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Куда исчезает остальная кровь доноровThe role of blood, as the dominant Energon-formatsionnogo and guide factor in human life, enormously powerful..."

Not all is so simple. However, it is still esoteric direction. Many cautious attitude to such statements. But on behalf of Alexander Bogdanov (1873-1928), not so easy
shrug. It's a pillar in the Foundation of Transfusiology.

The most interesting experiments have been made. All of them, at least, talked about the fact that the blood is the media not only nutrients, but also a special substance that determines the life processes in the body. If his work after his death, have been classified, it does not mean that the phenomenon of blood ceased to exist.

the blood is the energy-informational structure that carries information, not just the one that gave us our ancestors: grandparents, parents. That is, the experience of survival, accumulated on
for centuries, but the information that we receive for the life of the world that surrounds us.

And any impact, whether physical or spiritual - instantly appears on the status of our blood. Long-lasting negative effects on the body various negative pathogens, reflected,
first of all on the cells and the structure of our blood.

Trends in the global community so that there is no doubt in deliberate sabotage. Have all of this is only one common explanation: "Suffering some people can be turned into "food for others. In other words there are mechanisms misappropriation of other people's happiness. And here is a confirmation of this phenomenon I got Trehlebov:

"As you know, this ... eats only kosher. the meat, i.e. the meat of dead animals particular, to the smallest detail set by the way. Slaughter this, in which the animal is supported in a standing position, slowly bleeding to death under the blows of the special piercing guns, by itself, is an abominable cruelty. But it is noteworthy that the sacrificial slaughter, for the right of which ........ in all countries of their dispersion struggling with extraordinary tenacity, to this day preserved the value of religious sacrifice, for the strongest expiration kawaha occurs during hemorrhage. Resnicy, put ......... to this bloody witchcraft, is not simple butchers, and clergy, and all this horrible ritual is accompanied by reading special prayers and spells".

Also, writer-publicist Vasily Vasilevich Rozanov (1856-1918) describes slaughter at ........ slaughter according to Russian doctor-veterinarian:
"When I produced the slaughter of sheep, calves and yearlings... noticed that I see no slaughter, and some religious rite... biblical sacrifice. Before me were not just butchers, and the priests, the role of which were strictly divided. The main role belonged to Reznik, armed with any sharp instrument; he was assisted by a number of servants: some held slaughter cattle, supporting it in a standing position, others...pinched the animal's mouth, and others were collected blood of the sacrificial vessels... finally, the fourth held sacred books, on which prayers were read and produced a ritual ceremony...

Slaughter amazed by its cruelty and fanaticism... Reznik, armed water hand longest in Polesine knife with a narrow blade,... another long, vershoks six shilom, quietly, slowly, calculated inflicted
animal deep, stabbing wounds, acting alternately called guns. With each blow was verified by the book, which the boy was kept open before Reznik... the First blows were made animal in the head, then in the neck... Animal trembled, tried to escape, tried to low, but it was bessilna: legs were bound, in addition, it is tightly held three burly servants, fourth same pinched mouth... it turned out only deaf, strangled, hoarse sound.

Every blow was accompanied by a trickle of blood... from some of the wounds she oozed, while others she gave a fountain... Then came a pause, undoubtedly, short, but to me it seemed like eternity; in this
time grind out the blood... At the end followed further, well designed, quiet blows, interrupt the reading of prayers. These shots had already given very little blood, or did not give it to...
the application of these attacks, the animal turned over on his back, and he was applied last, the final blow...".

Trehlebov comments:

"You need not just the killing of animals, not merely to stun the animal and not even getting more and more blood for it, but the slow death of the victim so that, keeping her full consciousness, to cause the greatest suffering, to ensure the long experience of it all the horror that creates the strongest expiration kawaha"

"Gawah" - this mysterious substance completely fits the description of one of the main substances, which is the production of parasites. Then everything falls into place. And current acts global parasitic forces, and any blood sacrifice at all. Become clear to many magical rituals.

Except that many thousands of years in a row humanity wrongly suffered hogwash, we have to admit meaning of these actions. The vast majority of these sacrifices meant the so-called deities.

This metaphysical region, but eat something, it turns out, metaphysical being, quite real, preferably human blood. And they need this blood, that is, as a carrier of a certain "kawaha". And this gawah,
it is also clear, is not a glucose or sucrose or other nutrient.

This is, apparently, the equivalent of the vital force of the person, or life in General. It is obvious that in this case the most gawah is not permanently dissolved in the blood, but in an emergency he accepted the blood,
obviously for some purposes. Certainly, it is protective and remedial purposes at the time of stress, fear, always accompanying emergency situations.

You can say that it is the elixir of life. It should always keep alive. And it is always tasty production of any viable entity. If these entities are not viable, but somehow live, so they
steal someone else's life (the foreign gawah), respectively, the happiness of others.

On the question where does the rest of the blood donors - the book of Alex Artemiev "How to steal a fortune..."

+)Logo krowoderska organizations - the red cross on a white background with a Crescent"+)" stands for :
The cross is the main symbol Satanichrist it was the blood,the white background is betweenosteoporosis a vessel for blood collection jelly-"Caduc".

Shortly:the Main blood feeds the parasites in the underground bashee merge in cans and taken on machines "red cross" to the transshipment point,where as military cargo goes underground.
There is also go and taken away from infant plasma(they should be left near children up to full use,there immunity for life).
Stop +) in short time and no parasites on earth.
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