for 18 million years ago.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky knew in advance that will Dolomiti these scientists and consider themselves as such and in the Secret Doctrine, "Anthropogenesis" gave a special Chapter entitled "how Could people to exist 18 million years ago?"

Blavatsky wrote: "At this occult answers in the affirmative, despite all the scientists of otrazhatelei. Two and a half race before the separation of the sexes could live 300 million years ago, despite all the objections of science. For geological and physical difficulties, put up against this theory, could not exist for initial apirogennogo person Occult Teachings" (page 188). After all, according to occult teachings astral body is independent from the physical.

"The secret doctrine asserts that PHYSICAL mankind existed on earth for the past 18 million years, in spite of the disasters and displacement..." (page 189). "This period was preceded by 300 million years mineral and plant development." "This, of course, objected to all of those who refuse to accept the theory about "boneless", pure apirogennam man. Science knows only physical organisms, troubled, and materialistic theology. The first is to argue on the basis of logic and reason, which is based on the prejudice that all inanimate things always and in all ages there were on the same plan of materiality; the latter on the basis of the most bizarre inventions. Ridiculous statement, usually nominated by theologians, based on the assumption that mankind (read Christians) on this Planet has the distinction of being the only human beings in the entire Cosmos, and that therefore they are the best among his kind" (page 189 - 190).

"Occultists, firmly believing in the Doctrine Basic Philosophy, reject the objection as theologians and scientists. For its part, they argue that even during those times when even both poles had to be unbearable heat with the following after him floods, rising valleys and the permanent displacement of great waters and seas, even in that era, none of these circumstances could not be an obstacle for the human life and organization, what they give this humanity. Neither the state of diversity of the surrounding area, full of deadly gases, perils from barely hardened crust, could not prevent the First and Second Race to appear even during the Coal or the Silurian Age" (page 190). But we do not lose hope that the "materialistic science will improve their methods and gradually takes the Esoteric Teachings..." (page 193). After all, secular science about human Evolution there are quite a few years (page 195). The idea that "boneless" people 18 million years ago gave life "bone" people have hope, may be adopted by future scientists" (page 199). Time "ignorant of science" sooner or later, probably, will end.

So, according to the "Secret Doctrine", the history of mankind is the history of the seven indigenous races. Human history has lasted for hundreds of millions of years. History PHYSICAL Mankind lasts for 18 million years. And almost all of this long period of human history is the period of existence of giants. Human history is mainly the history of GIANT HUMANS. At first they were a growth of more than 50 meters, then growth of about 30 meters, then growth of about 20 meters, then growth of about 8 meters. People in size as we have about 200 thousand years ago. And for a long time on Earth was inhabited by people below two metres, and giants. It was an exciting time. The giants-Atlanta growth in 3-4 meters killed 12 thousand years ago. The remains of Atlantis sank to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Left to wander around the globe only single giants Yes their small groups that astonishes with its size izmalkovsky people. Yes no reason, no reason at normal growth woman suddenly gave birth to children, of which grew tall people more than two metres, sometimes even about three meters.

Note that the "secret Doctrine" - is not just a book, composed by the Russian writer Helena Blavatsky. Her book is the popularization and development of the ancient Indian sacred teachings. In the basis of the stated Blavatsky's teachings on races-giants - the teachings of the Vedas, Brahmanism, Hinduism and Buddhism. And the ancient teachings of other Nations. Close to the "Secret Doctrine the doctrine of Nicholas Roerich and Helena Roerich, the teaching of Living ethics, the Teachings of Agni yoga. Let us not forget that about giants told in the Book of Enoch. Let us not forget that about giants told in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. So, in the era of giants believe even many Christians. Let us not forget that many growing in Russia and Ukraine after the liquidation of the dictatorship of the Communist party pagans returnees to their Native Faith - also believe in the era of giants. That is, in the era of giants believe at present hundreds of millions of people on Earth.

But like in old times, and now impressive, damning facts in favor of this Theory is not. Even normal iron facts in favor of this theory is not. What we have in the ancient writings, what we have in the Secret Doctrine, what we have in the works of Agni yoga and some current returnees to their Native faith, is a DESCRIPTION, not evidence-based Teaching. What served as the facts is baby talk.

Typical behavior is. First there is justification in the spirit that the first - "boneless" - race were killed, "disappeared without a trace." Because almost all of Lemuria, and almost all of Atlantis sank into the ocean abyss, all the giants of the Third and Fourth race sunk. Blavatsky wrote: "the giants of antiquity all buried under the oceans, and hundreds of thousands of years of constant of friction of the water, of course, would obliterate in dust even bronze skeleton, the more human" (page 347). Write that the skeletons of giants can only be found underwater archeology, but it has not yet developed. Besides giants lived in underground dwellings. Besides, the giants was in the habit of burning the bodies of the dead...

But, ladies and gentlemen, nothing disappears without a trace in this world. If no traces "boneless" races on the physical plane, looking on the astral plane. And who prevents you to dig at the bottom of the seas and oceans?..

Indicate huge stone slabs, huge stone statues and head and say with a straight face that, as weak people by growth of less than two meters couldn manufacturing of the rocks, move to kilometers, to raise and build a huge stone structures, then we must admit that they were produced, moved and raised giants. But these arguments are too childish.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, give her her due, busily searching through the books on Geology, archeology and anthropology, looking for the facts in favor of the doctrine of the races and the giants. But convincing evidence is not found. None. 't help her and Tibetan Mahatma.

She tries to convince readers that "all those countless huge ruins, which open one after the other in our days, all those colossal ruins that cross North America and stretching along and beyond the Rocky mountains, are the work of the Cyclops, really existing giants ancient times" (page 423). "The traditions of Central Asia they say the same thing about Baganskij statues" (they recently were blown up by the Taliban in Afghanistan). She always wishful thinking. "These five figures belong to the creation of hands Dedicated Fourth Race, which, after sinking them on the Mainland, found refuge in the strongholds, and on the tops of the Central Asian mountain chain.

Thus, five figures are unbreakable record the Esoteric Teachings of the gradual evolution of the Races. The biggest depicts the First Race of mankind, its etheric body was sealed in solid enduring stone for the edification of future generations, for otherwise the memory of it never would have survived the Atlantic flood. The second depicts "Then born"; the Third perpetuates Race, the fallen and those who have conceived the first physical Race..." (page 425). Well, the giants-the Lemurians who lived before the flood of Lemuria, depicted in statues of Easter island (page 426)...

In the Secret Doctrine"to put readers on both wings, there is even a Chapter that Blavatsky called "Cyclopean ruins and huge stones, indicating the existence of giants." She writes: "what if there were no giants to move such a huge rock, never could exist Stonehenge, Carnac (Brittany) or other similar cyclopean buildings" (page 427). Yes, and "monstrous stones of Stonehenge" it was called in ancient times - the dance of giants" (page 429)...

At the same baby basis trying to prove the existence of the era of giants and modern followers Blavatsky, all supporters of the era of giants. Fairness and objectivity of them are clearly not enough. Although it took 120 years since the death of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, nor geologists, nor archaeologists, nor anthropologists found no iron fact in favor of the theory of giants. Not dug from the globe is not a single skeleton of a giant.

But many of the extracted iron facts against the theory of the giants. In the 1960-ies in Africa found the bones of human creatures, which are called Australopithecus. Being these were upright, made and used tools and weapons of stone and wood. The growth of these creatures usually one and a half meters. One of their branches evolved in the direction of the man. Dug in Africa bone remains of the person called Homo habilis - skilled people. These people lived skillful 2, 4 - 1, 5 million years ago. The growth of their five feet. Most anthropologists believe "men skillful" the earliest people of the human race. Discovered fossils of creatures called Homo erectus - Homo erectus. They lived 1, 8 million years ago. Growth 1, 8 - 2 meters. They lived in Africa and different places of Eurasia (They lived in the Russian plain and Siberia). They disappeared about 30 20 thousand years ago...

Supporters of the theory of the existence of the huge period in human history - the period of giants - only, in ears ear plugs, and not noticing books and articles modern anthropologists, just to Dolomiti about a huge, heavy stone items that were cut down from the rocks, moving long distances and raised the giants, on different "cyclopean" buildings. Yes on the myths of different Nations and on the evidence of ancient authors".

Repeat the question: "If there were giants on the planet 300 million years, where at least one cemetery giants? Where at least one skeleton of a giant?

And in conclusion of this essay once more, taking into account potential hasty unreasonable reaction from some readers, it is necessary to remind that the author of this essay is not the enemy of the Theory of giants. If they pokupaut hard on the bottom of the oceans and seas and get hundreds and thousands of skeletons of giants growth in 10 - 20 metres, or at least 5 - 7 meters, thank you and thank them. The truth above all else. Unfortunately, the doctrine of the giants is only DESCRIPTIVE doctrine that is not confirmed by facts.
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