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Черная дыра в нашей галактике съест газовое облако за семь летIn the center of the milky way located the black hole, which already by September of the next year will take in their depths approaching cloud of hot gas. The process of "eating", true, little lengthy for future seven years, is designed astronomers, wrote in an article in the Astrophysical Journal.

A small cloud of hot gas, approaching the center of our Galaxy, was recorded in the spring of last year, scientists astrononomy of the German Institute for extraterrestrial physics, max Planck that in Garching. It was later established that it goes straight into a black hole Sgr A*. Among the scientists there is an opinion that in this cloud has a dim star, while the rest have categorically denied this assumption.

A group of scientists from the U.S. National laboratory behalf of the Lawrence under the supervision of astronomer Peter Anninos made an attempt to predict the fate of the cloud, creating a three-dimensional model of his travel to the black hole. Three-dimensional model of a black hole Cosmos++ and has data on the accumulation of gases in it, similar by their weight, temperature, and other characteristics of the cloud G2, located in the vicinity of a black hole in the center of our galaxy. Scientists notice, that for creation of such models need precise computational resources much more difficult, than for the similar model only 2D. At the same time, thanks to a three-dimensional model, scientists can observe the processes that take place in the vicinity of a black hole with much greater accuracy.

The authors of this article have developed six computer models of falling gas clouds in the gravitational embrace of Sgr A*, kotoroe besides changes the number of physical parameters of the black hole, and its future food. It took scientists 50 thousand machine hours and 3,000 protsessorov to create on powerful computer of the University American city Clemson model so bright in the scientific sense of the astrophysical process.

According to all six of the developed models, the cloud to be torn to pieces and eventually eaten by a black hole in September 2013. As they approached the hole in July 2013 the cloud is going to fall apart under the influence of tidal forces and the growing instability within it.

A considerable part of the matter of the cloud will be absorbed by the black hole, though much of it will be later thrown out into the surrounding black hole space, experts of the " market leader" in the section "news of Science". The remains are then transformed into drive akkretsii, i.e. flat cloud composed of gas and dust that the black hole will continue to digirati" over the next seven years.

Scientist-astronomer Anninos together with his colleagues calculated that because of eating clouds of black hole will be much brighter as in radio and other bands, so for the events can be easily monitored using astronomical instruments. The authors believe that thanks to the correctness of predictions made in the model Cosmos++ and other models will be tested.

The first information about the cloud G2 appeared in 2002, however, a more accurate assessment of its orbit parameters, mass scientists were able to get only this year, so earlier about his fate near a black hole, it was impossible to predict. It is known that the temperature of the dust cloud reaches 550 degrees Kelvin, and the cloud is composed mostly of hydrogen, with a temperature of 10 thousand degrees Kelvin. While scientists can't exactly say where it came from the cloud, but it is clear that its orbit will not face a hole, it will pass by, and under the force of gravity will be broken to pieces, and in this form will be absorbed by the black hole.

This is not the only unique cosmic phenomenon that astronomers see this year. Another was the destruction of a star by a black hole that occurs very rarely - once in a hundred million years. Interestingly, "eating up the stars" was not of my Galactia, and in the constellation of the Dragon, and this in 3.8 billion light years from the mother Land. Fixation of the phenomenon was due to the fact that the Solar system by happy for scientists fortune was on the way one of the two energy flows, which have resulted powerful flash, resulting, in turn, during the absorption of the star.
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