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Бросай курить – помоги своей силе воли… лимонадом!What would we do without American scientists? Who but these tireless workers of science, tells us about how eating a sandwich where to put the toothpaste and what side it's better to see the sunrise?

However, the study referred to in this article, at first glance looks not so useless, as the vast majority of other discoveries that dot the Internet. The fact that Americans have offered new effective (from their point of view) way to quit Smoking.

The easiest way to quit Smoking is to rinse your mouth with lemonade

Indeed, according to research by clever men from Georgia state University (Georgia State University), this beverage, so familiar to most of us from early childhood, will prove to be a panacea that will save the planet from nicotine poison. However, the scientists do speak much more restrained, implying that lemonade helps to kill the desire to last only for a while. And, for this purpose it is not necessary to drink - they need only to rinse the mouth!

It turns out that the starting point of his research of the American scientists have claimed the property of sugar to improve the functional ability of a person related to attention and cognitive activity. And it glucose (that is, sugar), which is known to be contained in the lemonade acts on receptors in our language so that not only improves attention, but also allows you to put some more self-control. Allegedly, because such a reaction of the organism, a person acquires a kind of support for his strength of will.
Quit Smoking today - make lemonade!

There is quite an obvious question - why should rinse your mouth exactly lemonade? Why not, for example, rinse mouth Cola, or, say, just water with dissolved sugar? The fact that scientists from Georgia held a corresponding experiment, in which asked students in number 51 to solve the specific tests on mindfulness and self-control, pre-rinsing your mouth with lemonade, and then other drinks containing artificial sweetener.

As you have probably guessed, those students who were rinsing your mouth with lemonade, and demonstrated higher rates of self-control and care. Obviously, it is assumed that the lemonade that need to rinse your mouth contains only natural glucose, so that "Buratino" can hardly be regarded as a means of Smoking. But the juice of a freshly squeezed lemons, diluted with water, the most it. Perhaps the way to really find its admirers, but it is very similar to the scientists try to justify the cost of another is not a very useful study.
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