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Размышляя об обличии жильцов альтернативных пространствNo coincidence statement of one of the giants of physics, Nobel prize winner, our compatriot Vitaly Ginzburg, who said with his usual bluntness: "Such beings, most likely, are some energy field, endowed with unusual properties. And this, undoubtedly, testifies to the existence of parallel worlds".

Thinking about the guise of residents alternative spaces", scientist, referring to the universal principle unlimited versatility of nature, emphasized that they do not have to be our mirror. On the contrary, they should not be like us, and aphoristic-fantastic.

To understand what Ginzburg had in mind, by reading some facts from the huge array of documentary evidence provided by members of incredible events. Event, tentatively numbered among the poltergeist phenomenon, it is not clear how and why periodically drop down of "Boudin" parallel worlds. The phenomenon, it is necessary to add, places does not choose. But, if on the land aspect written-rewritten, marine poltergeist somehow left behind. Fill same annoying gap.


In March 1855 Portuguese commercial sailing ship "Flame", taking on Board in the port of Singapore fresh water, food, having filled the holds bales hemp, disappeared over the horizon. Once around the ship did not become anything but calm waves and cloudless sky, with slaves twisted linen sailors engaged in sailing, scurrying through the yards, thing happened, they are terribly scared. Caught fire and burned to ashes, OPV flakes of ash, clothing. The flames, as after the ill-fated campaign told the sailors, it was not hot, and even cooling the skin on the hot wind. The captain ordered by removing sail, lie to and personally gave naked team new clothes.

At dusk, when more, like, nothing was burning and not smoldered, the sailing ship resumed its course. Exactly 22 hours 20 minutes all 40 members of the team watched the spectacle, they said, "ruinous, the devil, which threatens to drown". Sails, loosely filled with wind, suddenly broke out as gunpowder, momentarily blinding.

Captain Carlos da Fontano the morning has brought in a logbook recording of the incident: "Fire on the snap-in will not emit any heat was flowing like water, nothing is burned. Sails became black as happens with charred cloth". Contains a logbook, now preserved at the Maritime Museum of Lisbon, other startling revelation.

On a civilian vessel, in order to defend against pirate attacks, was a solid weapons Arsenal, which includes, in addition rifles, pistols, swords, six small guns fixed on the sides of the bolts and chains. Now, at the moment of "fire" sails the bolts and chains melted, charging Kartuzy stored in the powder keg and fell into disrepair because cellar filled water. Where did it come from, it is not clear: cellar drained, not having found in the skin cracks and holes. The captain, as all seafarers very superstitious, gave the order to shoot down the sides of the panel with inscriptions "Flame". In the future, nothing unusual on a sailboat never happened.


Three days, from 18 to 20 June, 1902, became a real nightmare for Stoker British steamer "Prize"holding way across the Atlantic to new York. As he wrote in the book "the Diversity of poltergeist" Alan Thomas, a phenomenon, called them by Force, somehow settled only in the engine room, made unsafe stay there. But what exactly are disgraced himself notorious Power? The fact that "arbitrariness" could cast from boilers serving the people. Stokers, absolutely unable to resist, flew to the metal ceiling, painfully against him, received heavy blows invisible fist. Fell with them and clothes, "as somehow unthinkable" - to the feet fell wet rags.

The culmination of these kicks their normal working rhythm of the event was hit with a sledgehammer, mysteriously, unknown extracted from a locked drawer with tools. The victim, who received injury Stoker Dave Parker, rest in bed in the infirmary, said that the hammer fell on his head from the ceiling. Parker believe, partly because other stokers and senior mechanic still saw the attacker.

Captain Leon clamp decided to clean up, went down to the cabin for a revolver. Having managed to cross the threshold, was unable to move on, as received through injury of the ankle. The sound of the shot heard the sailors. At the request of the captain while the ship's doctor was treated and bandaged the wound, opened a locked safe. The revolver was in place. Only one bullet in the drum was absent. The revolver had a peculiar smell viettravel powder Gary and protective oils. The bullet extracted from the oak panelling cabins.


With honor exit truly inhuman tests, arranged so-called air poltergeist, in September 1933 cadets French training diesel vessel "Leader" helped curiosity, inherent in his youth, and admirable composure.

In 1981, a former sailor Dan Pontius, remembering the long adventure, said: "Just imagine! On the morning of September 6, we could not rise to the deck to build - doors leading to the outside, was blocked. But somehow weird. The key was turned in the locks, locks properly worked, doors same as if someone has welded by electric welding. In order to be free, we used the gas welding. The welding was not able to use, because electricity from generators to power sources have been reported. Diesel engines did not work accordingly - lay vessel to drift.

Once on deck, we were brutally beaten. We simply used as a punching bag, but still throwing overboard, preventing return. But this was not limited to". Further, according to Pontius, invisible torturers brought to bear invisible teeth, leaving under clothing bleeding wounds. What to do in response? Someone suggested to try to shoot in the direction of the sky illuminating rockets. Helped, and how! Dan Ponti, years later, had no doubt that combustible mixture missiles simply burned air pirates. As soon as the "Leader" order reigned, bruises, blisters, abrasions, wounds sailors have disappeared. "It seems, believes Pontius, - that in fact all these marks on our bodies did not exist, it seemed, was seen".


Kind of explanation of the nature of water poltergeist gives modern researcher D. Scott Cerned. In his opinion, the emergence of the phenomenon promotes collective sexual energy of young people in extreme situation "of isolation from the land and isolation in conditions of vast Maritime spaces".

In some elusive peak moment of personal potential danger energy of people sublimates, concentrated and taken to live isolated from their native life. Scott, Which managed to provoke and to recreate a similar situation. As a result of collective mental power of the participants of the experiment caused the transport, glow, destruction of objects, the emergence of a ghostly entity, which was accompanied by a loud, unpleasant odours, threatening inscriptions on the walls, ceilings and floors.

D. Scott, Which managed to convince even the inveterate skeptics that all paranormal activity - additional important side of human existence. In fact - it is the person himself, but must necessarily young
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