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Концы света к которым мы не доживемThroughout the lifetime of the Earth gets rid of protecting the life of the atmosphere, until finally she will not lose. But worry not worth it, this will not happen in our lifetime, and it will be not the first scenario the end. First of all, our planet will absorb red giant. And it will happen in 5 billion years - about the different scenarios of the end of the world says Geofizik.

Among the doomsday scenarios are referred to the explosion(eruption) - volcano in Yellowstone, the change of the magnetic field of the Earth, changes in the ecosystem caused by global warming, or, for example, of a pandemic caused created in the laboratories of the virus.

However, as explained by Dr. Tomas Mrazek, Geofizik from the Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Wroclaw, the life on the Earth to destroy it would be very difficult. Would have a chance to survive, even if our planet crashed a couple kilometer asteroid.

However, no living organisms cannot prepare conditions associated with Sun's death. And that the Sun will burn the Earth is at the moment the most likely scenario for the destruction of our planet.

Says Dr., on the Sun occur thermonuclear reaction, hydrogen is converted to helium. Once this fuel will end. - And when not enough hydrogen, the star shrinks, but because of this, her outer atmosphere grows, - the expert explains. So the Sun will turn into a so-called red giant. In such conditions the Earth and the nearest planet to the Sun will be exposed to such high temperatures that go into a state of gas, but simply evaporate. This world would end only in 5 billion years. Meanwhile, from the formation of the Earth have not passed and 4.5 billion years.

As the scientist explains dangerous for life on Earth may be the loss of the atmosphere the gaseous envelope that surrounds our planet. "Because of the atmosphere that will not exist forever" - recognizes Dr. Mrozek, and cites the example of the planet Mars, where the atmosphere has only traces. - Small weight of the planet and the absence of a magnetic field, led to the fact that Mars lost its atmosphere, she just flew into space, in other words Mars could not hold " says the researcher.

Proof that the Earth is losing its gaseous envelope, is that in our atmosphere, no free identified hydrogen. And the hydrogen atom is so light that he has the best chance to escape from our atmosphere. According to Geofizik annually from the atmosphere, we lose 100 thousand tons of particles, mostly of hydrogen. However, before completely lost the atmosphere, must go through tens of billions of years. The expert recognizes that this may not be enough time, because before the Earth will burn the Sun.

For the life of hazardous and strike the Land of the large object such as an asteroid with a diameter of several kilometers. As a result of collision with such a body, the case to the total destruction of humanity will not come, will be destroyed only part of the population. Moreover, the most dangerous asteroids constantly monitored and studied, but small, up to 100m., constantly fly past Earth, can easily destroy a city, the more they are hundreds of times more than the others, to find extremely difficult.

Another case with the comet, which is much faster than the asteroids. - A shield that protects us from the comet impact with Jupiter calms scientist and explains that this planet is a huge mass, and this changes traktoriu comets. - Of course, we cannot exclude that some comet hits the Ground, but the probability is negligible.

Geofizik does not exclude that the threat to humanity may come from the people themselves, thousands of nuclear missiles, hundreds of nuclear power plants, developed in secret laboratories of viruses and all kinds of experiments, all of this may at any time to get out of control, and then the end will come not through 5bn. years, and already in the near future.
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