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Загадка лунной миссии «Аполлонов»Back in 1960, the Brookings Institution is one of the leading analytical centers of the USA - has prepared a report entitled "the Forecast of consequences of peaceful activities in space for humanity". In addition to various statistical and research data, there has been isolated from the General context of assessing the possibility of opening NASA extraterrestrial intelligent life or traces of its activities. The report contains unequivocal recommendation to classify such data.

Walking on the natural satellite of the Earth

This question baffles me...
Richard C. Hogland, one of the authors of the bestselling book "Dark mission. The secret history of NASA, says that in five years after the release of the report of the Brookings institution, during his first studies of the moon by means of automatic interplanetary stations, NASA got the facts in favor of the fact that on the Earth's natural satellite existed unusual technological civilization.

Perhaps it has extended its activities to the entire Solar system. When it came to the mission Apollo landing on the moon apparatus with people, NASA had to work hard to not leaked classified information about the found traces of ancient man-made activities.

In the middle of 1980-ies Richard Hogland received a very interesting testimony from a certain doctor of medicine, directly involved in the scientific program of NASA Apollo.

The doctor confirmed the fears of Hogland, telling that after each of the next crew of the "Apollo", during the analysis conducted on the moon, all the astronauts were hypnosis. Formally, the use of hypnosis was explained by the necessity to help them clearly to remember everything that happened to them during their stay on the moon. In reality, as suggested by Hoglund, hypnosis was used to block out the memories astronauts about their stay there. This assumption is confirmed by the behavior of the astronauts. For example, the first set foot on the moon - Neil Armstrong, for many years disappeared from public view and, in fact, led the life of a hermit.

Second person to set foot on the moon in July 1969, Edwin Aldrin - in the autobiographical book "Return to Earth" mentioned one very curious case that happened with him in the early 1970 agricultural Once Aldrin acted Kiwanis California town Palmdale, known mainly by the fact that there are airbase Edwards and numerous contractors NASA. During the performance, the astronaut asked a seemingly innocent question: "what is it like the feeling that you felt on the moon?"

However, on hearing the question, Aldrin felt it hit him wave of panic.
The more he tried to remember his feelings, the greater was panic. The case over the fact that he was forced to interrupt his speech and exit from the club, accompanied by his wife Joan. When the astronaut was in the street, he became ill and even physically.

A similar case occurred with Aldrin and in 1999, during an interview to the Internet edition Salon.com - he was asked the same question about feelings during your stay on the moon: what, like, it was like? Aldrin unexpectedly, even for myself was enraged: "for God's sake, I don't know! I just don't know! This question baffles me since then, as I left the moon!"

Power and weakness of memory

The commander of the spaceship "Apollo-12", landing on the moon on November 19, 1969, Charles Conrad, who became the third Earthman on the surface of the moon, was so discouraged by their own inability to answer the same question that always trivial shouted:
"Super! We liked!" Interesting and memories of the moon, lunar module pilot of Apollo 12" Alan Bina. On the verbal level with him was the same thing: he could not really remember. But thanks to his passion for painting Bin sometimes was able to surprise others.

Hogland, speaking about painting Alan Bina, draws attention to the following fact. When astronaut wrote lunar images with the words of other people, moonlit sky on his canvases was black, and the lunar landscape looked dull and monotonous. That is all turned out the way it should be, based on the current long before the lunar missions titans views. But as soon as Bin began to write lunar landscapes on his own memories, heaven has gained a blue tint, but the scenery was received not the "canonical" pastel shades and colors.

Edgar Mitchell, lunar module pilot on Apollo 14"that reach the surface of the natural satellite of Earth February 5, 1971, also long years tried to remember what he saw there. In the end, he even appealed for help to the professional hypnotists and psychologists, asking "decode" itself. Alas, this plan came to nothing. Psychologist Jean Houston, which Edgar Mitchell tried to undergo rehabilitation, told Richard Hogland how were their healing sessions. As soon as Houston tried to make Mitchell to remember what it felt as he walked on the moon, that every time dismissed the question, saying, "It's not important, let's go!"

The strongest hypnosis to which he was subjected participants lunar mission, while wore selective nature: even after decades they could remember the smallest details of the technical side of its flight. All, except for the time spent on the moon. Edgar Mitchell, seeing many years later color photo, where he is depicted standing on the surface of the moon under a huge dome of polubeskonechnogo dark blue glass, which goes up to hundreds and thousands of meters, was unable nothing about it to remember.

Under "protective layers of truth"

However, not all people are susceptible to hypnosis equally. Including, apparently, and lock memory. One cannot exclude that some of the members of the mission Apollo from excessive chatter kept not hypnosis, and banal subscription about nondisclosure of classified information. Anyway, when Eugene Cernan, the last speaker on the moon astronauts, in 2004, attended the event with the participation of President Bush, it seems, was in captivity is not the most pleasant memories. George Bush he spoke about the resumption of the program on the study of the moon and eventual manned flight to Mars. The US President has urged its citizens to make a new technological leap and find the neighbouring celestial bodies of resources, breathtaking to experience, what are the limits of our imagination."

About the middle of his speech, Bush expressed his gratitude to Eugene Cernan, commander of Apollo 17".

The President reminded of the words of Cernan "We come and we go out, and, God willing, when we come back, we will bring peace and hope to all mankind" and expressed the hope that America will make these words come to life. Hall in response broke into applause. Clear even a gesture not thanked Bush, but on the contrary, when he uttered these words, strongly frowned. Ten same years earlier, when Eugene Cernan attended the ceremony in the White house, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the flight of Apollo 11", that seemed greatly upset. During his emotional speech he compared himself with a parrot that repeats what he said, and in the end, he even allowed himself seemed most provocative remark on "protective layers of truth".

Something curious happened with John Glenn, the first American astronaut February 20, 1962 was on the Earth on a spaceship. In March 2001 he participated in a Comedy series "Mill" on the TV channel NBC, playing himself.

There he unambiguously stated: "In those glorious days I felt very uncomfortable, when I was asked about things which we could not speak, and anything more did not wish to hear.
Some asked me did I know we that we were not alone? This answer we were never given, and while there we saw a lot different, strange, but we knew not what we see. And we, in fact, had nothing to say.

The authorities were afraid of us, they were afraid of incidents, something like "the War of the worlds-2” and panic in the streets. We had to keep his mouth shut. Now we can see it only in nightmares or in a movie, and some of it is quite similar to the truth". Funny this was not enough, and told those words were in a time when the other two characters - Roses and Fraser went to the kitchen and heard very interesting. That, actually, with the readers and television audiences often happens.
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