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Могут ли наши тела предсказывать будущее?The body knows when to happen is something very important, at least according to a new study. If so, the study published last month in the journal "Frontiers of perception" (Frontiers of Perception), reveals something fundamentally new about the laws of human nature.

Argues that events can be predicted with no any signals" - says Julia Mossbridge (Julia Mossbridge), a neurologist at northwestern University and co-author of the study. "Our experience shows that the effect is real, but it is still insignificant. Thus, the question arises: how does it work?"

Other scientists, however very skeptical of this interpretation. They indicate the presence of some prejudices, which were used to build the study, therefore, to say what the effect does not make sense.
A good feeling about this: reality or not?

Many studies have shown that physical reactions, including heart rate, dilated pupils and changes in the activity of the brain, occur in approximately 10 seconds before one sees a terrible image (for example, most slippery snake). In most cases frightening pictures randomly interspersed with more neutral, so in theory the participants there were no hints about what pictures would be as follows. But since the conclusion seemed so unnatural that for obvious reasons, was met with skepticism.

To ensure that the effect is actually real, Mossbridge and her team analyzed more than two dozens of such studies. In the framework of this analysis, they rejected any experiments in which they saw the errors or deficiencies.

They finally found the effect "premonitions", when for a few seconds before the events of the volunteers were changed physiological parameters, and they began to worry. This discovery suggests that a body of people unconsciously feel when should happen something important, even if they don't know what.

In the work that people have supernatural or paranormal ability. Instead, according to the authors, the anticipation is a real physical effect, which is subject to natural laws, only those laws that are not clear.
The philosophy of the skeptics

Other experts doubt that the anticipation exists at all. "What would statistical approaches are not used in research, this is not to say that the anticipation actually exists" - says Rufin Vanrullen (Rufin VanRullen), researcher of the center for the study of brain and cognition. "This means that there is a statistical tendency among scientists who are seeking so-called effects of premonition and, consequently, find them. It is more likely that the experiments appreciated very biased, perhaps unintentionally".

He added that dozens of studies that have tried to find this effect, and that it failed to do, just gone. These studies will never be published, so the evaluation of published experiments on this topic can be very biased. "Speaking of laboratories on research of the psychological characteristics of a person and about parapsychology, it is worth adding that the huge number of failed experiments in General is informed nothing".

Source: www.myhealthnewsdaily.com
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