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Существует ли подземная цивилизация?!You could blame the contact" waxing imagination of the writer, if not hundreds of responses of the readers who claimed that he had also visited the underground city, communicated with their inhabitants and saw a variety of technical miracles, not only providing the underground inhabitants of the Earth comfortable existence within its depths, but also gives an opportunity... to control the minds of earthlings!

Polish researcher Jan Pink declares that under the ground laid a network of tunnels that lead to any country. They literally blasted into solid earth, and their walls are frozen melt rocks - a kind of glass. These tunnels discovered in Ecuador, South Australia, USA, New Zealand. These underground communications rush flying saucers from one end to the other. Penco even managed in New Zealand to find miner, who said that during the sinking drifts miners came across two such tunnel, but someone gave the order urgently these holes to be completed.

In April 1942, with the support of Goering and Himmler to find the entrance to the underground civilization supposedly located on the island of Rugen in the Baltic sea, went expedition, consisting of the most advanced minds of Nazi Germany, led by Professor Heinz Fisher. Hitler was convinced that at least some parts of the land consist of emptiness inside you can live and who have long been home to sverrisdyttir peoples of antiquity. German scholars in turn expected that if they can put it in the correct location under the earth's surface modern radar devices, with their help, you can track the exact location of the enemy in any part of the world. The myths of Ancient race of beings inhabiting the world millions of years ago, almost every nation. Infinitely wise, scientifically advanced and culturally developed, these beings have been driven into the ground with a terrible disaster, created there own civilization, giving them everything they need. They don't want to have anything to do with people who are considered low, dirty and wild. But sometimes steal human children, then to raise them as their own. Ancient creatures look like ordinary people and very long to live, but they appeared on our planet for millions of years before us.

In 1977, a few American magazines appeared pictures taken from the satellite "ECCA-7"showing the correct form a dark spot, like a huge hole in the place where should be located the North pole. Identical pictures were obtained in the same satellite and in 1981, could this be the entrance to the underworld?

More recent scientific data also point to some kind of underground activity.

American radars at Cape Canaveral spotted a strange signals coming from the depths of the earth. Experts are sure that the signals sent by reasonable creatures. Most likely, someone or something is trying to establish the contact with us, - said a senior official NASA log Sun".

First signals were received several years ago and since then repeated approximately every two months. Moreover callsigns unknown creatures encrypted in a complex mathematical formula. While scientists do not fully decode the signals, and what has already been decoded, they are commanded not to disclose. The leadership of NASA explains this by the fact that messages can be differently interpreted. Specialists also can not pinpoint the location of an underground civilization. However already today it is clear that the underground inhabitants know more about us than we do about them. Some experts believe that the proof of the existence of other civilizations on our planet may become the largest opening of the twenty-first century.

Seismologist at the University of Washington in St. Louis Michael Wysession and employee of the University of California in San Diego, Jesse Lawrence analyzed more than 600 thousand gathers records fluctuations resulting from earthquakes occurring on the planet, and are interested in the plot of Land, situated under Asia. There seismic waves somehow become weaker, and a few are moderated.

This effect can, in particular, to give a thick layer of water, so scientists have suggested that East Asia is located underground reservoir that is up to the size of the Arctic ocean.

Hypothesis requires further research, but if to consider, that it is true, in this case, science is faced with a very curious phenomenon. Indeed, in such a vast space filled with water, can long be an advanced civilization neumannova type. The fact of its discovery can explain how the UFO phenomenon and various paranormal events observed in the area.

Is it possible to have some sort of civilization have been able to survive "end of the world"?

Suppose millions of years ago there was a high-tech civilization, during which collided with a meteorite or other global cataclysm changed the climate of the planet that would have made civilization, most likely would have tried to survive, and if the surface of the planet unsuitable for life and fly to another planet does not allow the level of technology, only "underground shelter".

Then the question, what happened to civilization and why after the change of climate underground residents came to the surface? May be just couldn constant stay in conditions of different climate and different gravity (under the earth's gravitational pressure is significantly different from the normal), also should be noted that under the earth there is no sunlight, technological lighting does not contain a complete range, and long stay under the technical lighting can also be a cause "Unlearning" from sunlight.

During the consideration it was all over the millennia, we can assume that an underground civilization could greatly to evolve, perhaps even that has led to the rejection of some aspects of climate, such as sunlight, it is possible that the sunlight just burns the inhabitants of the underground world, it is not so fantastic as it seems. Another aspect of survival, adaptation food, how to organize, "vegetarianskoe" food in the conditions of the underworld, not very simple, and rather depends on the level of civilization is fully possible that civilization has passed on only animal food. Some of the listed options, undoubtedly, were to affect the culture and the mentality of civilization, can some monsters only the inhabitants of the underworld?
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