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Правительство США давно сотрудничает с пришельцамиWhen you read the materials of the foreign media that the U.S. government has worked closely with the aliens and constructs joint military bases, and in support to this feature photo of flying saucers on the bases, increasing astonishment as possible to keep secret from mankind all this activity? And anxiety - why?

Isn't shake data famous UFO Field Benefica on military base in the Further to the North of the state of new Mexico, where is terrible, joint with the aliens biogenetic laboratory, and there are kinds of half human-half-animal, reptoides - people-presbycusis and creatures, representing something between a man and a sojourner. Paul Bennewitz collected data and accounts of eyewitnesses, who worked in this horrible laboratory. Their stories stagger the imagination.

"There were tens of thousands, " said Bennewitz witness, a former officer with the highest level of secrecy, who worked on this basis until 1979, Thomas C. - I saw real people in the cells. Many were in a state of stupor or drugged. Sometimes they cried and begged for help. And we strictly prohibited even to approach him. They said that they all desperately sick or insane. Then we learned the truth: over them made experiments".

Thomas C. is not seen as serologie dwarfs or 3-m people-reptoides moved in space.

To read it is scary, like to see some photos, the press caught, made in the 50-ies: the American military are strange little creature-biorobot or alien. In another shot they are tiny little man, and given the inscription that this Martian. As the following screenshot is an alien? Or also the result of genetic experiments?

Question: how Paul Bennewitz went on? He learned that the residents of DALSA several decades observed there glowing orbs and saucers, flying as if from under the ground. Then vladilena M. Gomez found some of their mutilated cows and called the police. This case took the detective Heb Valdes. All cows content of magnesium and potassium in the blood exceeded the normal 70 times. Similar met and in other States and has received the name of "the phenomenon of snippy".
And then Heb caused Field Benefica. Video shooting in the mountains near DALSA allowed to film the many flying saucers, to make contact with aliens and find out that aliens are not going to support with earthlings some relations (it agreed with the U.S. government).
Bennewitz met with people who were abducted by aliens with base and left on their bodies the marks. Christa Tilton from Oklahoma was abducted by aliens and have been in the underground laboratory, for which show Bennewitz and left their drawings seen. They tanks with liquid, where they grow aliens. About it tells in great detail the report of Milton Cooper "Secret government", which was passed by the head of the Institute for planetary synthesis from Geneva R. Schneider, the participants of the meeting in the Museum of N. Zelinsky in Moscow in 1991 and was published in several editions.

The terrible experiences on genetic engineering is a crime against humanity and against the cosmic laws have often been repeated in the history of Earth civilization. In Letters Mahatmas and "the Secret doctrine" E. Blavatsky says that. Similar experiments were conducted in Atlantis and Lemuria.

This was brought to the attention of the world famous researcher Erich von d?niken. In his film "traces of Almighty" he said, "the Sphynx as being hybrids in the history of the Earth were in many ways. Every major Museum in the world demonstrates exhibits these sphinxes. What motivated our ancestors in those days carving of stone like monsters? These images were found in Babylon, Egypt, China and Japan, the Incas and Mayans. Humanoid creatures with wings or eagle's heads, and on Easter island bird man with webbed fingers and toes and monster with a human head and body of a cat. On ancient frescoes depict people holding these monsters on leads or chains. The cult beings-in hybrids reached its climax in Ancient Egypt. Between Luxor and Karnak temples passes Avenue of the sphinxes -1292 shapes of these creatures-hybrids". Erich von d?niken quoted a passage from the book of the historian and Bishop Eusebios, written 1700 years ago. There is text of the priest Manetho, which argued that a long time ago from heaven descended gods, started to teach people and created a different kind of creatures are hybrids.

"They made people with wings and thighs goats, men with horns and horses ' heads and dogs with fish tails and other creatures, ugly, like dragons... Egyptians and Babylonians portrayed these monsters in the works of art".
Isn't that how it looks today, on the military base in the Next, where the output of such monsters?

Erich von d?niken opened under the ground in Egypt km long underground passages with millions mummified animals. This Shrine is named Serapion.
Here the world's largest granite sarcophagi. This building is dedicated to the bull APIs, but inside it is not found mummies bulls. But found mixed with asphalt thousands of small bones. The Egyptians believed that the deceased being may rise only if they remain the body. Cut the bones belong to these monsters. They were never intended to instill fear and terror on the people and should never be resurrected.

The black obelisk of the Assyrian king of Calamidoro II also shows mixed beings, they are kept on a short leash around the neck. Their hands like a fish's fins. And other monsters - of pauseback-half-humans - are kept on a chain. So they were very dangerous?

History repeats itself. In the Next produce something that has happened thousands of years ago.
In August 1996, in the American press appeared a sensation: in the East of the Missouri was captured alien. He confessed that in the near future the Ground waiting for the attack of aggressive space civilization. But it seems that this is not the stranger, and the inferred based in Next biorobot - hybrid, because the growth of its 182,5 cm, which is more typical for humans than for serologic dwarfs.

According to UFOlogy in the world over the past fifteen years crashed over 70 UFO belonging to different cosmic civilizations. But, surprisingly, their biorobots almost everything on one person and one size.

The conclusion: most of the UFOs we are seeing is a joint product of the USA and aliens made at secret bases. The report Cooper says: "In the "area 51" is a space discoid ship "Aurora", which operates regular flights on the planets of the Solar system and beyond".

Why a world government, which is dedicated to all the secrets of the joint alien bases, keep all this secret? Even the U.S. President does not know everything that happens in this secret government and air force bases. In the article the official CIA Marchetti "Opinion of the CIA at the UFO phenomenon" says "the public disclosure of the fact of visiting the Land of representatives of higher civilizations, apparently, will undermine the foundations of power structures, destroy the political, religious and economic institutions and cast our civilization into anarchy". Again, the powers that be care only about themselves. Alien Intelligence existed billions of years before us, but never interfered in the Affairs of humans, and not shown to us aggression. Sacred teachings say that higher civilization space obey the same for all the worlds and dimensions of space law of love and compassion to all other worlds. But from the lower, than the Earth civilizations is still unknown, that can wait.

But now one thing is clear: the world community must demand from the UN declassifying with all documents in the U.S. and other powers about contacts with aliens.
Noteworthy interview editor of the German magazine "2000" Michael Hesemann who visited the sacred valley of the Aztecs Tepoztlan, where for many years he observed orange-red disks plasma flying ships highest cosmic civilization. M. Hasemann came into contact with them, which has been going on for 13 years. He said:
"Sometimes they're just like people, sometimes their bodies consist of light, but they mostly look the same as we. They for many years has programmed their genetic information to become like us and freely among us to move. They call our Land oasis of space. They instilled in me the respect and love that they have for any sign of life. They thousands of years ago found us, and their observers : three races, which were on our planet. Thanks to them I realized that everything in the world communicates and is a particle of the great whole. They live among us, for them, the contacts at the official level is of no value to them is more important to meet with ordinary people... Their ships consist of light. Imagine the vehicle stands before me, and I can lend a hand through his wall. I always see the yellow light inside the ship. Matter no longer exists, only a range of light. I realized that we all can become light..."

The press in his time wrote a lot about the film, supposedly depicting the moment of evacuation crashed rozalski plates 1947 and the opening of one of the found bodies. The owner of the material ray Santilli, London businessman and the head of the record companies, in an interview with "MUFON UFO" told that the film was purchased from bex military cameraman Jack Barnett, who was filming the action in Roswell and managed to assign 15 boxes of film materials.

Fragments of the film, shown on TV in many countries, reproduced only the stage of opening the alien. And there are many "but", because the aliens rozalski plates were quite different, like a Mongoloid. Their pictures and models were shown at the International UFO Congress.
Hence, the alien from the movie Barnett or another of the crashed ship, or in the film is the result of genetic crossing the alien and the Earthman received in underground laboratory of DALSA. After all the features of the alien in the movie is more like evripidou race earthlings is a muscular body, the growth of 150 cm, being squat and fairly complete, while aliens generally dry, thin and bloodless. Here, the film captures the process of opening of the body of alien and the removal of entrails with lots of blood.
And the alien, downed American commando 29 June 1991 above the South Pacific ocean, a completely different person. So we can be content with just guesses and rumors under the veil of secrecy.

The mystery remains, and picture of the Soviet satellite in March 1988, captured on the moon American bomber of world war II. How he got there?
Most likely, he was deported there by aliens under the agreement with the US. The official circles of the USA persistently refuse to comment on the photos. Ufologists appealed to the governments of the U.S. and the Soviet Union with a proposal to send to the moon automatically probes for research. But the plane disappeared four months after its discovery, not even leaving a mark on the ground.

In the same 1988 newspaper "new York times" published a sensation on the moon discovered the skeleton of a man. Chinese astrophysicist Mao Cannes published a photo of bare human feet on the lunar surface and stated that took these pictures from a reliable source in the US.
Optics satellites clearly captures even the headlines, cover on the floor. Just before this world flew sensation: all living beings on Earth have the same biological code. It means that life on Earth is of artificial origin? Therefore, our planet - research laboratory for higher civilizations? And what is the Moon? After all 20 thousand years ago it was not.

Not so long ago transcript interplanetary probe U.S. "Clementine" showed that in the area of the South pole of the moon has frozen water at the bottom of a huge crater, with a depth of 13 kilometres, " it could sink Everest. Riddles of concern, and the key to it, apparently, is still found. Remember how American "Shuttle" captured the giant face in outer space 150 of our Suns. The U.S. space telescope "Hubble" took pictures of big white city, floating in space on the edge of the Galaxy. Almost simultaneously "Hubble" gave an amazing shot of a distant galaxy, pierced star system in the constellation Sculptor in billion light years from the Sun. Photographed cataclysm unimaginable scale that makes you think: Who are we? From where? Where do we go? As we are connected with the cosmic Mind? Who are our Teachers and leaders who created us in his own image and likeness, and have we any right to continue to violate their ethical space values?

Source: "Interesting newspaper. The world of the unknown" №13, 2012
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