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История сохранила немало свидетельств непознанных аномалийMount Brocken in Germany has long enjoyed a bad reputation. On its top is a huge boulder called the Throne of the witch. Clear stream running nearby, is called the Magical source. Even seemingly, all known plant that grows in other places of the globe, here are enchanted. However, the glory of grief brought not these attractions, and strange, frightening vision in heaven, the ghosts that the name of the amazing mountains were called Brokerskie.

Wonderful vision

One of the witnesses Brockenbrough Ghost described what he saw.

- This morning the sun rose in the morning when absolutely clear sky. Fresh wind drove to the West of the morning fog. It was four and a quarter, and suddenly appeared in the sky shadow of a human figure of enormous proportions. When the wind tore off my hat and I suddenly raised his hand to his head, then the Ghost clearly and sharply reproduced this gesture. And then began to repeat all my other movement.

I called my companion, but a Ghost suddenly disappeared for a time, and appeared again, began to copy our gestures, as if imitating us.
Braccesca ghosts seen many raised up here at the top, to a height of about one kilometre. But these strange phenomena have emerged and are not only on this mountain. Saw them in other places.

History has preserved a lot of evidence of the sudden appearance of a mysterious Ghost. Their very diverse. This and shiny rings around the sun, and weave rings and arches, pillars, fancy colored spots. However, scientists have long to explain such phenomena specific conditions of the atmosphere. They even invented the scientific name "halo"derived from the Greek word "Gialos", which means that the circle drive. However, not all cases so easy to explain. Here are a few historical examples.
One summer days 1104, the sky in France seemed to be burning, falling stars, in the air appeared torches and fiery serpents. Lightning continually struck in the house, And what is really quite amazing, appeared in the sky vision... contending armies.

In 1118, the Board of the English king Henry I, in heaven at the same time brought to the light, two of the full moon. One is on the West, and the other in the East. In the same year, Henry was defeated his father, the Duke of Norman, and subdued the father's possessions.

The fire cross

One of such visions, first mentioned by historians, there were about 1700 years ago. Then for the throne of the Roman Emperor began a bloody struggle temporary ruler Maxentius and Roman military commander Constantine. Had the decisive battle between the forces of the opponents. On the eve of the battle in the sky suddenly there was a huge cross. Constantine embraced the vision as the harbinger of his victory. Indeed, the troops of Maxence were routed.

on December 17, 1826 near the Church of the French town of mine citizens gathered at a mass. When the Abbot Marceau, reading a sermon, mentioned the story of the miraculous cross, the prediction of the victory of the Roman commander Constantine in the battle with Maxentius, the sky suddenly appeared huge, several tens of meters, a glowing cross. He arose immediately, almost instantly, in complete silence, so that not even all at once he was noticed.

Egyptian phenomenon

The results of investigation of the case in mine stirred the whole of France, and has caused heated debate. Supporters strictly scientific interpretation of the incident rebuked the priests in the credulous and naive, though they failed to formulate plausible "scientific" hypothesis. Some people claimed that for the cross took... huge kite.
The question is still open. After weighing all opinions, Pope Leo XII made a final conclusion, which boiled down to the idea that the vision of the cross in the sky "cannot be attributed to natural phenomena".

Even more strange sight appearance in the sky of human figures, spectacle, with Brokerskie ghosts do not have any connection.
One of them can serve as a case that occurred during the First world war, the Russo-German front. Then in the sky suddenly appeared large female figure. Many German and Russian soldiers were amazed picture emerged.
Clearly, people found by scientists and for this case is a simple explanation: the figure-de was reproduced in the sky by means of the projection lamp. But the question arises: whom and for what? Yes, and how much power the projector this would?

Similar phenomenon can be observed not so long ago in Egypt, near Cairo. Then over the roofs of local churches have repeatedly appeared, and then, after about ten minutes, twenty, loss of vision, strikingly similar to the face of the virgin Mary. Spectators gathered so many that I had to call the police to maintain order.

The heavens speak with us

Have noticed such phenomena in Russia. Here is the testimony of the engineer Izhevsk motor plant Vladimir Captina. One afternoon in late September 1994, he, being in his apartment on the fifth floor, looked out the window and, according to him, stunned.

- Right in front of me, - told Vladimir, - in clear, cloudless sky I saw a beam of white rays coming from a lonely cloud. Rays dispersed fan, and above them in the sky was outlined huge circle. In it, weaved, they could see a figure of a young woman. Face peaceful and extremely beautiful. In the crook of his left hand she held a naked boy three years. The vision lasted for about half an hour. Then it and the beam was turned into a white cloud.

The following year, Vladimir Teptin again saw a Ghost. That day some power forced him to go to the promenade of the Izhevsk pond.

I looked at the sky, " he recalled. - A clearly defined space on the background of the scarlet of sunset was as if carved a giant cross! Sight shook my imagination! Delighted, I admired the wonderful picture of fifteen minutes. Then the contours of the cross became distorted and gradually broke into the sky. Me one thing was clear: the heavens speak with us.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. The world of the unknown" №13, 2012
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