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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Гиперболоид инженера Гарина построенAmerican company Lockheed Martin has finally managed to bring to life the invention of engineer Garin from the novel A.N. Tolstoy. She managed to create a small-size ground-based laser, designed to intercept missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles directly over the battlefield. It will be necessary to protect operating bases and command posts.
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Бог явил нам две своих частицы?Revealed data which show that in the experiments at the Large hadron Collider (LHC) physics "broke" two Higgs boson
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ЦНИИмаш: На создание сверхтяжелой ракеты-носителя уйдет 15 летTo create super-heavy launch vehicle, which will be carried out flights to the moon will take about 15 years, said the Director-General of the Central research Institute of machine building (TsNIIMash) Gennady Raykunov.
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Существует ли квантовая биология?The group under the leadership of the Nile Lambert ('neill Lambert) from the Institute of physical and chemical research (RIKEN, Japan) tried to find out whether the present level of science allows us to talk about using quantum processes in biology. No, it's not about the well-known concept of quantum Darwinism. Scholars interested in the fact, whether a particular quantum mechanisms of living beings in the process of their activity.
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Боевой лазер - фантазия или технология?Powerful military lasers - promised for many decades and is now advertised again - do not work. But why?
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До настоящей левитации остался лишь один шаг!Researchers from Harvard University announced that it had identified and measured force, which occurs at the molecular level, using a combination of molecules, which repel each other.
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Будни космического колонизатораPost inspired by conversations about the colonization of Mars and space exploration in General. We are talking about the current state of Affairs. Without hotly my favorite fiction and vague predictions. That's as if tomorrow it will be necessary to develop a plan and be ready to move.
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Физика невозможногоWill we learn someday walk through walls? Build starships, capable of flying faster than light? To read minds? To become invisible? To move objects with their mind? To instantly overcome space?
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Физика невозможного - Будущее невозможногоAre there truths that will forever remain inaccessible to us? Whether there are storehouses of knowledge, which will be beyond even advanced civilization? Of all the technologies that we have discussed in this book, only the eternal engine and a vision of the future had to be carried to the III class of impossibility. Are there other, equally impossible technology?
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Физика невозможного - Вечный двигательIn the classic novel by Isaac Asimov "the gods Themselves" unknown chemist accidentally encounters in 2070, the greatest discovery of all times - the electronic pump, which lets get unlimited energy. Its opening has on human life immediate and profound effect. Author announce the greatest scientist of all time - because he was able to satisfy his constant thirst for energy, which owns our civilization. "He was in the eyes of the world Santa Claus in half with a lamp of Aladdin", - wrote Azimov. Organized by him, the company immediately out of the market for oil, gas, coal and nuclear, and soon became one of the richest corporations in the world.
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Физика невозможного - Путешествия во времениIn the novel "the Equation of Janus" writer Stephen Sproull examines one of the harrowing personal problems connected with time travel. In the center of the plot of the book is a brilliant mathematician, who set a goal to solve the mystery of time travel. He meets unusual beauty, they become lovers, but he knows nothing about her past. Tormented by curiosity, he tries to find out who is the mysterious lover. It turns out that it has changed its appearance with plastic surgery. And changed floor, also with the help of operations. In the end it turns out that actually "she" was a time traveler arriving from the future; not only that, actually, "she" is he himself, only of the future. It turns out that he was making love with himself. One can only guess what would happen if they have a child? And if that child went back into the past, would have grown there and became a mathematician (the same that appeared in the early history)? Can you be yourself and mother, and father, son, and daughter?
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Физика невозможного - Быстрее светаIn "Star wars" is an episode. "Millennium Falcon" with the heroes - Luke Skywalker and Han Solo on Board, takes off from a desert planet Tatooine and meets in orbit around the world squadron of the Imperial warships. The Imperials started shooting at the vehicle of our heroes of the combat lasers, volleys which always breaks his protective field. The forces are not equal, "Sokol" frankly loses to an opponent in agaevoy power. Han Solo throws ship from side to side, dodging the fire, and shouts that their only hope - jump in the "hyperspace". At the last moment hyperspace engines work. All the stars around suddenly burst klepaski converging rays and rush to the center of the review screen. Opens the "hole"through which "Millennium Falcon" is going to hyperspace and freedom.
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Физика невозможного - Антивещество и антивселенныеIn the best-selling Dan brown's "Angels and demons", which preceded it as "the Code Yes Vinci", the action is centered around the plot of a small group of extremists-"Illuminati"; the conspirators wanted to blow up the Vatican bomb of antimatter stolen from a nuclear laboratory CERN near Geneva. The conspirators know that the result of contact of matter and antimatter should be grandiose explosion, many times more powerful than the explosion of the hydrogen bomb. Although the bomb from antimatter - the fruit of imagination of the author, in itself antimatter is quite real.
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Физика невозможного - ЗвездолетыOne day in the distant future it will be our last quiet day on Earth. Someday, over billions of years, the sky is on fire. The sun will swell fiery ball raging hell will fill the heavens. The temperature on Earth will jump sharply, the oceans will boil and evaporate, leaving charred parched desert. The mountains gradually melts and flows of lava flows on the site where once stood the full life of the city.
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Физика невозможного - Внеземные цивилизации и летающие тарелкиHuge, amazing spaceship run for several miles hanging right above Los Angeles; he fills the sky and gives birth in the city ominous darkness. Fortress in the form saucers take positions at key points above the planet - above the main cities of the world. Hundreds of jubilant spectators gather on the roof of a skyscraper, closer to the star guests; earthlings want to be the first to welcome the alien visitors in Los Angeles.
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