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Ученые получили температуру ниже абсолютного нуляScientists were able to do something incredible: they were able to cool the substance is lower than the temperature, which until now was considered as an absolute minimum. In most modern textbooks on physics absolute zero on the Kelvin or minus 273,15 degrees Celsius is the lowest possible temperature, as it is the lightest element, hydrogen - completely loses its mobility, that is, figuratively speaking, freezes.
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Космическая радиация может поставить крест на будущих космических полетахEven if the interplanetary flights would be a reality, scientists often say that the human body from a purely biological point of view await increasing threats. One of the main dangers experts call hard cosmic radiation. On other planets, for example the same Mars, this radiation is such that it significantly accelerate the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
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Жизнь неизбежна?As from non-living chemical elements appeared living organisms is an old issue facing scientists. But in a study published in the journal Physical Biology, researchers from Santa Fe offers quite plausible and integral explanation.
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Космические запуски на 2013 годLet's see what programs and space, and suborbital launches planned for 2013.
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Ионный двигатель следующего поколения NEXT становится рекордсменом по времени непрерывной работыIon engine NASA Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT) set a new world record, having worked there continuously for 43 thousand hours during tests conducted at the Laboratory of electric propulsion systems Research center NASA Glenn. This samicoasty the engine is intended to power the future spacecraft, designed for missions to deep space and in missions where the use of engines on chemical jet-powered unacceptable for many reasons.
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Почему покорителям дальнего космоса грозит развитие слабоумия во время полетаUnprecedented progress of science and technology, especially in the field of electronics, which we are witnessing in the last 10-15 years, generates optimism about the conquest of other planets. But scientists report numerous threats to the health of astronauts.
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Какие технологии войдут в нашу жизнь в 2013 году? To make predictions for the world of digital technologies - business simple. What direction or coming, the whole essence of future changes, with rare exception, can be expressed in two words: smaller and more powerful
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Самые амбициозные частные космические проекты года2012 became a turning point for world space exploration. The company, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), owned by its founder PayPalЭлону Mask (Elon Musk), after a successful test startocaster the first ever commercial launch of private vehicle to the ISS. The launch vehicle Falcon 9s apparatus Dragonдоставила on-orbit complex of a total of about 400 kg of cargo, returning to Earth about 760 kg of waste equipment and research materials. Ahead of SpaceX eleven more runs Dragon 1.6-billion-dollar contract with NASA.
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Нейтринная осцилляция: ключ к доминированию материи над антиматерией?...No wonder the journal Science described the experiment in the field of neutrino oscillations one of the ten scientific achievements of the year.
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Над Южным Полюсом заработал телескоп BLASTSpace Agency NASA and the U.S. national science Foundation December 25, on the South Pole of the planet with the help of a balloon with hot helium LDB (Long Duration Balloon) has launched an unusual telescope that will explore submillimeter electromagnetic wave range and to study star formation in our galaxy.
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Секреты космоса поможет раскрыть новая телескопическая камераNew telescopic camera is watching the stars and planets that are eight billion light years away - maybe in the end, we will find the living and find out that you are not alone in space.
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NASA завершила тестирование скафандра Z-1The U.S. Agency NASA has finished testing the prototype of the suit Z-1, which looks very similar to the suits from cartoons.
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Нобелевский лауреат пророчит массовое клонирование людей через 50 летAccording to John Gergana, humanity will solve ethical problems of cloning, and will use it legally. Humanity will agree with reliable methods of cloning when I will be talking about the return of parents tragically deceased child or about the treatment of serious pathologies.
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Клонирование человека может начаться в течение 50 летParents, for example, who lost children in a tragic accident, will be able to clone them after about 50 years, says Nobel laureate, sir John Gourdon, a British scientist whose work involve the cloning of frogs in the 1950's and 60's, which then led to the creation of Dolly the sheep scientists in Edinburgh in 1996.
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Кристаллы гелия растут в невесомостиRecently scientists of Japan have managed to grow the perfect crystals of solid helium that in terrestrial laboratories to make very difficult - they are easily deformed under the action of gravity. However, the researchers did a very original way - they grew helium crystals in microgravity conditions that were created on Board a jet plane.
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