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Астрология и повседневная жизньOne of the attractions of astrology is for many people is that, having found my innate strengths and weaknesses, they understand how to take from life all the best. Like all occultists with magical thinking, astrologers appreciate balance and harmony.

They condemn any excess and extremes, extravagant and eccentric behavior. Some people are disturbed because of disharmonious distribution of the planets in their horoscope. Even if you are full of enthusiasm and energy, you won't succeed in life without a harmonious aspects of Saturn, which give realistic and orderliness of thinking. Practical and prizemleniya man needs a harmonious aspects of Jupiter, which will broaden his horizons and opens before him the prospects for new achievements. However, the planet is in no way dooms person on unhappiness and misery. Knowing your weaknesses, you can try to fix them.

"The stars bend, instead of being forced", is a favorite saying astrologers, and the most modern adherents astrology believe - at least in theory, that a person is not obliged to steadily follow the course, ordained him to the heavens from birth. People have free will and can challenge the stars. However, in practice the question is not quite true to this belief. They pretend that their predictions are extremely accurate (Lindow, for example, States that his forecasts come true in 80-90% of cases), and if that's true, most of us still obediently follows exactly the path indicated to us at the moment of birth of a heavenly body. However, astrologers not be confused by the idea that the more precisely their prediction, the less chance they have to help us change the destiny. Moreover, they consider themselves not just predictors, and counselors that can show us the way to prosperity and happiness.

Naturally, they are very concerned with issues of love and marriage. Before you marry, supporter of astrology must map your Natal chart with the horoscope of the groom or the bride, to verify its compatibility with this partner. It is desirable to plan well in advance, even before being made to the proposal: after all, if the astrologer suddenly will propose to break the engagement, there will be an unpleasant situation. One of the common theories on this account says that it is better to marry with a person born under the sign opposite to your own.

Astrologers say that "opposites come together", and partners, born under opposite signs, will be able to create a harmonious, balanced Union. In this theory is reflected magical principle that development and progress have been made possible through the reconciliation of opposites.

Another traditional theory States that you should marry a man, a solar sign which belongs to the same triplicity as your own solar sign, but in any case not to the same quadruplicate. "Fiery" man-RAM you can marry "fiery" woman-Leo or Sagittarius, but we must avoid "cardinal" women born under the signs of Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The fact that triplicity is a group of three characters. Three is the number reconciliation of opposites, and the symbol of fertility and procreation, but because it is considered to be favorable for marriage. And quadruplicate is a group of four characters, four same - an ominous number of unhappiness and frustration.

Astrologers understand that many people take love unions and marriage at random, without consulting with the stars, but because in most astrological journals are published tips, addressed to readers who are dissatisfied with their family life. One expert, for example, promises to answer jealous wife changes her husband or not, if it will report the date, time and place of birth of the suspect.

If you are already married, the stars can tell you what time it is better to have children, so that they will not disappoint. One American astrologer says: "With astrology is now possible to produce children desired gender and endowed with the desired characteristics".

Astrologers not only perform the functions of marriage consultants, and indicate which days will be favorable for the beginning of an enterprise. In the ephemeris at the XV century, compiled by the astrologer Regiomontana included information about favorable days for transactions, sowing, planting of grapes, washing and cutting hair. Modern astrologers show as an enviable care. In astrological journals published inventories days, suitable for the practice of baking, sewing or dances, for parties, for the purchase of the car for a visit to the photographer, for Foundation of a new house, to buy new clothes, hair clipper with the aim to stimulate their growth (increasing the moon) or, conversely, to try to slow down (in the waning moon). Some journals lead lists "happy lunar days", which is calculated as a rule, on the basis of the so-called "sites of the moon".

The moon goes around the zodiac in about 27.3 days. Parking moon are areas of the Zodiac, each covering a way, perpetrated by the Moon one day. The moon will have a substantial impact on everyday, everyday things, as it moves through the zodiac faster than the Sun and planets. However, to assess how well the chosen day for this or that enterprise, astrologers can build on this day full horoscope, noting on the map all the houses, planets and aspects. On the basis of such horoscope forecast is more accurate. For example, the astrologer can everyone is strongly advised against you to buy a house that day, when mercury is a negative aspect to Mars. It is desirable, he shall say, to wait for the moment when mercury (planet trade) forms a connection or harmonious aspect to Jupiter (prosperity).

If you buy or sell an animal, it is necessary to pay special attention to the sixth house of the horoscope, managing four-legged animals. To buy a goat, certainly better at the moment when the Moon is in Capricorn and in the sixth house. In addition, astrologers consider the sixth house in forecasting the results of the races. One of the ways of the forecast is to build a horoscope on the time and place of the forthcoming race and evaluate the position of the planets in connection with flowers, which will act as jockeys. The seven planets ancient times correspond to the traditional colors (see above, Chapter 1), and the newly discovered planets in this case are associated with striped (Uranium), cellular (Neptune) and the spotted (Pluto) suits. If jockey will be dressed in red, then it corresponds to Mars. And if Mars is well aspected by, especially if this is in the sixth house, this room has all the chances to win.

Calculating provisions and aspects of the planets on any given day in the future, astrologer defines heavenly trends at this moment and explain to your customer, how to extract maximum benefit from them. Whatever you're going to do, whatever the problem is not solved, it is possible to agree it with the stars and to enlist their support. Section astrology, dedicated to the selection of the right moment for the beginning of an entity, called elective astrology. Sister horary astrology allows you to set what will be the end already started the project is built horoscope at the time when the idea of this project first came to you in the head.

The current relative positions of the planets - the second after sun sign is the factor on which are based the horoscopes in magazines and Newspapers. For example, at the time of this writing Neptune is in Scorpio. Because Neptune is the planet of illusion, the Scorpions should guard against fraud and deception. "To avoid problems, do not trust anyone except themselves".

"Remember that your personal needs is your private affair". "Keep your feelings and money to themselves". Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and upheavals, is the virgin, and because virgins recommend "to be vigilant and beware of surprises". "Do not make rash decisions". "The week will pass without problems, if you refrain from disputes and disputes". "Do not take important decisions and do not in my life any major changes".

A more complex method of astrological predictions-so-called progression. Karl Kraft, one of the astrologers Hitler claimed "Natal forever imprinted everything that will happen to this man: these planets continue to affect him until his death *". But, despite this, the planet will not disappear from the sky after the person was born. They continue to move in the usual way and to influence it. Progression - this is the method of evaluation of those influences that have a planet to man after his birth. However, unfortunately, astrologers and has not developed a unified system in this area.

Order progressive map, astrologer is based on the following curious and important considerations. He said, "let us Assume that X days in the sky corresponds Y years on Earth". Different systems of calculation progressive cards differ from each other mainly those numbers that put different astrologers in the formula for X and Y. the Very same formula astrologers do not explain. They compare it with the scale used to build maps (where one mile, for example, corresponds to one inch), but the legality of this approach in astrology nothing to prove, arguing simply that this method works.

In the most common system of calculation of progressions one day in heaven is accepted equal to one year on Earth. Suppose you were born at 10 a.m. on 1 June. The move, which will make the planet starting from this moment on and until 10 a.m. the next day, run the first year of your life; move they'll do for the next twenty-four hours - the second year, and so on. If you just turned forty years old, you have already experienced the impact of all planetary positions, which was observed during the first forty days of his life.

Progressive map for the coming year should be timed to 10 am, 11 July of the year in which you were born, i.e. at the beginning of the forty-first day of your life. In this day and time for your birthday calculated provisions of the ascendant and cusps. Sign ascendant and solar sign this card,as well as all the planets that fall within its first home will affect you in the coming year significant impact. If, for example, ascendant progressive card is in Gemini in the coming year you will become more careless and inconsistent, though not go against the basic characteristics of their birth chart. The Manager of the horoscope for the next year you will be mercury, ruler of Gemini, and the important role will be given to areas of life associated with the progressive house card, where is this planet. In areas of life, associated with progressive house card, where will be the Moon, there will be some changes, as Luna lady of changes and fluctuations. In the Affairs of the house, where to get Mars, there will be a surge of activity; it is also possible conflicts and disagreements in these areas. If Jupiter (the principle of the extension) will be in the first house (appearance), it is likely that in the coming year, you will gain weight. And if Saturn (the principle of limitation) will fall in the eighth house (sources of profit), it is possible that your debtors refuse to pay the bill. Aspects of the moon - the mistress of women - will affect your relationships with the fair sex. The negative aspects of mercury can make you stray; because of them you can often prevent slips, misprints and reservations, and it is wrong to count the time in the shops.

The idea of what a day in the sky corresponds to the year on Earth, can be justified on the grounds that the zodiac in his visible movement makes a complete revolution around the Earth during the day, while the Earth is required annually to walk around the Sun. In addition, the formation of the theory of progressions could play a role ancient belief, according to which Great Year not equal 2 6 000 years (the duration of the cycle of precession), and 36 000 years. It was thought that with the end of the Great Year universe will return to the starting point and all events begin to happen again in the same way and in the same sequence. Some ancient authors, including Plato believed that the natural life of man is 100 years (each year was considered to be equal to 3 60 days). If a person lives 100 years, and that the universe 36 000 years, life flows in the universe 360 times slower than human life. Thus, the changes taking place with the universe in one day, equivalent to the changes that happen to the people for 3 60 days, i.e. in one year.
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