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Жизнь на Землю занесена из космоса. Новые доказательстваExperts of the Japanese National Observatory have found new evidence that life could be brought to Earth from space. The study of the Central part of the constellation Orion range of 1.5 thousand light years from our planet they found a vast area of special ultraviolet radiation, which twists exclusively in the left side of the amino acid molecules.

On Earth, these initial components of protein life also deployed exclusively to the left, which previously was not convincing explanation. The thing is that when obtaining amino acids with normal chemical reaction is about equally "right" and "left" molecules.

"We can assume that our Solar system in the earliest period of its existence, was also under the influence of such radiation, that causes exclusively left-handed molecules of life,- told reporters the employee of the Japanese National Observatory of Tsubasa Fuqua. - Then they could be brought to Earth by comets and meteorites".

By the way, Mars could be the best place for the origin of living organisms. And it is from there that was brought life and to us on Earth. Such a fantastic conclusion came the head of the Foundation for applied molecular evolution (USA), biochemist Steven Benner.

- Having the same source components, Mars would be the best place for the origin of life than the Earth, which was too flooded in order chemistry of biological molecules could be sustainable, explains his point of view, Dr. Benner. Without at least an occasional dry land chemistry, which is destined to usher in a life, has not even been able to earn, as the molecules that make genetics reality, chemically very unstable. Especially in the aquatic environment.

So there is a strange logical dilemma, because life, at least that, as we know it requires water. On the other hand, as pointed Benner, how is it possible that the chemical required for the existence of life and which is so unstable in the aquatic environment, could give it the beginning of something more complex than themselves?

The dilemma is resolved itself, if we assume that life emerged and evolved in areas subject to frequent droughts. RNA and its building blocks may be sustainable in the earth conditions, if you put them there, where the water is more a luxury - say, in the Valley of death, in which rare downpours that carry, in addition to water, the simplest organic molecules from the atmosphere, followed by periods of this drought. In such conditions, if there are building blocks to get even the simplest of RNA and occurs Life.
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