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«Аненербе» - фабрика рабовThe third Reich was the most terrible and powerful dictatorship in the history of mankind. Why terrible know, even the children. And this is why the powerful? There is every reason to believe that at the service of the Third Reich were some mysterious power, which has not been studied to this day...

The Project "Thor"

Why the German people was so obedient and blindly followed his Fuhrer? The answer to this question is hidden in secret archives "Annenerbe". The mission of this mystery of the Institute was to create brand new weapon, which is not to kill, but to inspire the will of the leader not only individuals, but entire Nations. He headed this Institute Karl Mayr. At the end of the war, many developing and secret plans "Ahnenerbe" became the property of our allies, their secret weapon. One of them is a project under the code name "Thor".

This project would have remained unknown, if not a book Wilhelm Alpental "Thor's Hammer", published in a small circulation in Switzerland in 1959. However, the whole circulation surprisingly quickly disappeared from the shelves, and the author himself drowned in lake Geneva. Soon it became known that he was a former employee of "Annenerbe".

After some time resident of Germany Hans-Ulrich von Kranz accidentally discovered in the attic of a copy of this book in the archives of his father, a scientist, also serving in the war in "Annenerbe".

The book, found in the attic

In the book it was reported that Karl Villiger, one of the leaders of "Annenerbe", kept in his rare family relic - old tablets on which were written the ancient rituals, allowing to receive virtually unlimited power over the people. The lyrics were transcribed using an army of skilled specialists. Soon after schemes depicted on the labels were created so-called psycho-physical apparatus.

Their operation principle is based on the use of torsion fields that were already known. A really fantastic property of these fields was that they could influence on the hypophysis and nerve centers that control the human will.

This was particularly the secret project "Thor". The experiments were carried out on prisoners of the concentration camp, which was organized at the Institute. The device was quite large, and therefore it is usually masked under the manor house, and about its real purpose was not easy to guess.

In 1944 began mass experiments on people. After a while subordinate Maura could not only completely suppress the will of the people, but to get them to execute any command. However, the time the Germans were not left was approaching the victorious may of 1945.

The mystery of the destroyed object

But was that already has had time to create. There is evidence of Russian soldiers, who tried in January 1945 to capture the city Altstadt, fiercely defended the German people's militia:

"Around Altstadt we faced serious resistance from the enemy. Although there were only pensioners and children, they fought to the last drop of blood. To the North from the Altstadt was grove, which defended enemy with a special hard. In addition to the militia was located here and the SS men who were real fanatics. When our first tanks stormed into the edge of the grove, in the depths of her came a few strong explosions.

Then, as if by magic, the situation changed dramatically: the Germans began to lay down their arms and surrender. Their faces were written fright and confusion. The impression was as if blown up was something very important for them. At the explosion site, we found the remains of some small buildings. To understand what it was-it was absolutely impossible. The ruins of the buildings were surrounded by several rows of barbed wire along the perimeter stood guard towers. As it turned out, this object was built just a year ago. This time around the city were placed high antenna with repeaters".

Similar objects were found in other cities - but they also blew up. In order to understand the situation, the Americans created a special Commission, which worked under conditions of strict secrecy. Here are the results: a direct link between these objects with the fanatical resistance German parts of each area. And everywhere after the object has been destroyed, the resistance immediately stopped. All this suggests that each such object in some way affected the morale of German soldiers.

Another book

Another book - "Hitler and the devil" was written by Professor Ville-Frida Thalmann. Collecting for her, he traveled all over Europe. However, the book in publishing house passed was not - and the Professor himself, and his finished work disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But Tallyman had a few disciples with whom he sometimes shared their research. One is left some writing. Of them indicated that at the last stage of the war Hitler was ready to sign a contract with some powerful forces of darkness. The essence of this agreement was that on certain conditions they most mysterious forces can intervene in the course of certain events and even change them.

It was at this time Hitler launched right and left to make their death sentences: personal surgeon to kill all the prisoners of the concentration camps to destroy the Berlin underground flood (then there's her death found 300 LLC civilians)... Something that is exactly the condition of the contract that the Fuhrer was obliged to perform before the dark powers?

Clones for the Third Reich

Not so long ago became property of publicity information about that in the years of the Second world war, the German scientist-biologist Otto Cline was directly involved in the experiments on human cloning. For the conquest of the world domination of the Wehrmacht required a large number of strong and tough soldiers, implicitly perform any team. Here was perfect cloning described in ancient secret teachings.

So it has become an objective reality, was in need of powerful dictator able to get to the East is not available, but so necessary ancient knowledge. So was Adolf Hitler, who to perform planned entered into one of the secret Tibetan societies.

Shortly before this up to the top of the Third Reich came whether nuggets of knowledge, whether the rumors about cloning, which was carried out on the East, in order to achieve the immortality. Ancient scientists allegedly had an opportunity not only to create a clone, but also to give it the consciousness of the original. They used a special device with the help of which the mind of man moved into the newly created clone.

As it became known to the German secret service, the drawings of this device, as well as a description of the cloning process was in secret vaults of one of the Tibetan monasteries. There, in the opinion of the leaders of the Third Reich, could be kept himself magic device. However, despite all efforts, such a valuable thing was not found in Tibet. It seems that the wise Lama has done everything possible so that this knowledge has not got the devil in the face of Hitler.

Despite this, German scientists using their own knowledge, confidently took up the experiments. Both the first and subsequent experiments were more or less successful. However, they showed that the obtained copies have only the simplest reflexes, the existence of consciousness, and one could not speak. Nevertheless, some no clones Cline still possessed and, moreover, even got his own clone, supposedly lived 49 years.
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