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Ученые: когда родился - так и проживешь!That figures affect our lives, astrologers say a long time ago. Their studies indicate that between the date of birth of the person and his health, happiness and career there is a direct link. Actually, until recently, they were considered the main specialists in the answers to the question, what awaits us in the future. Now joined them and scientists.

Meanwhile, serious scientists are also engaged in the study of the influence of the date of birth of the person on his life. Predisposition to overweight, diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system or allergies - among other factors - like, also depends on month of birth. And even then, will we be timid or optimistic, left-handed or right-handed, whether we will have many children and grandchildren, partially solved already in the hospital.

In 1950-ies of the Austrian doctor noticed that most of his patients, cancer patients, was born in certain months. This aroused his curiosity. He analyzed data on nearly 3 thousand deaths from cancer. The result confirmed it: he who is born from may to August, had a much lower risk of getting cancer than any other. Later studies showed similar results.

He who, on the contrary, born in the autumn, though not celebrates birthday under the hot sun, but meets him in the company of many friends, relatives and descendants. Born in the fall of reach very elderly, the researchers from the Institute for demographic research max Planck.

To do this, they analyzed data on more than a million people who died in the period from 1968 to 1998 in Austria, Denmark, USA and Australia and at the time of his death were older than 50 years. In the southern hemisphere all shifts: Australians-long-livers are born mostly in the second quarter, April to June - that is also in the autumn, but the Australian.

Winter birthday seem to increase the risk of some "diseases of civilization". Researchers from the universities of Bristol and Edinburgh examined 4286 women aged 60 to 79 years who were born between 1919 and 1940 in 23 different cities in the UK. They found that the ladies, who were born in the winter are more frequent high cholesterol, reduced lung function and increased susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases. The risk of cardiovascular disease in women surveyed who were born in the coldest months of the year was higher by about 24 percent.

The month in which the person was born, influences and other factors - such as the growth and optimism. Thus, the study of the University of Vienna, held on the material of over 500 thousand conscripts revealed that those born in the spring above those born in other times of the year. Left handed prefer to be born from September to February and spring children tend to be timid.

Lucky to be born in the summer - this is evidenced by the research scientists of Hertfordshire. The survey, which was attended by 40 thousand people, Professor of psychology investigated the Association between birth and life views. Born in the summer, it seems, seized hold of the tail of the bird of happiness - at least they think so. Their self-esteem was higher optimism is stronger, and Outlook on life is more positive than in people who were born in autumn and winter.

However, this has nothing to do with the signs of the zodiac and astrology. Scientists explain the reasons absolutely materialistic things, climate, food, infections, hormones, and other environmental factors that affect babies during pregnancy and the first months of life.

Factors influencing child in this phase, have long-term effects on the physical, mental and emotional development. Month of birth, seems to affect preferences and dislikes and, possibly, is an independent risk factor for certain diseases or, on the contrary, increases resistance to certain diseases. But not everyone who was born in the "month of risk", really sick.

Researchers from the University of Zurich, vyyasnitsya that people often die in the day of his birth because of heart attacks, falls or even suicide, also noted that the reasons for such unfortunate events is notorious human factor. It turns out that in the great day of the birthday relax, experience strong emotions and allow themselves more than in ordinary days. But if in this study, it all comes down to emotional strain on the body, researchers from Canada have established a link for career growth and date of birth.

Scientists from the School of business Sauder at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) conducted a study that proved born in the summer are less likely to become leaders. They studied the biography of 375 executives of the 500 companies in the period from 1992 to 2009.

The study showed that children who were born in June or July, less often become Directors. Many chiefs born in March and April - 12,5 and 10.7 percent respectively. The explanation of this phenomenon is also quite scientific in nature. According to experts, "summer" children lag behind their peers in school due to the fact that the class are the most Junior. In older children with more formed teaching skills are better than everyone else. Their success in primary school contributes to the fact that throughout the life they seek to surpass others.

It turns out that the distribution of children by age at school has an impact on their success throughout life. And indeed, the development of a person affects the entire set of physiological and social factors. In principle, the best month of birth does not exist. Each of them has its pros and cons. But forewarned is forearmed. He who knows them, has the ability to make best use of their chances, as well as to counter possible risks.
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