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Что нас ждет после смерти?Oblivion - that is the most terrible in the death. Comes bony, enough by the throat and... everything. What next? The emptiness, the unknown. In this sense, the ancients were more protected us. Even the average Hellene clearly knew that after his death his soul will appear before court, then go through the corridor of the underworld Erebus. And, if it is deemed unworthy, will go straight to the Tartars. And if you prove itself heroically - can achieve immortality in the Elysian fields of joy and bliss. Because lived Hellene - not grieve, not knowing the pangs of fear and uncertainty. And what awaits us in the last feature?

Grounds for immortality

Raznas in many issues and provisions of the Holy Scripture and religion of all times and Nations of the Earth are amazing unanimity in all that relates to continue the afterlife people. In the immortality of the soul was believed in Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, India and Greece. So this is the collective experience of all mankind. But could it be a coincidence? And not to have any other basis, except the fear of death and a desire for eternal life? And from what repelled present the fathers of the Church, not doubting the immortality of the soul? Well, with them-it's simple, tell the reader. They are all the same that the average Greeks: armored their faith and therefore they have nothing to fear. Indeed, for Christians the main source of faith in the eternal life is the Sacred Scripture of the old and New Testaments, the Epistles of the apostles, of the revelation of John the theologian. They are not afraid of death, because for them it is just the entrance to another life, a life with Christ. I am confident and Muslim after physical death his soul will move into another world, where it will wait for judgment day.

Buddhists are on the idea that the soul is continually reborn: leaving one dead body, she gets more.

Perhaps, the least said about life after death Judaism. In the books of Moses extraterrestrial life is mentioned very rarely: the Jews in the majority think that heaven and hell exist on earth. But they are convinced that eternal life -- it goes on in children and grandchildren. Not without reason say, a Jew, whose grandchildren of Jews.

And only hare Krishna, also not doubting the immortality of the soul, are based on logical and empirical arguments. To help them -- numerous data on experienced clinical death, when people rise above their bodies and soar through the tunnel to the unknown world, and Vedic philosophy. Here it is, the famous Vedic argument in favor of the eternity of the soul: "I see changes happening in my body, which is transformed from the baby's body into the body of an old man, but the fact that I can make those changes to contemplate, means that I'm out of body modification, for the observer should always be on the side". You, this argument is not convincing? Well, it means you are one of the large army of those who are enough to believe: they need to know for sure.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Common sense tells us that we have no chance to know what happens to a person after he receives the old woman with a scythe. The more surprising that many scientists adheres to perfect a different opinion. First and foremost is the doctors. And all because of their medical practice refutes known axiom that the world has not been returned. I believe, and doctors are familiar with the hundreds of these "returnees". And you -- at least vaguely heard about the phenomenon of "clinical death".

Usually all takes place on one and the same scenario. The patient -- most often during surgery under General anesthesia, - stops the heart. The doctors state of "clinical death" and proceed to the intensive care unit, all the forces trying to start the motor. Time passes by seconds - for 5-6 minutes the brain and other vital organs begin to suffer from hypoxia (lack of oxygen), and this is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

The patient meanwhile "out" of the body, while watching yourself and the actions of the doctors from the top, and then floating down the long corridor toward the light. And there, according to statistics collected by the British doctors over the last 20 years, 72% of "dead" go to heaven. They descends grace, they see angels or their dead relatives and friends. All cheering and laughing. Which cannot be said about other 28%: those go direct fire in hell. So when some divine entity, often being in the form of a bunch of light, said to them: "Your time has not come yet", - they feel very happy. And return to your body. This means that the doctors managed to resuscitate the patient and his heart begins to beat. Death retreated. But those who looked for her threshold, will never forget it.

And those who are more safely - must share received by revelation with the doctors and close relatives.

Evidence of death

Research "okolosmertnyh experiences" began in the 1970-ies. Amazingly, they still continue today, although copies on this account was broken a lot. Someone saw the phenomenon undoubtedly proof of eternal life, and the others, and is now trying to prove that heaven and hell, and the whole notorious "the light," are inside man. Say, it's not some real places. But just hallucinations, process, specific to the fading consciousness. Yes, but why do they all the same? The answer to this question: "the Brain is deprived of blood enriched with oxygen. Part of the optic lobe of the cerebral cortex off very quickly. And pole occipital lobes of the brain that has a dual system of blood circulation, still continue to function. And the field of view of the sharply reduced. Only a narrow strip, providing a Central, "pipe" vision. Here you have searched the tunnel," explains a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences Sergey Levitskiy.

He mind: those who are raised in detail tell about the actions of the medical team, "coldwave" over the body, about their relatives, grieving in the corridors. One patient, for example, completely coming to himself seven days after clinical death, demanded that doctors, so they brought him a denture removed during surgery. The same could not remember where they put in the confusion. And then the patient just showed them the place where the prosthesis: he remembered him during his travel.

Proof of life

It turns out that at the moment in medicine there is no absolute proof that the other world does not exist. And to get them very desirable. Why in 2010 and start the research AWARE: scientists from 25 medical centers of England and the United States have United to thoroughly study the experience of 1500 patients, survivors of cardiac arrest and death. Their goal is to experiment with some data associated with the death of the human condition. Heads the study, Dr. Sam Parnia from the British University of Southampton and that's what he thinks about it: "is There an afterlife or not, it's not a question my competence. You will be surprised, but memories of the experience saved only 10-20% of patients who have experienced clinical death. We just want to understand what happens to the brain at this moment".

The experiment assign three years. Scientists decided that this time will be enough to "recruit" and interview 1,500 patients. Check them will be very simple: in intensive therapy units all 25 hospitals on the shelves and ceiling plafonds will display images with the expectation that no patient received in the house, will not be able to see them. But if during the operation, his heart stops beating and he leaves the body, to see the picture for it not working. Of course, back in the body and rising, he will be able to describe them. And it will be a weighty argument in favor of that consciousness can exist separately from the physical shell.

The results of the study should be finalised by the end of 2012. Meanwhile, the doctors keep silence: they are ready for any development of events. And still hope: "Because we are trying to break through the traditional boundaries of science, we look forward to the most amazing discoveries. In the late nineteenth century physics worked with Newton's laws do not doubt that they explain everything. However, when it came to the study of the atom, it turned out that there are other laws. That's the way the brain. In 99% of cases we cannot separate the mind from the body, they work together. But in extreme States everything can be different. Therefore we are interested in death as the most extreme of all possible States. And if we demonstrate that consciousness continues to exist after disables the brain, this will allow us to assume that consciousness exists in itself". That's it, no more no less.

The Effect Solaris

And if you look at the problem from the other side and remember, first, the energy conservation law, and secondly, the fact that the basis of all kinds of matter lies energy start? Is it in a man. And, of course, does not disappear after the death of the physical body and moves right in the energoinformational field of the Earth. However, there are exceptions. Natalia Bekhtereva recalled that after her husband's death, "the human brain was a mystery, which in principle cannot be settled". The Ghost wife began to appear to her even during the day: sharing thoughts, advice and told us where to find. And Bekhterev, the scientist with a world name, never doubted the reality of what is happening: "What was it -- the product of my mind, find themselves under stress, or something else - I don't know. One thing I know for sure he was not dreaming, and was indeed".

The emergence of "ghosts" dead relatives and close scientists call "effect Solaris" -- or the materialization of the "method" Stanislav Lemma. But this is rarely the case: apparently only in cases where mourners have enough energy to "pull" from field of the earth phantom of a dear loved one.
The transition to a new level

Other inconsolable grieving come to the aid of mediums. This is exactly what happened with the scientist-geophysicist Vsevolod Zaporozhets.

An adherent of scientific materialism has changed his views in 70 years, when his wife died. He simply could not accept the loss and sat down literature about spirits, the spirit world and spiritualism. In the end, he spent more than 460 sessions, wrote the book "the Contours of the universe", which described the method of proof of the reality of the afterlife. And most importantly, we managed to contact his beloved wife: she is young and beautiful, like all who live in that world. The explanation is very simple, in the opinion of the Zaporozhets "Peace "retired" is a product of materialization of their desires, so it is similar to the earth and even better than him. Mostly they are young and beautiful appearance. They perceive themselves as real as living on the earth, are aware of their physicality and able to enjoy life. Clothing is formed by thought and desire departed, perhaps not consciously. Love and affection are stored there or newly acquired, but devoid of sexuality, although different from the friendly feelings. Childbearing not. For life to eat is not required, but for pleasure or to eradicating the earthly habits eat some eat mostly fruits, which are abundant and beautiful as the flowers".

Life is not a fairy tale. However, there is a caveat: if the "one world" is really the product of materialization desires, then we need urgently to change and stop being afraid of death. Time to learn to accept it as a qualitative transition to a new level. And only. And then die not scary. And even to part with family and friends not so painful.
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