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Знаки на небеWe can reasonably assume that throughout human history information from extraterrestrial intelligence, which is ahead of us in their development over thousands or millions of years, constantly coming into our Solar system and on Earth in the form of different, does not fit into the stereotypical scheme human thinking abnormal phenomena. Phenomena that perform the function of symbols, which provide vital for the inhabitants of the Earth information. There was no doubt that to enter the Space Community or, in other words, to get in touch with CC, we will be able only when we will reach the necessary intellectual level when we become aware of the necessity and inevitability of contact and psychologically we will be ready for this step.

And this, obviously, will be determined by our response to the seemingly meaningless until and unsystematic abnormal {"dot-dash") phenomena - the characters, the ability of their recognition and comprehension. Until then, it seems, will continue to be the object invisible to us observation and study. Observations mysterious researchers space "test tube" Earth. The test tube in which "experiment" were created all the necessary experience to conditions. This idea requires a more detailed explanation. Let's try to bring together unexplained still science strange observations and the phenomena occurring in the near space and recorded by many observers.

As we know, the Earth is the third planet of the Solar system, located behind mercury and Venus at a distance of 150 million kilometers from the Sun, it is this fact, and the fact that the Earth rotates around its own axis, heats evenly its atmosphere and surface, led to a unique situation: the average spread the minimum and maximum temperatures corresponds to about 60 degrees cold to 60 degrees Celsius. As if by order on Earth exists the optimal interval of temperatures that could stimulate and support the development of life on Earth. Stay on Earth several million miles closer or further from the Sun, the temperature would have been completely different. Would either burning heat, or cosmic cold. And insecure living organisms to survive it would be simply impossible. The earth would be dead. On the basis of conservation laws of motion scientists astrophysics figured out why the planet began to revolve around the Sun during the formation of our system. It is considered that for a balanced implementation of all the laws of conservation of energy of the planet, revolving around the Sun shall be turned in to him, the weight of one party. And the fact that the planets, having received from some impetus to the extension of the movement, rotating in orbit addition to spin like tops, around its own axis, destroys all known laws of space mechanics. And how to approach the explanation of this fact is no one knows. And when you consider that different planets revolve in addition, in different directions, so. the matter gets even more.

The following not less curious circumstance. By studying the number associated with periodic change of solar light ring growths ancient sea corals, American paleontologists have recently shown. in the Paleozoic era, i.e. 400-500 million years ago the earth year consisted of 365, as now, but from 400 days, which would require "host" the Earth at a more distant orbit at a distance of 160 million kilometers from the Sun. To this conclusion, but on the basis of other data, came to our domestic geophysicist Schmidt, as well as the author of this book. This result was trying to explain the tidal friction of the water of the oceans on the Earth's surface, which decreases the speed of torsion of a planet around of an axis I. as a consequence, decreased the number of hours per day to 22. But this fact while is not convincingly proven. Moreover, the low tides can occur and the opposite phenomenon. The transfer of Land from one orbit to another would change the countdown calendar systems. And this change, as historians say, actually took place.

Following the planets of the Earth are Mars and Jupiter. A long-standing interest to astronomers calls "empty" place between them, now filled by thousands of large and small asteroids. Mathematical evaluation showed that if all the asteroid belt have been "blind" planet, the parameters it would be similar to Lupe. Modern concepts do not exclude that this place was once a planet called Chaise and mysterious reason destroyed. Interestingly, in the ancient Sumerian texts American researcher Cecina recently discovered information verifying the mysterious destruction of the planet as a result of collision of the planet with another massive body. By the way, the Sumerians believed that of all the planets in the Solar system should be not 9 as considered now, and 12. But more intrigued by another. When "disable" one of the planets inevitably would unbalance the whole Solar system and planet would take a new orbit. In this case, the "down" below, the Earth would "warm up" from eternal cold, if before this catastrophe she was on further away from the Sun than it is now. The imbalance could explain the large variation of radii of the orbits of asteroids, rotating on the former site of the Phaeton, which is still a mystery.

The moon that we know about it? A lot of things. The presence of the gravitational influence of the moon stabilizes the axis of rotation of the Earth. The absence of the moon would have on our planet to fatal fast temperature changes. Quite a bit "parachute" the moon, and it will instantly respond catastrophes on Earth.

As for the origin of our peculiar "bodyguard", the question still remains a mystery. Reliable proof is only one - the Moon could not be naturally drawn to the Earth from space to take its orbit and become a satellite. Therefore, until recently dominated the point of view according to which the Moon is part of the Earth, separated from her during the period of its formation as a planet. Or as a result of falling on the Earth giant meteorite, resulting broke away some part of the Earth, which then became its eternal companion. However, after the flights to the moon series American expeditions "Apollo" it was established that the Earth and Moon on the composition are quite different from each other. And according to some American scientists, the Moon was even older than the Earth. Thus even more acute question - where did the Moon come from? In 1975 in the USA, the book "Strange spacecraft Luna", published by the Institute of physics. It provides proof of artificial origin of the moon, based on the results of the special explosions pas its surface, the size and depth of the craters, the oscillations of the satellite.

However, there is more amazing mystery, is also associated with the Moon, but the Venusian. If you view all astronomical directories, you can be sure that Venus is one of the two planets in the Solar system that does not have a single satellite. There is no reason not to trust serious academic publications and to suspect them in viewing and errors. But equally as much impossible to doubt the fact of observation and even the registration of the Venusian moon solid reputable scientists. Here is some of the not-so-rare astronomical confusion. So what's the deal?

In the early morning of January 25, 1672, the great Italian astronomer Cassini noticed near Venus unknown object. He watched him for 10 minutes, but decided not to declare his sensational opening of a satellite of Venus. on August 18, 1686, he again saw her. The satellite was great - a quarter of the size of Venus, and at a distance of more than half the diameter of the planet. on October 23, 1740 Englishman Shorts body was discovered close to Venus at a distance of one third of the diameter of the planet. Then within 30 years, the satellite was repeatedly recorded by astronomers from different countries, while their works were not formally registered and the Prussian king Frederick the Great had assigned a satellite of Venus, the name of the French scientist d''alembert. What happened after is more mysterious than any undisclosed child abduction - Venusian baby was gone for a century! Again it appeared in 1886. The last time it was observed by American astronomer, Bernard in 1892. And then restless offspring of the goddess of love again disappeared and since then did not appear.

In the period of the first centenary of the strange disappearance of a satellite of Venus was registered already on another occasion and elsewhere, the largest for all history of astronomy scandal in heavenly things. on March 20, 1859 doctor Lescarbo from France opened on vnutriarterialno new planet orbit. Director of the Paris Observatory checked all observations and calculations, and was satisfied. And in 1860, at the meeting of the French Academy of Sciences of the new planet was named the Volcano, and the Lescarbo - the Legion of Honor. But while France received congratulations case suddenly confused. The volcano has ceased to display before the eyepiece of the telescope and suddenly disappeared. And after 18 years back, but now with another Volcano. But soon they left and never came back. All observations were precise. But still don't know what the object was seen by astronomers? Whether it was a giant asteroid or space platform from another world travelling in the Galaxy? Mysterious cigar shaped object was repeatedly observed at different times. Preserved information about him and in the Chernihiv chronicle 1703. A few years ago, approaching Mars, the Soviet automatic stationsI "Phobos" gave his last photo information. On the surface of Mars was clearly seen the shadow of a giant elliptical shape of the body. After this the "Phobos" mysteriously disappeared. And since then have not been heard.

Studying a vast number of extreme weather events on the Sun, the moon, and in the near space, Rostov ufologist M. Antonov drew attention to the PA that these phenomena have the correct rotation interval and occur about every 20 years. Comparing this value with the periods of the planets, he found that every 19,86 years, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun are on the same line. When these compounds there has been a pronounced anomalous phenomena. When considering system Saturn-Sun like a giant of the dial, where rotating around the Sun, Saturn plays the role "clockwise", managed over a long period of motion of the arrow (190 years) to identify active time sector, accompanied always by observations of phenomena, including the sharply increasing UFO activity. According to calculations, "key" Saturn was once again included in this sector in February 1989 and come out of him in may 2000. It is assumed that at this time we can expect active manifestations of the phenomena and even establish contact specified in extraterrestrial civilization period.

In 1926 the English radio-astronomer Lunen, sending into space the impulses, found a surprising phenomenon of dual radioecho. The first time was recorded reflection of radio waves from the ionosphere, and the second time - out of some strange, invisible from the Earth body, located between the earth and the Moon. The most amazing thing is that the second echo was saccules through different time intervals. Applying special calculations, Lunen taking into account the incoming signals from UFO unexpectedly received a star map of the sky as it was 13 thousand years ago. Therefore, it was concluded that an unknown body such term is orbiting Earth satellite.

Strange object orbiting the Earth, was noticed and later. But only when he passed through the disk of the moon. That is why it received the astronomers called "the Black Prince". Studying the flight path, astronomers literally gasped in surprise. Usually the satellites of the planets rotate in the direction, the same with the rotation of a planet around of an axis. Effect of gravitational field of the planet, to overcome that natural cosmic body impossible. This requires some giant artificial sources of energy. Therefore, all satellites launched toward Earth's rotation. Now, it turned out that "the Black Prince" moves... against this rotation! It is clear that this fact goes against all Scientific understanding of the earth and concepts. Therefore, "the Black Prince" we have a long time, few people knew.

In 1967 the American astronomer Bigby opened ten small Moons with a strange trajectories. "Scrolling" path "back"to, he found that 18 December 1955 all these satellites were a single entity. The date coincided with the flash in the sky, which then noticed astronomers. Therefore, it was suggested, then what on earth orbit exploded coreplanets the spaceship. Ten of his unseen debris, the largest of which several dozens of meters - continue to fly now. And, having flown to them, you can get answers to many questions.

When decrypting frequently reported strange coming from space echo, Leningrad Sergeev you have read the Pythagorean theorem, the number of axioms. Have deciphered the call to join the Space Community. In August 1989, the satellite of the planet Neptune, Triton were received new signals that scientists attributed to the category of absolutely reasonable.

More recently, residents of Salsk observed in the sky, like discharged after Stripping jet plane first two question marks, then the two deuces with minus sign between them, then the two seven three seven, algebraic signs "more". Then everything disappeared, and after some time has repeated again. And so a few times. In other places in the sky was observed squares, triangles. In England, Germany and other countries in recent years, often in the morning to discover on wheat fields strange, huge strange shapes, symbols, educated in a certain way laid the stems of plants. We clearly want to say something or warn and call to contact-dialogue. But are we ready?

The above and many other facts suggest possible that from time immemorial the development of a young earth civilization is under constant p scrutiny unknown advanced civilization, and, according to some scholars, not even one. Contacts with people in ancient times were more open and direct. Currently, they also occur, often by passing thought characters. But all known contacts are usually accidental, unexpected nature. That's why so many rumors, tales and unbelief in them. Visades squad humanoids during any mass demonstration or rally - and many of the questions would be lifted. But it did not happen. And whenever something happens and then immediately event is covered with the veil of silence. And how long will it last?

According to some independent decoded signals often called the turn of 2000, which, oddly enough, was more marked in the ancient Holy Scripture - the Bible, in its second part - the New Covenant, which was established in the II - III century of the new era. In the New Testament there is a separate part, named "Apocalypse" (which translated from Greek means "revelation"). In this part includes the prophecy "end of the world" mentioned on the turn and details how it will happen. To understand this prophecy from the perspective of today, of course, not easy. But if to take into account created by human nadvinuvshayasya PA Land deadly ecological crisis, the plague of the XX century - AIDS, the presence able to spiral out of control of nuclear and bacteriological weapons, the destruction of the earth civilization becomes quite possible fact. It is clear that any comments about the forecasts in the Apocalypse it is hardly appropriate. But nevertheless. For example, in those ancient times, when the contacts on Earth wore "educational" character "teachers" from heaven were given to people then recorded in a religious document some caution, based on the estimated probability achievements in the Solar system some astronomical events that can destroy life on Earth.

Not about whether we want to warn? And how long can we pretend that we are not at home?

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