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НЛО: Демоны или Пришельцы?The UN today contains more than 200 thousand documentary, related to aliens and flying saucers. Among them are evidence of the clergy.

They fell from the sky

A curious document recently discovered in the archives of the Church of the French historians. Dated he 840 a year A.D. it follows that the existence of flying saucers denies not only the modern official science. Against them were still early Christian Church. At that time lived in Lyon Archbishop by the name of Khobar. Famous for this priest that anathematized the local peasants, who stated that "in the clouds have ships, the inhabitants of which arrived here from the region called Magone". Farmers allegedly traded with the inhabitants of stratospheric aircraft. And once confirmed by a document, ignorant people were stoned to death, four of the newcomers - three men and one woman who fell from heaven ship.

Lived in the fourth century A.D. in Palestine Christian Abbot Ilarion told stories, resembling something modern descriptions of encounters with UFOs. According to him, he happened to see a fancy machines, uttering strange sounds. The Abbot seemed that he hears sad weeping women and children, the lowing of cattle, the roar of the lions, and even the noise of this battle. Himself Hilarion believed all these phenomena are manifestations of demonic activity.

"Quite a lot of evidence on UFO sightings keep Russian monastic archives. For example, in the "runaround the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery authorities", dated August 25, 1650, says: "from bright heaven, not from the cloud, then fire came out strong in Robozero and went on toward the South along the lake over water, all around seven feet by twenty or more, and on the side of a flame smoke blue, and ahead of it twenty fathoms were two beam of fire (

In 1852 in knock, Ireland, witnesses observed in the night sky over the Church of the big glowing ball, and then saw the Church of the pediment of the virgin Mary, accompanied by a strange, little resemblance to the people, luminous beings.

Maid stood with their arms up and to the side. In this position, none of the witnesses had never seen it in paintings, nor in sculptures. One of the witnesses, Bridget trench, captured by the spectacle, rushed towards the vision, wanting to lick the feet of the virgin. But her arms went around the void.

"Trying to hug virgin, I felt nothing except the wall, but the figures looked so volumetric and alive, that I could not understand and was surprised to see many hands do not feel that so clearly and distinctly see the eyes," said the woman.

When the vision was told parish priest, he assumed it must be the reflection of stained glass Windows of the Church, and quietly spent the rest of the evening, not leaving from the house. And ten days later after the incident one of the witnesses - deaf child has acquired a hearing, and the other had been cured of cancer.

"At the request of the Commission of inquiry, established by Archbishop Taskim, Professor of Manufa held a special experiment. In the presence of twenty priests it with the help of the magic lantern was projected image on the front and found that vision could not be the result of photographic hoax. Later, the correspondent of the London newspaper the daily Telegraph has made an independent verification and stated the following: What would cause neither was the basis of the visions, the effect of the magic lantern, in any case, should be excluded"."

Many details of this story is similar to reports of UFO sightings: unusual pulsing ball of fire, luminous beings inside or near it, and, finally, miraculous healings.

The stranger vanished into thin air

In 1790, Paris Bishop sent in Alencon, his aide for special commissions, which were supposed to understand the incredible events that happened in this country town. Together with the priest went and police official La Buff. Once there, they made the following report to their superiors:

"June 12, at 5 a.m. some peasants saw unusual spherical object, which, as it seemed, was in flames. At first they thought it was lighted up Montgolfier balloon. But his great speed and issued them with a whistling sound surprised them. Ball slowed down, then swayed and sat down on the top of the mountain, snatching the root of all vegetation around.

The heat emanating from the Orb, was so strong that nearby trees and bushes on fire. Farmers have managed to extinguish the fire, threatening otherwise to destroy everything around. Even to the evening of the ball is still warm. And there was something very unusual, we can say that incredible event. It watched two mayor, one physicist and four other respectable people. Do not forget the dozens of peasants who were here.

Ball of such size that it could fit the carriage, after his fall was unharmed. Near it crowed of people provodivshih about the event and now tormented by curiosity.

Suddenly in the ball was opened something like a door and, what is most striking, appeared creature like us, only oddly dressed. Clothes were tightly wrapped around the trunk. Seeing the crowd of people, this man muttered something unintelligible and rushed to the nearby grove. Farmers in fright instinctively recoiled from the Orb, and it saved them, because in the next moment he silently exploded, and its fragments scattered in all directions, turned into dust.

The search for the mysterious creatures were in vain. It seemed that he just vanished into thin air, because till now not found the slightest trace of him..."

The Abbe Jean-Marie-Baptist, Vienna, who lived in the XIX century in the French village of ARS, famous for his stories about encounters with evil spirits. Some of these stories sound like the modern description of the close meetings with the "aliens". Light, appearing in the presence of Vienna, reminds UFOs and related phenomena.

Biographer of Vienna, Francois the Trosha, describes the experience of Abbot in December 1826. Early in the morning, before sunrise Vienna stepped foot in Saint-Triwer-sur-Magnan, where he was to deliver a sermon. Suddenly the space around Vienna filled "sinister" lights seemed burned the air itself, and roadside bushes seemed on fire. The trosha attributed the fire to the devil, and speculated that he was trying thus to inspire the soul Vienna timidity, but the priest went on his way.

UFO from the point of view of demonology

Ufologists constantly conduct numerous Parallels between the phenomena associated with UFOs, and alleged manifestations of demonic forces. But the American Orthodox priest father Seraphim rose directly named a number of UFO sightings "activities evil spirits". To prove this hypothesis is not possible (at least currently), but the similarity between the phenomena associated with UFOs, and some of the descriptions given in the demonic literature, we must admit impressive. For example, the temperature effects mentioned in many descriptions of encounters with UFOs (most often it is the feeling of extreme cold), not less frequently appear in stories about a close observation of demons.

Another common feature of demonic activity and UFO sightings are all sorts of unpleasant smells. In particular, the modern American channel albert Bender, reported about his meetings with the newcomers, said that he felt a distinct smell of sulfur in the presence of aliens.

"There are other especially combined effects associated with UFOs, and manifestations of demonic power: telepathy, and the ability to purchase various forms, float in the air with great speed, made invisible, and fiery flying through the air chariots of demons, similar to the modern description of emitting light UFO."

"February 1, 1620, in the roof of the Cathedral in the French town of Quimper-Corentin fell from the sky something that resulted in a powerful explosion in which result the roof with a terrible crash collapsed. To the Cathedral from all over the city people came running and among fire and smoke could see the green of the devil, who did their dirty work - fanned the fire! As he wrote later, local newspaper, the devil was clearly seen all inside the fire sometimes gray, sometimes blue or yellow"."

"The authorities ordered to throw in a roaring flame multiple consecrated objects hundred and a half of water buckets and forty or fifty cars fertilizers. In vain. The devil was still in place, and the fire continued to rage. Wanted to do something more radical. Consecrated wafer placed inside a loaf of bread, and cast them into the fire

"The Parallels between the manifestations of demonic activity and descriptions of encounters with UFOs are continued in areas such as sexual contacts. Many times stated that the aliens have kidnapped humans and were forced to perform sexual contact with them. This is very similar to the stories about succuba and popular print - wicked spirits who have sex with men. As told some kidnap victims", aliens generally distinguishes a strong interest in human reproductive and excretory systems."

"Some researchers of the alien invaders link their activities to the implementation of biblical prophecy that the Antichrist will be revealed just before the new coming of Christ and lay low on the ground fire from heaven." BibLeah also contains predictions about the fact that before the coming of the Antichrist and the subsequent end of the age, in heaven there will be signs and wonders." Reflections and interpretations on this subject comprise to the present time many volumes, most of which were written Evangelical Protestants and on the role of UFO in the above prophecies. Some authors even claimed that the Antichrist will appear on earth in the form of an alien."

The mystery of the Holy Inquisition

In the archives of the Holy Inquisition stored in the German city of Freiberg, found the manuscript of the XVIth century, the contents of which stunned scientists. The document described the torture that subjected caught hell demon to snatch the unfortunate from the clutches of Satan."

The description of "hellish creation", sentenced to terrible tortures, to detail corresponds to the modern eye-witnesses, who have been faced with aliens.

"The demon was not tall, head had prohibitively large, eyes huge and slanting, thin lips and a small mouth. His skin and the blood was green, which is an indisputable proof of satanic origin, for no creature of God does not have green blood and never had".

It is unknown how the creature from the UFO fell into the hands of the Inquisition. From the information contained in a manuscript implies that it remained after the explosion of a flying saucer. Sound and fire attracted the attention of local residents. Alien found hanging on the tree, it seems, on the remains of a parachute.

Caught immediately handed to the representatives of the Holy Inquisition. Those soon discovered that the alien is able to speak humanly and understands the word." It ruined. The Holy fathers came to the conclusion that, if the victim is able to say, then, may be, it somehow manages to escape from the clutches of Satan and return to the bosom of Holiness." To achieve this, it was necessary first of all to awaken conscience and bow to the recognition of their sins. Used the same procedure as during the hearing of the dark.

At first he asked the question: "How many unborn children you deprived of life in the mother's bosom?" Alien argued and tried to explain something, but "a red-hot iron and breaking joints quickly brought him to the judgment". Poor confessed of committing "a hundred dozen" (120 abortions), why the fathers of the inquisitors hair stood on end. This is the number of them were shocked.

Then he asked how many times he has defiled religious items. Here alien, having understood, finally, about what speech, tried to confess the fewest number of violations, however, the inquisitors, remembering his previous answer, do not give yourself to spend. Molten tin, pour into the open wound, has led to the fact that after each "session" howling in pain alien called all big numbers. After ten thousand in their interrogators broke down. They moved to the following questions: "Who was your assistant?" Here haggard alien read the list of the devil's name, and he confirmed his relationship with each of these.

"How many girls you seduced by typing them into temptation?" - The person questioned admitted only three dozen what fathers-inquisitors believe, arguing that "the demon too ugly to discover his thereto sinful attraction could many girls".

"How many times have you sent pestilence upon people and animals?" - Here they, too, tried to reduce his guilt, but when the executioner gripped his fingers in an iron grip, quickly changed his testimony and immediately confessed that sent five wars, and epidemics of syphilis, which in recent years has happened in Europe.

Fathers-inquisitors, shocked by these awesome confessions, decided that "it is not humanly possible to pull that unhappy creature from the clutches of the devil" and "it must be drowned". As they pondered penalty, alien died from wounds. His body immediately burned, and the ashes mixed with gunpowder and loaded into the gun. After the procedure of exorcism a shot sounded, and from an alien was not even a trace...

"Good people" priest Kirk

"In the second half of the XVII century Scottish priest kirk from Aberfoyle gathered all, what could find, stories about some "good people" and wrote a treatise called the Secret Alliance of elves, fauns and fairies", where systematized eyewitness accounts about the strange creatures that bothered Scottish farmers."

Nowadays, well-known American ufologist French origin Jacques Vallee found in the archives of this treatise and summarized the findings of a priest about the elves and other air beings.

"This is what came of it. They are something intermediate between man and the angels. They are very light fluid body, comparable with dense clouds. Basically see them at night. Wish they can appear and disappear. They are smart and curious, have powers to take whatever they like."

"As long as people have not yet settled on most of the territory of land, these beings have lived on it. Their civilization has left traces on the tops of the mountains

Every three months they change residence, because I don't like to sit up on one and the same place, and prefer to travel. It is then that the meetings take place, awesome people, even on main roads.

Their bodies because of their ability to change enable them to swim through the air with all his household. It is believed that their home is surprisingly large and beautiful, but most are beyond human sight. Kirk compares them to the enchanted Islands. In these houses there is never fading lights and the fire without burning firewood.

They say very little. When it all comes to talk, they use language similar to whistle. Their habits and language when they talk to people, the same as the residents of the places where they live.

"Their philosophy is based on the following principles: nothing dies

When they want to, they use magic can make himself appear before us.

According to Kirk, the bodies of the "good people" are so adaptable because of the spirit, their Manager, they can be made visible or invisible, when it pleases.
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