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Ученые готовятся к «эпохальному» открытию на МарсеThe Rover NASA "Curiosity", according to scientists who made a major discovery on the red planet, but they keep silent about what they have found. This discovery was made by SAM tool in the crater Gail near the place where the Rover landed.

SAM is an airborne chemical laboratory Rover and able to take samples of Martian rocks, soil or air, to find out what they are. Most importantly, it is able to identify organic compounds, carbon-containing substances, which may indicate the possibility of life.

This mini laboratory has a powerful set of three tools that work together to explore the chemical composition of the Martian surface and atmosphere inside the crater Gail.

However, scientists still refuses to disclose its recent opening, just saying that it would be "a landmark". They stated that the final conclusions will be made at the fall meeting of the American geophysical Union, which is scheduled to begin on 3 December in San Francisco, California.

Scientists say they need time to double-check findings, confirming that their discovery is not accidental.
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