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Физика невозможного - РоботыIn the movie "I, robot", made on the works of Isaac Asimov, in 2035 creators launch into operation the most advanced in the history of the computer system. It has its own name - Wiki - virtual interactive kinetic intelligence) and is designed for perfect management of the life of a big city. Under its control is everything from underground and electric networks to thousands of domestic robots. The program Wiki iron principle is to serve humanity.
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Физика невозможного - ТелепортацияTeleportation, or the ability to move people and objects from one place to another, is a skill that can change the direction of development of civilization and to influence the destinies of countries and peoples. So, teleportation once and for all would change the principles and rules of warfare: by mastering the art, military leaders would instantly throw troops in the rear of the enemy, or simply teleport the enemy's guide in a convenient place and grab it. Transport system of today, cars, ships, airplanes and Railways together with serving their numerous industries - immediately obsolete least; we could just teleport from home to work and be instantly transported cargo and goods to the right place. Vacation would cease to be a problem - we can easily teleportuojasi would directly to a place of rest, Teleportation would change everything.
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Физика невозможного - Фазеры и Звезды СмертиFour... three... two... one... fire! The death star is a tremendous weapon good-sized moon. Shooting point-blank at defenseless planet Alderaan, the home of Princess Leia, the death Star completely destroys it. Planet disappears in the flame of a Titanic explosion, scattering debris across the Solar system. Billion shower simultaneously screams in agony, causing the indignation of Power, which can be felt anywhere in the galaxy.
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Физика невозможного - НевидимостьIn the TV series "Star trek IV: the Voyage home" crew "enterprise" captures battle cruiser Klingon. Unlike ships Star fleet Federation, ships Klingon Empire equipped secret "masking device"that can make them invisible for the eyes and radar. This device allows Klingon ships go unnoticed in the tail ships Federation and with impunity to deliver a first strike. Due to the masking device Klingon Empire has before Federation of planets strategic advantage.
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Физика невозможного - Защитное силовое поле"Raise shields!" - is the first order, which in the endless series "Star trek" gives a sharp voice captain kirk its crew; obey the orders of the crew includes force field, designed to protect the space ship "enterprise" from enemy fire.
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Человекоподобный робот впервые поднялся на 32 км на воздушном шареЧеловекоподобный робот впервые поднялся на 32 км на воздушном шаре

Spanish company Zero 2 Infinity works a kind of low-end sector of space tourism, planning to put on stream turpreti on the stratospheric heights up to 36 km, where the black sky, the Earth is round, and the stars in brightness almost do not concede to the cosmos.
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Надувной космический щит успешно испытанNASA successfully ended three rounds of trials of promising inflatable aerodynamic braking shield. This is one of the key parts of future unmanned vehicles, which will land on the different bodies of the Solar system.
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SpaceX готовит мегадвигатель для новой ракетыRecently it became known that the company SpaceX is developing a special engine for the new missile, which is not only more Falcon 9, but also surpass the rocket NASA SLS, can lift the space of 130 tons of cargo.
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Гибкий сматрфон от Samsung поступит в продажу в 2013Samsung is so long "scares" all of us his promises to make a breakthrough in the technology of production of mobile phones, releasing the so-called flexible phone that we have become accustomed to it similar to the statements, perceiving them as a normal futuristic projects.
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Металлы для новой эрыProfessor Christopher Hutchinson from Monash University (Australia) dreams of a future in which the materials of construction will be truly multifunctional. According to the scientist, instead of creating the material and hope that its structure and properties are not evolve too much during the period of operation, it is necessary to recognize evolutionary change is inevitable and not to fight them, not avoid them, as from the outset to develop a future material so that the evolution proceeded in the direction of improving its properties.
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Toshiba представила шагающего роботаHeld on the days of the presentation of the four-legged walking robot Toshiba most memorable software failure: the next step on the ladder leading upwards, ON the robot hung, and engineers had to reboot it. Well, only the experimental unit... But why the Japanese have it on public display to full debugging?
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Восстание машин: автономные роботы-убийцы могут появиться уже через 20 летFully Autonomous robots that are decision-makers and in the future will become a universal soldiers, can be developed for 20-30 years, if not earlier.
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Голландское ноу-хау – велосипед-рюкзакConquer the highest peaks always been a goal of any person involved in professional or just keen on mountaineering. However, the descent down the rocky terrain "on foot" often provokes joint injuries. Another thing mountain bike, but for extreme skiing, you must first pull on the mountain.
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Эксперимент: Питаясь 20 дней сухариками и чипсами, крысы облысели, ослепли и сдохлиDnepropetrovsk chemistry teacher has proven harm favorite food of the majority of Ukrainian students.
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Никола Тесла выступал за евгеникуNikola Tesla is widely known as champion AC, wireless electricity and "ray of death", but some of his fans probably will not be happy some forecasts scientist relative future science and culture. He predicted not only the coming of the workaholic-robots, which will allow the person to rest, and to end wars with the advent of super-weapon, but also the distribution in the XXI century eugenics saying that mankind is high time to improve.
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