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Ученые выдвинули новую гипотезу происхождения жизни на ЗемлеFor many years, scientists scratching their heads wondering, trying to see how there could be life in all its diversity from inanimate matter. Researchers from the University of Santa Fe introduced a new interdisciplinary theory to explain the mystery of the universe.

Life on the planet emerged simultaneously with the formation of an independent ability to develop, and the ability to capture carbon, which is very difficult. The fact that the carbonic gas which is in its composition on Earth, is a very stable compound, therefore, to use carbon, the system must pass the stage of unstable States. Cells taken through carbon chemicals from the environment, building of the products that support livelihoods. The scientists presented their hypothesis in the edition of Physical Biology, believe that the relationship between the Geochemistry of the Earth, and biochemistry of life runs through unstable connections.

"Think about life as increasing the bulb, which each layer is responsible for performing the functions of the mechanism of feedback that stabilizes and improves the ability to capture carbon," suggests the researchers, led by Professor Eric Smith.

Having mastered the process of fixation of carbon, chemical system can be expanded in countless variations and combinations. The authors believe that life may occur in like manner and on some other planets that have a liquid, there is volcanic and tectonic activity, and throws hydrothermal vents chemicals, and potentially creating conditions for life. In other words, heat, liquid and chemical diversity is a necessary condition of the existence of aliens.
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