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Золото-величайшее чудо вселенойColumbus discovered not only America. The main discovery of Christopher Columbus in his words: "With GOLD, not only can you do anything in this world, with its help you can extract the souls out of purgatory and populate them Rai...", In a letter to king Ferdinand, the man who discovered America, pointed out the main secret of the Creator, lost with the death of the library of Alexandria.

And only now, in the era of nanotechnology and rapid progress in the treatment of cancer with the use of GOLD and other metals of platinum group (with high spin moment), the most progressive part of mankind begins to understand Why people laughed at us Indians Maya, when humankind made a GOLD - medium of exchange in trade!

The owners of Russian oil capital in the last year put money into gold-mining industry is so urgently that you would think if they have access to the secrets of the Golden water (the Torah, Mei-Zahav), House of Gold, Brotherhood Gold Rosicrucians, the mystery "svetkamrazuka white gold powder"protected "Great White Brotherhood", and a Golden statue of George Washington, standing in the courtroom of the new York center of the Freemasons. Or, moreover, - have access to the secrets of levitation and the immaculate conception.

But no, as long as the "hands" of the oil business in the Golden business is only a reflection of the understanding that:

First, the oil price is paid off through the rise in the price of gold and, respectively, through a reduction in gold content in the American currency, the dollar. And since according to the calculations of the American experts of the US economy positively grows with the growth of oil prices and, moreover, America "psychologically prepared" for the price of oil, up to 150 dollars per barrel, the price of gold could continue its growth only for this reason.

Secondly, gold becomes a good investment object as the reduction of the gold content of the dollar, leading to inflation.

Third, the discovery of new properties of atomic gold, primarily in the treatment of cancer , in achieving physical longevity, the development of phenomenal abilities memory to memorize vast amounts of information, and also opening in the practical application of gold-containing medicines, cosmetics lead to a sharp rise in demand for gold (!) in connection with the expansion of its application in the production of goods and services of the best quality, with use of high technologies. In the coming years, this component of the demand for gold will sharply grow!

Golden style in the interiors is but a reflection of the growth in the demand for Gold-containing goods and services". As well as that, for example, in the restaurant Carven (which at the White house on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment) "crown the efforts of cooks is - risotto with porcini mushrooms, decorated with GOLD foil, which can include, mixing with rice. Gold foil was, in its time, and corporate style menu rich passenger Airliners "Concord". In the Indian same kitchen dessert dishes are covered with the finest gold food foil. In 2005, there has appeared the "Golden" drinking water (in a glass "packaging" in view of the Eiffel tower) which has colloidal gold. The American company ABC Dispensing Technologies, a manufacturer of new, stated that this is the first in the world drinking water, which contains gold.

The essence of the principle one: or "Food of Gold", or "Food in Gold," or "Food on the Gold bowl", that generally known from ancient times.

In ancient Egypt it was believed that it is necessary to feed not only the material body of a human, but his svetalana body (soul) and so the Egyptian priests had access to such delicacies as "White bread" - made from gold powder, which lifted the soul and spirit, bringing it closer to the grace and heavenly state. Egyptian kings swallowed white manna from gold, starting around 2180 BC this writes Lawrence Gardner - Royal historian of European Royal Council /1/.

It's about this phenomenon, along with other secrets, said Columbus when mentioned about the ability of GOLD (Golden powder) to pull the soul from Hell and send it to Heaven. Concomitant effect this had the effect of unusual lightness and weightlessness. In my opinion, we could go and levitation, as in the legends about Hyperborea (Northern Russia in ancient times) also mentioned that the power of flight (or rather antigravity) occurred after the adoption of the secret potions.

The secret svetkamrazuka white gold powder" deliberately destroyed, and legends remained. However, modern scholars have already opened powder (Golden origin) with the same properties as a natural superconductor with zero magnetic field that rejects both the North and South magnetic poles, with the ability to levitate and save any number of light and energy. Superconductivity this "exotic matter" was proclaimed by scientists at the University of Illinois the "most remarkable physical property in the Universe"

Hence the interest to the ancient traditions of the priests, driven by the latest discoveries of new properties of GOLD nanoparticles. And these discoveries are, in fact, pereotkryty advanced science, which was understandable or at least known to the inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Israel priests.

But this is the PREAMBLE.

The fact that today in modern elite is the consciousness of sacral sense GOLD, but not the knowledge of this sacred meaning.

In the actions of elites is a reflection of respect to the effects of rejuvenation and healing, which gives real GOLD, but, at the moment, there is no understanding of the mechanism of action of GOLD. Lights, first of all, medical science, and physics, watch the incredible healing success when using gold nanoparticles, more often, however, this effect has a side character, and is not the result of experimental verification of some one coherent concept. At the moment the explanation of the MECHANISM is the discrete nature. Glimpses.

So we now (no matter what is happening in the world of science!) traded GOLD, save GOLD, locked in boxes and Bank vaults, when God gave us the GOLD not to do this...GOLD - the elixir of life and immortality, and we traded and traded "Immortality and divine."

GOLD specify the path to Paradise. It is not necessary to read the words of Columbus so that, by paying to God considerable number of ounces of gold, we can bribe him and replace ticket to Hell, ticket to Heaven. 't buy for gold and the path to Paradise through the mediation of the Church ... we are Talking about something else...

It is just about what is the secret of the Golden age, Golden water, Golden path, which is predicted to Vladimir Putin; secret, perhaps, the famous Indian dynasty Mahatmas (spiritually-theocratic dynasty, many years ruled India), and also, of course, known to the ancient Greek philosophers (Plato, and others, which are often called the Gentiles.

So, as new discoveries confirm the ancient legends, will do the corpus of what is known about the Golden powder and gold nanoparticles, from Ancient Egypt to the latest discoveries of modern scientists.
Ancient Egypt. Egyptian hierophants

In Ancient Egypt was known "kvetobrazy white gold powder, which was purified soul, impacted positively on its power and gave the feeling of lightness and even the legends, in exceptional cases, allow the soul to leave the body, and then return it back. The cleansing of the human soul led to physical longevity. Thus, this "White bread" was permitted to approach a certain image of the "Ideal man". All the leading priests and alchemists of that period, until the doctor Paracelsus said one thing: the Main task is not to get tons of gold by transmutation of metals, but to get the "Perfect Man"/5/. Accordingly, the objective was to obtain drugs (exotic foods), to hold a person in the so called Golden path (the path of perfection), and make it Perfect, no suffering, balanced, kind, moral, sincere, pure, immortal Soul.

The essence and significance of the "Golden powder" well explains the story of Moses and the Israelites at mount Horeb in Sinaia, where Moses was disappointed to find that his brother Aaron gathered the Israelites gold rings and forged one of them a Golden calf as an idol to worship. In the end, Moses took the Golden calf and gave it to the fire; then he Istook in powder and fed the Israelites.
The North of modern Russia. Shamans

Shamans were known to the unique healing properties of zebeta. Shivering is a very rare breed, containing insoluble complex GOLD salts, which were hitherto not been able to reproduce artificially. The most popular meteorite hypothesis of the origin of zebeta. Fell in the atmosphere, its small (of the order of 0.1 mm) shiny crystals scattered over the eternal ice, forming a spot elliptical shape; later, his form was broken by the drift of ice. The tribes of the Arctic regions of the North-East of Russia was extracted chilly during its entire recorded history. The powder was watawala ice, dried and were separated from the grains of sand that stuck to his fingers; over the hands that pull shamans performed special cleansing ritual with the use of horsetail and bone meal. The stock of nobita was kept at the head shaman it was used in the treatment of a series of diseases, poisoning enemies (in high doses). Knew about zdobyte and the shamans of Altai. And even the doctor Paracelsus was traveling on the territory of modern Russia, a lot of talking with shamans. Among others were interested in the issues of radioactivity radioactive minerals Arctic areas).

As you can see, the method of extraction of zebeta, indicates that shamans, in their experience, had already been known magnetic properties of small gold crystals of salt. And using "magnetism of hands" (weak magnetic fields) they were "caught" gold dust of Eternal ice. In this case, as in the legends of Egypt, is about healing and magnetic properties of a powder of gold particles. However, this powder, as well as "White bread"seems not to be gained only by simple mechanical crushing of gold.

Will notice, Moses before pound GOLD, delivered his FIRE... and that's the KEY and the CODE for the upcoming scientific discoveries, even if someone does not like "fire" - the Gentiles. In this case, it is the First protected me the position. However, I am talking about the FIRE as a natural "Antigravitator", because the only flame of fire rushes upward toward gravity, whereas all the other seek to earth. In these reflections about the fire has meaning and context Kabbalistic books "esh a-Mezareph", "Fire Cleansing".

What happens in the modern world

Japanese scientists in 2003-2004 revealed GOLDEN "nanomagnet". Their experiments showed that the magnetic properties of gold nanoparticles differ significantly from the usual properties of gold - they behave like ferromagnetic particles. Gold in the normal state is a diamagnetic. Thus, Japanese scientists discovered that it was known shamans from the practice of extraction of zebeta. It magnetism, which appears in small particles of gold/2/

Oncologists from Arkansas offered an interesting method of treatment of malignant tumors of the mammary glands (2003). In the developed by them method plays a key role GOLD, who filled the cancer cells. Scientists proposed to fill breast tumors GOLD (for example, implantarea under the skin of the breast thin gold stripes), and then treating the breast low-energy laser. Gold reflects the laser beams so that their energy is dissipated cancer cells, destroying the last/4/

The group academician Philip Rutberg St. Petersburg Institute of Electrophysics and electric power industry of the Russian Academy of Sciences patented in the USA the system of plasma water purification. It later emerged that the treated plasma way water selectively affects cancer cells, leaving healthy whole. Cause unusual effect that due to the discharge electrodes "fly" charged copper nanoparticles (size in 2-10 nm). In June 2006 the project on plasma water purification CJSC "technosystema-ECO" (Moscow) received the Grand Prix of the Contest of Russian innovations, the General partner of which was a shell in Russia.

Scientists from the University Ludwig-Maximilan (Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich proposed to mix the medicine with magnetic nanoparticles, or nanomagnetism, microcaps water to then direct them to the affected areas using a magnetic field (2007).

In the journal Scientific American else for 1995 discussed the effect, which caused ruthenium (high spin) in collaboration with human DNA. It was stated that, if you put the individual atoms of ruthenium at each end of a short strand of DNA is a chain of actually becomes a superconductor. Modern science has established monatomic ruthenium comes into resonance with DNA, disassemble short spiral and collects them in the correct form. The cell is recovering

I presented those scientific achievements that are important to understanding how discoveries in nanotechnology allow today to Reconstruct ancient knowledge, preserved, often in the form of legends and codes, and also bring together the positions of science and world religions.

In the series there are the following main scientific vectors:
The magnetism of nanochastits gold
Magnetic nanoparticles as "wagons" for targeted delivery of drugs against cancer.
Saturation of cancer cells gold
"The cure" gold DNA.
Small amounts of gold healing "life design" is many times larger volume and mass.
Organic memory on gold nanoparticles
The interaction of nanoparticles and water with the effect of "Living water"

I will concentrate on the "Living water", because from my point of view, the "entrance" to the study of problems through the "Living water" starts the movement of humanity's evolutionary, based on the ancient wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras, Plato, as predicted Blavatskaya, as you know, a pupil of the Mahatma (Great Brotherhood Teachers of humanity, Dedicated)

In the folk wisdom for centuries under the "Living water" understand natural water. It Rosa, melt water, the water of mountain rivers and waterfalls, water from mineral and other). This "Living water"of course, as in fairy tales not quickens, it gives energy and mood. The main problem is that natural "Living water" retains its properties for days, i.e. it difficult to store, it "dies".

In ancient times, the Egyptian Queen for "reviving" of water in swimming pools, made his servants to sleep on the perimeter of the pool. According to that hypothesis, which I developed in the present article, this way they used a magnetic field to the magnetization of water. This is indicated by the fact that students are often asked to drink water from head Teachers. I.e. Water supplied during sleep, the head Teacher not only fell under the influence of magnetism Teachers, but also "remember" information of his energy field. Previously known effects "remember" information charmed water, is also confirmed by numerous scientific researches of the last years, and do not provoke discussion.

In recent years in business "drinking water" is often used and brand of "Living water". In those cases, when it is put on a stream, often equate "Living water" and "Magnetic water." There are many ways of magnetic treatment of water. For the latest achievements include water purification by nanofiljtrami.../6/. It can be assumed that the magnetism of the nanoparticles in this case, it provides temporary magnetization of water.

However, as I said above, there is a problem not only receive a "Live magnetic water". There is the problem of preservation of "Living water".

However, if you carefully read folk tales, first of all, a fairytale "Live water", we will find and scientific solution of this problem.

Will quote: "And here wood (silver) began to speak: " Listen to me, young man! At the bottom of the spring is the pitcher. Get it and fill with the living water. Then what I had one branch. On the way back will dip a branch in living water, and to sprinkle the stones on the path... Bowed Maciej over a spring, and saw on the bottom of the gold jug, got it, and he drank of living water".

Only today, after the arch and analysis of all scientific discoveries we can say that in this quote tale about the "Living water" and contains the Code of the Creator.

"Living water" can only be saved in the "Golden jug" submerged "Silver branch".

So, in folk tales already many centuries ago was attended by the knowledge that GOLD is a diamagnetic, repel external magnetic field (which is close in its properties to superconductors), that protects the fluid in the "Golden vessel" from the effects of external fields without changing the magnetism of what is inside. Or rather, keeping magnetism "Living water" within the "Golden vessel."

Therefore the second protected the provision of this article can be formulated as follows: "Golden jug "Living water" in and "Silver branch" - this is the formula of "Perfect Man"

This is the formula of the Person having the so-called "Light of the Soul" (associated with superconductivity and high spin in the terminology of modern physics)

This is the formula of the newborn child: pure, innocent. Child domestic "Living water", which from the point of view of modern scientific discoveries referred to as a cluster. Under the microscope it looks like snowflakes. This water is found in all infants:human, shoots of trees, foals. All babies filled clustered water, but it quickly disappears and turns into a structured water. And then, no less quickly, due to aging and loss of health, it begins to move into the flat condition. The University of Georgia , where are these studies, it was found that every sick cell of our body is surrounded unstructured water. While healthy cells are surrounded structured water. Natural water in rivers and lakes is also structured. Cancer cells hydrophobic (dehydrated).

Based on the main principle: "Everything is created in the image and likeness of God," we must conclude that the formula of the ideal of a living cell of a human body is identical to the formula of the Ideal man.

Thus, the living cell must be the "Light of the Soul" or otherwise "Golden Shower". Cancer cells without a Soul. The goal of treatment is to breathe in her Soul.

It is known that cancer cells accumulate gold and built on this principle cancer diagnosis. I.e. cancer cells, trying to survive on their own, draw a gold particles.

The human body is so perfect that he tries to put himself GOLDEN PATCHES on his "human gold suit"received "holes". Man is able to GOLDEN regeneration is the third protect my position.

Unfortunately, through these "holes" from the human body "leaked" vital energy, and that it is necessary to understand, get inside cosmic radiation, killing all new and new cells. We can conclude that especially dangerous state "of a leakage in the body by cancer cells for women. Because every month their body makes up from cells without souls under the possible child. Probably here in cancer treatment, in some advanced in this way the countries, the great importance is the formula "to Kill a woman." But in America promoted medical waiver of such monthly risks.

What I have called "gold-human spacesuit" - this is the kind of "Golden jug of Man".

The ability to Golden regeneration preserved in a Person with those times when he was the very perfection, and in the history was called the person of the "Golden age".

Doctors have already realized that cancer cells are "asked" to quench their thirst in gold (other metals with high spin) and this is, in principle, all major schema cancer treatment. However, there is the problem of overdose and toxicity. The question about why each sixth, they have to abandon gold-drugs because of the side-effects/3/. All these questions will be answered, if to study the problem be approached from the point of view of AL-chemistry (AL-gold), i.e. from the standpoint Devoted in secrets of the House of Gold.

So, the cancer cell wants to become a GOLD and be surrounded by the "Living water". But "Golden jug of Man" got "holes" and the water in the Man, once Alive (structured) becomes unstructured.. In this case, the body or, at least, the sick cells need a constant source of "Living water".

This source could be "the GOLDEN water, i.e. water that contains gold nanomagnet and stores due to this, their magnetism. From the point of view of magnetism perfect (maybe less) and water containing nanoparticles other metals present in the human body, particularly copper. A side effect of the selective action of plasma water on cancer cells described above, confirms this conclusion. However, from my point of view, the principle is still high spin moment of metal.

Thus, all the latest discoveries in the field of medicine confirms the conclusion that the HEALING of a man is the desire of the body to the gold standard.

Not by accident in the people the good and enlightened person is called "the Golden man", a man with a Golden heart". Of those who invests in case the soul, they say, "Golden hands". Receiving the same talent as an inspiration called the "Nuggets". All this should be understood literally, as the lyrics of geologists: "We can and in the life of the ore expensive to distinguish from the breed was empty."

Likewise saw the creation of the priests of Ancient Egypt and AL-chemists. The transformation of the less noble metals in a nobler, in particular, copper into gold, they called a CURE. By analogy, healing the man was connected with turning it into a noble man, in an ideal, a person with a conscience, morality and intelligence. All this was accompanied by "treatment of metals" and inside of the man. It is mentioned by alchemists and reverse the process of "diseases of metals" with their "communion with less noble".

In most sacred subjects, when the CURE was associated with the use of "White bread", the secrets of which kept the "Great White brotherhood", the process was called DEIFICATION of the KINGS.

Luminous white powder, as the guide on this path, depicted in the form of a cone with a field at the bottom. The image reminds the form of a torch, the form of a fire of burning candles. This divine spark inside of the person. Solar fire in Buddhism to be equated with ' Lotus of the Heart." And the Lotus with the cross is a sign Devoted.

This is the Golden path, the path of perfection. Because illuminating the Divine cosmos coming only to the one who is on the path of excellence (cure) lit inner light. "I know God" spoke about it Slavs. And just as the Egyptians attached great importance to the refiner's fire.

Since the secret "White bread" was lost, few could pass the Golden path of perfection. First, preserved the legend of the sacred value of GOLD, but no one knew the mechanism of recovery of GOLD. The rulers tried to surround myself with the "Golden shell": gold walls, Golden thrones, gold crowns, gold jewelry, but the soul was still mortal. Although health of body all this influenced positively.

But, by and large, as IRON into GOLD not ready, GOLD it will not. Actually elite were lost over time, the divine meaning. But divinity wanted. So has occurred and exotic cases where people drank gold", "eat gold, covered with gold his body, but gold this is not becoming, but only died.

At the same time took place decrease of magical power of GOLD, which was connected with the cosmic processes. But in the 21st century solar power GOLD begins again to return to this metal, so say those who know the stars, and it marks a "Golden age" and the anticipation of the "Golden man".

Not casually, knowing the coming of the "Golden century". Nostradamus addressed a warning to our generation, not to repeat the mistakes of the "Golden consumption", not restoring the sacred meaning of the "GOLDEN CURE".

So, as shown above, the scientific discoveries give us clues to the restoration of the mysteries of metallurgical Union Enlightened Masters of Tuthmosis III. But even full reconstruction of this knowledge will not allow to reveal the secret of immortality, if we will not give up rational, pragmatic approach chemists and not recognize that the main part of "chemistry experiment" is the Light Is the Soul of a priest or AL-chemist. Understand the science of language - the state and the power of their energy field, the increasing use of high thoughts, good thoughts, ceremonies, prayer (acoustic vibrations), cleansing fire. High Soul continues to improve in the course of this "MUTUAL CURE". as under the influence (impact) of the divine Cosmos gets not only metal, but AL-chemist.

The Egyptian priests and AL-chemists, getting powder for deification of the pharaohs, became, to some extent, DEITIES...

Natalia Yaroslav (II-JSC№106563)
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