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Взгляды физиков на квантовую механику расходятсяAccording to legend, one day physicist Richard Feynman said, "If someone claims that he understands quantum theory, he is either a liar or a lunatic"
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Луч-зонд собирает информациюWhen the famous Greek philosopher Socrates asked a difficult question to which there is no obvious answer, he said: "Let us examine. Engage the facts. We need to help new thought to be born." But here's the strange thing - when it comes to the UFO mystery, ufologists often pay attention to what's already repeatedly was recorded in respect of UFOs, and put new facts associated with them. Meanwhile, it was their analysis can shed more light on the nature of this phenomenon.
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Биометрический паспорт: точка не возвратаFrom January 1, entered into force the Law "On the Unified state register of demographics and the documents confirming citizenship of Ukraine, identity or social status", which is popularly called "the law of biopassport". It provides for the introduction of a new sample with an electronic chip, which should be updated every 10 years.
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НАСА отправит на орбиту надувной космический корабльThe prototype inflatable space module will be tested aboard the International space station, which was recently announced at NASA. Inflatable module describes the American scientists as a key component of future projects for exploration and development of commercial space travel and exploration.
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НАСА тестирует роботов для ремонта и заправки спутников на орбитеNASA holds its first round of tests in the development of robots that are able to repair and refuel satellites in space.
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Надувной модуль появится на МКСNASA signed a commercial company Bigelow Aerospace production agreement inflatable module, which will become part of the ISS. During its development the company received from space Agency 17.8 million dollars.
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Что ожидает космический телескоп «Хаббл» в ближайшие 6 лет…NASA on the meeting of the American astronomical society reported that space telescope 23-year-old Hubble still quite functional.
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В теле австронавтов будут "жить" нанороботы-медикиScientists believe that in 5 to 10 years each astronaut will be implanted with special nanorobots doctors who will protect him from possible harmful effects of a long stay in space. First, in terms of cosmic radiation, which is the cause of the abnormal growth of the spine and accelerate the development of Alzheimer's disease.
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Ученые-генетики создали бактерии, вырабатывающие топливо из солнечного светаGeneticists have created bacteria that produce chemicals from fossil fuels and plastics, which is a breakthrough for the chemical industry.
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Начата подготовка к двухлетней остановке Большого Адронного КоллайдераThe largest and most powerful particle accelerator, which is known to all the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is preparing to shut down, which will happen in March of this year. After that within two years there will be the replacement and modernization of some elements of the design of the TANK, as well as the installation of additional elements and devices that will allow the Collider to reach the level of maximum energy collisions of particles, which should lead to new stunning discoveries in nuclear physics and physics of subatomic particles.
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Исследовательские космические аппараты следующего поколения будут похожи на средневековое оружиеMartian research apparatus NASA, such as the Rovers previous generation Spirit and Opportunity, and the latest Curiosity Rover, which recently landed on Mars, had pronounced anthropomorphic qualities, mast-head-cameras, arms, which make them very recognizable and kind even "cute". The next generation of devices intended for studies of other planets and celestial bodies, will be significantly less "attractive", because these devices in appearance will be very remind one of the medieval weapons - Mace.
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Энергосберегающие лампы могут спровоцировать рак кожиEnergy-saving lamps can be dangerous for human health. Such preliminary conclusions made by American scientists, according to LiveScience.
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У времени и пространства есть особенности, о которых человечество раньше не зналоScientists will be able to check in our universe agents from the Smith. In their study, the researchers proceeded from the methods of computer modeling of the processes that exist at the moment and what is happening in the world of elementary particles.
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О времени смерти спросите у... геновProbably, many were caught link: "get to Know the date of his death!" The authors of such forecasts by various characteristics, including date of birth, place of residence and the way of life of a man, tell him when he should die. It is hardly necessary to treat this seriously, but that's the estimated time of death is really possible to predict. On genes.
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Темная энергия реальна, говорят астрономыDark energy, the mysterious substance which is accelerating, according to scientists, the expansion of the Universe, really exists. So says a team of astronomers from Portsmouth (England) and Munich universities.
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