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Атомную бомбу изобрели тысячи лет?While in the modern world has not come a century of nuclear physics, many scenes of ancient traditions of different peoples and eras, descriptions of mysterious phenomena such "miracles" historians attributed exclusively to the field of mythology.

Unnecessary units

In the early XII century BC in India lived mathematician and astronomer of Bhaskara Acharya. In one of his works, "Sid-hunt-shiromani" ("Crown doctrine"), among other measurement units, time appears "trutti", component 0,3375 seconds. The experts studying the writings of the ancient Indian scientists are at a loss: for what purpose was needed in those times such unit, and how it was measured?

However, in still earlier the Sanskrit text, "Breath of Sakata"includes "Kasta", the period of time equal... 1/300 LLC LLC seconds! As the ancient Indians used the shares microseconds? After all, "Kasta" may make sense only if there is a practical need and it can be measured.

Meanwhile, modern physicists know that the time of existence of amateria consists of countless atoms that a large part of the space in the atoms are not filled with matter and that this emptiness there are vast worlds.

And another text, "Varahamihira"dated 550 BC, contains mathematical value commensurate with the size of an atom of hydrogen. Again unexplained mystery?

Keepers mysterious knowledge

In 1966, American researcher similar historical mysteries Thomas Andrews visited the Indian city of Madras, where he heard from known local yoga of Pandido of Kaniaha such an interesting confession:

- Scientists-the brahmin from time immemorial were required to store a lot of information, meaning that they did not understand. Even their ancestors knew
About it Andrews wrote in the book "We are not the first", released 1976 in London.

To whom do all it needed was 2500 years ago? In some more distant era existed on Earth (or was temporarily) civilization, the level of knowledge of physics and technology which modern, and perhaps superior to her?

The fact that members of the higher priests were required to remember a number of mathematical and physical symbols and values, not understand them, testifies to someone trying to preserve and pass on to future knowledge from the past to the technological era.

This attempt to some extent managed: at least we can see that in the vast distant past such knowledge existed and, undoubtedly, had a practical value. And yet we have seen for thousands of years this knowledge, not being later claimed, was lost, disappeared from the memory of generations as unnecessary.

Thus, the Greek philosopher Democritus, who lived 2500 years ago, and the follower Epicurus somehow knew that in nature there is nothing but atoms and empty space, and that the atom is the smallest indivisible particle of matter.

After four centuries of Roman lukretsiy wrote that invisible atoms continuously moving in space, and, facing each other, undergo an infinite number of changes. But none of these scientists did not mention (and probably did not know) values like "truggy" or "Kasta", - they were completely useless. After two or three centuries in scientific circles few people remembered and about atoms, they are once again interested in only at the turn of XIX-XX centuries.

What fought ancient Terrans

In the Sanskrit texts of the ancient Indian epos ' Mahabharata', consisting of 18 books and more than 200 thousand verses, contains information about religion, world Outlook, customs, history of Ancient India, and also the legends about the gods and heroes. Epic dates back to 1500 BC, but it describes the events occurred much earlier, tens of thousands of years ago.

A significant part of the "Mahabharata" is devoted to military action with the participation of the gods, demigods and men. Researchers believe that these events belong to the semi-legendary history of invasion in the Indian subcontinent from the North of the tribes of the Aryans (Aryans). However, among the usual scenes of ancient battles are very detailed scenes... artillery, missiles, military aircraft, and nuclear weapons!

In "Drumapella" - one of the books "of Mahabharata" - tells about the battle, during which the explosion of shells, like a huge ball of fire. This i the text describes the appearance of mushroom clouds characteristic of thermonuclear explosion. It is compared with the disclosure of a giant umbrella. After these explosions, the food was poisoned, the survivors fell ill with radiation sickness - they have vomiting, fell hair and nails, and then comes death.

The text also States that in the zone of the effects can be saved, if carefully wash their bodies in the river. That is, describes the process of decontamination carried out in such cases in our days.

But as to the "Mahabharata"and also in "Ramayana" - ancient Indian epic poem - the use of atomic weapons and its consequences: "One shell exploded with stronger, overriding force. Incandescent column of smoke and flame, such as dazzling as ten thousand Suns, rushed into the sky. It was a weapon, Metal Zipper, turned to ashes whole race Vrishni and Andhaka. The bodies of these people were so burnt that no-one should be identified, and all the birds around white feathers.,Through a few hours all the food was poisoned. To escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves into the river to wash themselves and their equipment".

What they flew

For nuclear weapons necessary means of delivery. In the "Mahabharata" says that this, too, was all right. In the epic provides detailed and very real design description, missiles, aircraft, and other devices.

The most detail about ancient aircraft - Vimana. In the book "Sadarangani Suchithra" compare the different types that are mentioned advantages and disadvantages of each are flying characteristics, ways of landing. Special attention is paid to the properties of materials - structural, such as wood, light metals and their alloys, as well as substances used to create the driving force. To the last, oddly enough, is mercury.

Here is a description of the flight Vimana: "With the help of mercury presentable on may acquire power, not inferior force lightning. If this iron engine filled with mercury, and the top of heat, it will begin to develop the capacity, making a sound like the roar of a lion, and the machine will immediately appear in the sky".

In Ramayana is told that he had seen from above God Rama, his wife SITA during the flight from Sri Lanka to India. The author brings such details, which can be seen only from the big height.

And this very ancient plane is characterized as having "an incredibly high speed, fully managed, with space with Windows and comfortable Seating".

Opponents of nuclear weapons

It is characteristic that in both these epics and expressed concern over the consequences of use of nuclear weapons. In the "Mahabharata" there are verses that modern fighters for a world without nuclear weapons could be used as their slogans: "You are cruel and mean, drunk and blinded by power, with your Iron Lightning you will bring death to their own people".

And "Ramayana" warns: "the Arrow of Death has such power that can in one minute to destroy the whole Earth."

And in "MouseLeave" there is a verse about awakened the consciousness of what a nuclear weapon is a threat to the whole world. There is mentioned a case of voluntary refusal from nuclear warheads and their destruction: "After painful hesitations, the Governor gave orders to destroy Iron Zipper, smash it to pieces and grind them to powder. Call the people, so they threw the powder into the sea".

Aliens or earthlings?

Many fragments of ancient texts of different peoples, in which, apparently, is described nuclear weapons, results in his book "memories of the future", "Back to the stars", "the last Prophet" and other Erich von Daniken, a staunch supporter of the hypothesis about the contacts of the Earthmen with aliens that occurred in the distant past.

He believes that weapons of mass destruction were used in wars with the then primitive inhabitants of the Earth developed aliens from outer space. But it seems unlikely that civilized aliens had the idea to use nuclear charges against earth men armed with bows and arrows. Even if we leave aside the moral and ethics, intelligent aliens realized that it's just not economically feasible. Surely, in this case they had something simpler and cheaper.

So the alleged nuclear war probably occurred not between the "advanced" aliens from outer space and terrestrial savages, and between the Terrans, which was about our present level of development, at least in the military-technical sphere. And, most likely, this tragedy broke out not only in the Indian subcontinent, and swept the globe.
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